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  1. American Architects

American Architectural Foundation

American Institute of Architects

Architects. American architects, Wikipedia entry.

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Chrysler Building, New York

Digital Archive of American Architecture

Empire State Building, New York

New York skyscrapers. Dezeen

List of tallest buildings in New York City. Wikipedia

Shop Architects

Victorian Style Houses
The site contains home decor Victorian Style facts and hints, and plenty of articles.

Vintage American Architecture

Wikipedia entry on American Architecture.

American Architects *

Fuller, Richard Buckminister

The Buckminster Fuller Institute
Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute
Chris Fearnley’s List of Buckminster Fuller Resources on the Internet
FAQ – R. Buckminster Fuller
The Dymaxion house at the Henry Ford museum.
Buckminster Fuller Digital Collection at Stanford
Includes 380 hours of streamed audio-visual material from Fuller’s personal archive.
Buckminster Fuller Papers
1200 feet housed at Stanford University Libraries
Wikipedia entry on Buckminster Fuller.

Gehry, Frank

Frank Gehry. Images of Gehry buildings.
Frank Gehry works viewable the internet.
Frank Gehry image tour.

Johnson, Philip

Philip Johnson. Works viewable online.

Kahn, Louis I

Louis I Kahn

Neutra, Richard Josef

Neutra, Richard Josef. Biography and picture archive.

Meier, Richard

Richard Meier
Richard Meier’s Homepage

Neutra, Richard and Dion

Richard and Dion Neutra Architecture.
A Website for Survival Through Design
Neutra, Richard Josef. Biography and picture archive.

Schindler, Rudolf M

Rudolf M Schindler

Venturi, Robert

Robert Venturi buildings online.

Wright, Frank Lloyd

Frank Lloyd Wright PBS page.
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation