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Architects name indexes, databases:

ArchINFORM An international architecture database. Over 9000 buildings and architects.

Architects. A web directory of major architects. Images, commentary. Great Buildings Online

Architecture Linked
The architect and architecture social network.

List of notable architects from Wikipedia.

Famous Architects.org
Famous Architects attempt to bring to fore all notable architects and their contribution, with biographical information and samples of their work.

Architect.architecture.sk. A directory of famous architects.

Famous Architects

Masters of Architecture

Vitruvio Architecture on the Web
A comprehensive architecture site. Master architects, architecture historians. Categories: Primitive, PreColumbian, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Oriental, Romantic, Neo-Classical, Contemporary and Future


Architecture news. ArchDaily delivers complete information to architects around the world; every week, every day, every hour. It is an online source of continuous information for architects searching for the latest architectural news: projects, products, events, interviews and competitions among others.

World Architecture News

Design Boom magazine

Dezeen magazine


Adam, Robert

Robert Adam.  Great Buildings Online
Robert Adam. A catalogue of buildings by Robert Adam in Edinburgh.
Robert Adam drawings in Sir John Soane’s Museum, London. An essay by Julian Small.
Robert Adam. Osterley Park, London.
Robert Adam’s Vision of Edinburgh
Robert Adam. Harewood House
Robert Adam. A guide from Britain Express.

Adjaye, David

David Adjaye. Buildings, photographs.
David Adjaye. Wikipedia,

Alberti, Leon Battista

Leon Battista Alberti. Great Buildings Online
Leon Alberti. Guide to Alberti’s buildings.
Alberti’s  ‘On Painting.’

Aalto, Alvar

Alvar Hugo Henrik Aalto. Database of buildings and internet sites.
Alvar Aalto Foundation Museum

Adam, Ken

Ken Adam, Wikipedia entry.
James Bond movie sets. Architectural Digest

Ando, Tadao

Tadao Ando. Buildings Online
Tadao Ando. Wikipedia
Tadao Ando. Photographs by Sanghyun Lee.
Tadao Ando. A brief biography and interview, with architectural projects and exhibitions.


Ban, Shigeru

Shigeru Ban architects.
Shigeru Ban Wikipedia entry.
Shigeru Ban discusses his innovative residential, installation, and humanitarian projects.
Shigeru Ban’s cardboard bridge.

Barragan, Luis

Luis Barragan. Wikipedia entry.
Barragan Foundation. The Archives of Luis Barragán

Barry, Sir Charles

Sir Charles Barry Westminster Palace
Charles Barry. Wikipedia entry.
Charles Barry. Biography, list of buildings.

Beckford, William

William Beckford website. Resources and studies on the life and works of Willam Beckford.

Bernini, Gian Lorenzo

Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Wikipedia entry.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Web Gallery of Art
St. Peter’s Baldachin (images)
St Peter’s Baldachin (large image)

Borromini, Francesco

Francesco Borromini
Francesco Borromini. Wikipedia entry.
San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (Rome)
Borromini: the first architect. The Guardian
Church of San Lorenzo, Turin
Francesco Borromini in Rome

Botta, Mario

Mario Botta

Boulle, Etienne-Louis

Etienne-Louis Boulle. Wikipedia.
Boullée exhibit, Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Bramante, Donato

Bramante, Donato. Santa Maria della Pace
Donato Bramante. Archinform
Donato Bramante. Great Buildings Online

Brunelleschi, Filippo

Filippo Brunelleschi. Great Buildings Online
Filippo Brunelleschi. An illustrated monograph.
Brunelleschi, Wikipedia entry.
Buildings by Brunelleschi, photographs from Wikimedia.

Calatrava, Santiago

Santiago Calatrava. Great Buildings Online
Santiago Calatrava homepage.

Chambers, William

Sir William Chambers. Wikipedia entry.
Sir William Chambers, Encyclopedia Britannica
Sir William Chambers. Archiseek

Chipperfield, David

David Chipperfield Architects
David Chipperfield. Buildings, photographs, biography.
David Chipperfield. Wikipedia

Correa, Charles

Charles Correa Associates
Charles Correa. Wikipedia
Charles Correa: India’s greatest architect. The Guardian


Decq, Odele

L’Opera Restaurant
Odile Decq, Architects, ODBC, France
Odile Decq. Wikipedia entry.

de L’Orme, Philibert

Nouvelles inventions, Premier Tome de l’architecture
English translation of de l’Orme’s Le premier tome de l’architecture.
Philibert de l’Orme, Wikipedia entry.
Philibert de L’Orme; images of buildings, with background information.
L’architecture de Philibert de l’Orme, cõseillier & aumosnier ordinaire du roy, & abbé de S. Serge lez Angiers (1576)


Eames, Charles Ormond

Eames, Charles Ormond
Charles and Ray Eames. Wikipedia


Fehn, Severre

Severre Fehn. Great Buildings Online

Foster, Norman Robert (Baron Foster of Thames Bank)

Norman Foster. Baron Foster of Thames Bank
Sir Norman Foster buildings.
Norman Foster, Baron Foster of Thames Bank. Wikipedia entry.
Lord Norman Robert Foster information at Structurae.
Building “The Gherkin” (film).
The Gherkin

Fukas, Massimiliano

Massiliano Fuksas

Fuller, Richard Buckminster

The Buckminster Fuller Institute
Buckminister Fuller, Wikipedia entry.
Buckminster Fuller Digital Collection at Stanford
Buckminster Fuller: Grandfather Of The Future


Gabriel, Jacques-Ange

Jacques-Ange Gabriele. Chateau de Versailles

Gaudi (Antoni Gaudi i Cornet)

Gaudí, (Antoni Gaudi i Cornet)
Gaudí. CyberSpain
Guadi. Great Buildings Online
Guadi. International Guadi Year website.
Guadi. Art nouveau in Catalonia.
Guadi as a designer.

Gehry, Frank

Frank Gehry. Images of Gehry buildings.
Frank Gehry works viewable on the internet.
Frank Gehry. Wikipedia entry.
Frank Gehry image tour.
Emeco Superlight by Frank Gehry
Critique of Gehry’s “Building B1” in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards.
Photographs of exterior of Gehry Residence.
Gehry Partners, LLP
Gehry Technologies, Inc., Gehry’s technology firm.


The Graft architecture studio website.
GRAFT, Berlin. World Architects.com

Gropius, Walter

Walter Gropius. Great Buildings Online
Walter Gropius, Wikipedia entry.


Hadid, Zaha

Zaha Hadid website.
Zaha Hadid. Great Buildings Online
Zaha Hadid. WikipediaZaha Hadid Blog
Find out more about the Zaha Hadid.
Zaha Hadid Architecture and Design.
Design Museum
Zaha Hadid. Dezeen Magazine
Zaha Hadid, Guardian articles.
Zaha Hadid Architects
Zaha Hadid. Archdaily
Messner Mountain Museum Corones

Hugo Haring

Häring, Hugo. Hugo Haring

Hawksmoor, Nicholas

Hawksmoor, Nicholas. Photographs.
Nicholas Hawksmoor. Photographs of major buildings.
Nicholas Hawkesmoor. Wikepedia
Nicholas Hawkesmoor. Archinform.
Nicholas Hawkesmoor. Britain Express

Herzog, Jacques . Herzog and de Mouron

Herzog, Jacques. Jacques Herzog
Herzog and de Meuron. Great Buildings Online
Herzog & de Meuron. Wikipedia entry.
Roche Tower, Basle.

Hoffman, Josef

Hoffmann, Josef. Josef Hoffmann. From Great Buildings Online.

Hundertwasser, Friedrensreich

Hunterwasser, Friedensreich.  Kunst Haus Wien
Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Wikipedia entry.


Ito, Toyo

Ito, Toyo. Toyo Ito. Archinform.de.
Toyo Ito, Designboom.com. Photographs and an interview.
Toyo Ito  


Jencks, Charles

Jencks, Charles. Charles Jencks homepage.
Charles Jencks. Wikipedia
Charles Jencks and Northumbria. The Daily Mail
Charles Jencks. ArchNet

Johnson, Philip

Johnson, Philip. Philip Johnson. Works by Philip Johnson viewable online.
Philip Johnson, Wikipedia entry.
Philip Johnson. Great Buildings Online

Jones, Inigo

Jones, Inigo. Inigo Jones. Biography, images of the Queen’s House.
Inigo Jones. Wikipedia entry.
Inigo Jones. English master architect.
Inigo Jones. Great Buildings Online
Biography of Inigo Jones
Royal Institute of British Architects.


Kahn, Louis I

Kahn, Louis I. Louis I Kahn
Louis Kahn, Wikipedia entry.
Louis I. Kahn – Philadelphia Architects and Buildings Project
The Louis I. Kahn Collection – The Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania
Exhibition at the University of Pennsylvania on Louis I. Kahn Interiors
Louis I Kahn. Great Buildings Online

Kaplický, Jan

Jan Kaplický
Official website of Future Systems
Radical architect Jan Kaplický dies. The Guardian
Jan Kaplický’s futuristic drawings go on show in London. De Zeen
Jan Kaplicky. ArchDaily
The Kaplicky Centre

Koolhaas, Rem

Koohaas, Rem.Rem Koohaas. Great Buildings Online

Kurokawa, Kisho

Kurokawa, Kisho. Kisho Kurokawa
Kisho Kurokawa. Wikipedia entry.
Kisho Kurokawa. Images

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier. Fondation Le Corbusier, Site officiel
Le Corbusier. Great Buildings Online
Le Corbusier. ArchINFORM database.
Le Corbusier on the Internet. Artcyclopedia
Le Corbusier. Wikipedia entry.
Images of the Ministry of National Education and Public Health, Rio de Janeiro

Legoretta, Ricardo

Legoretta, Ricardo. Ricardo Legoretta. Great Buildings Online

Libeskind, David

David Libeskind
David Libeskind. Jewish Museum, Berlin. Jüdisches Museum Berlin.

Lloyd Wright, Frank

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.
Frank Lloyd Wright. Digital Archive of American Architecture.
Frank Lloyd Wright web guide.
Frank Lloyd Wright. Wikipedia.
Image Directory
Wright: America’s Story
Fran Lloyd Wright Houses
Malcolm Willey House
Taliesin West
Frank Lloyd Wright Speeches
Wright on the Web: A Virtual Look at the Works of Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
Architectural tours of Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio and the Robie House.
Frank Lloyd Wright: Home and Furniture Design

Lutyens, Sir Edwin Landseer

Sir Edwin Landseer. Great Buildings Online
The Edwin Lutyens Trust
The Lutyens Trust is an educational charity which acts as a source of information and help on the care and maintenance of the works of Sir Edwin Lutyens. Lutyens buildings, houses and churches.
Lutyens Furniture. Luryens Design Associates.
Lutyens, Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens. Archinform
Lutyens’s proportional systems: an analysis analyzed. Lutyen’s used of the golden proportion.
Lutyens Story, Hertfodshire and Preston Lutyen’s design methods.


MacKintosh, Charles Rennie

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society
Society information and news, brief biography, illustrated introduction to Mackintosh’s major works
Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Wikipedia entry.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Charles Rennie Mackintosh appreciation site from Irene Houston.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Great Buildings Online
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Online
Guide to pictures of works by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in art museum sites.
Glasgow Mackintosh Festival 2006
Society information and news, brief biography, illustrated introduction to Mackintosh’s major works, links to other Mackintosh sites.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow

Mansart, François

François Mansart. Wikipedia entry.

Meier, Richard

Richard Meier
Richard Meier’s Homepage
Richard Meier & Partners

Mendelsohhn, Erich

Erich Mendelsohn. Images of major buildings.

Michelangelo, Buonarotti

The Michelangelo digital archive project.
Michelangelo. A dedicated Michelangelo web site.

Mayne, Thomas

Morphosis. Thom Mayne.  Great Buildings Online.

Morris, William

William Morris. The Red House
William Morris. The William Morris Society


Nash, John

John Nash. Introduction.
John Nash. Landscape architecture. Regent’s Park, London.
John Nash. Regency architecture.

Neutra, Richard Josef

Richard Josef Neutra. Biography and picture archive.

Neutra, Richard and Dion

Richard and Dion Neutra Architecture. A Website for Survival Through Design
Richard Josef Neutra. Biography and picture archive.

Niemeyer, Oscar

Oscar Miemyer Foundation, Miemyer Homepage.

Nouvel, Oscar

Jean Nouvel website.
Jean Nouvel Wikipedia entry.
Jean Nouvel. Great Buildings Online


Palladio, Andrea

Andrea Palladio. Great Buildings Online
Palladio, Andrea. Images of Italian villas.
Palladio. 32 villas of Palladio, drawings and watercolours by Giovanni Gioconi. Eppaladio.
Palladio, Andrea. The Geometric (Golden) Mean
Palladio’s Italian villas.
Palladio Museum. Il Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio

Paxton, Sir Joseph

Paxton, Sir Joseph. BBC profile of Joseph Paxton.
Sir Joseph Paxton. Great Buildings Online
Sir Joseph Paxton. Water Gardening
Sir Joseph Paxton. Gardens Guide
The Crystal Palace
Kew Gardens

Piano, Renzo

Renzo Piano. Great Buildings
Renzo Piano buildings, from ArchINFORM.
Renzo Piano. Workshop Foundation. Archives, works, exhibitions.
Renzo Piano. Smithsonian article.
Official website
Renzo Piano, Wikipedia entry.
Video recording of 2006 Ulrich Franzen Lecture at the New York Architectural League

Pugin, Augustus Welby

Pugin. Augustus Welby. Biography.
A.W. Pugin Churches.
August Pugin, Wikipedia entry.


van der Rohe, Ludwig Mies

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Great Buildings Online
Fundacio Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Wikipedia entry.
Mies van der Rohe Society
Mies in Berlin-Mies in America
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. YouTube
Mies van der Rohe Photo Gallery
Mies van der Rohe Foundation
Elmhurst Art Museum, featuring McCormick House
Barcelona chair

Rogers, Richard

The Richard Rogers Partnership
Richard Rogers. ArchINFORM database.
Large list of major Richard Rogers skyscrapers with data and images.
Richard Rogers, Wikipedia entry.

Rossi, Aldo

Aldo Rossi. Images of buildings by Rossi.
Aldo Rossi. Bio, images.


Scarpa, Carlo

Carlo Scarpa
Carlo Scarpa
Scarpa Page
Carlo Scarpa page, including biography, criticism, and bibliography of books on Scarpa’s works in print.
Carlo Scarpa
Great Buildings Online.
Carlo Scarpa
Castelvecchio Museum, Verona.

Schindler, Rudolf M

Rudolf M Schindler. Great Buildings Online

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. Images from the Digital Imaging Project.

Soane, Sir John

Sir John Soane Museum, London
Dulwich Gallery, Tenedring Hall and Soane Museum, 3-D models. Great Buildings Online
John Soane. Wikipedia
Photographs of the demolished bank of England building by Soane. The Royal Academy
Pitzhanger Manor


Tschumi, Bernard

Bernard Tschumi. Great Buildings Online
Bernard Tschumi Homepage


Utson, Jorn

Jørn Utzon. Wikipedia entry.
Jorn Utzon. Great Buildings Online
Sydney Opera House. Jorn Utzon. Great Buildings Online


Vanbrugh, Sir John

Sir John Vanbrugh, Wikipedia entry.
Blenheim Palace
Castle Howard
Gardens designed by Sir John Vanbrugh.

van Eyck, Aldo

Aldo van Eyck. Great Buildings Online

Venturi, Robert

Robert Venturi. Venturi buildings online.
Robert Venturi, Wikipedia entry.
Online profile of Venturi.
Vanna Venturi House. Philadelphia.

Vitruvius, Marco

Marco Vitruvius Pollio. Web links.
Vitruvius. Wikipedia entry.
De Architectura libri decem 
Vitruvian Man. Wikipedia entry.
The Ten Books on Architecture
Cross-linked Latin text and English translation.
The Ten Books on Architecture
Palladio’s Literary Predecessors
Ten Books on Architecture. Project Gutenberg (Morris Hicky Morgan translation with illustrations)
Leonardo da Vincis Vitruvian man as an algorithm for the approximation of the squaring of the circle.
Ten Books on Architecture. Google Books Result


Wren, Sir Christopher

Sir Christopher Wren. Great Buildings Online
Christopher Wren BBC profile.
Christopher Wren Wikipedia entry.
Christopher Wren. Britain Express introduction.
Christopher Wren. St Paul’s Cathedral, London.
Christopher Wren. Greenwich Buildings, London.

Zumthor, Peter

Peter Zumthor. archINFORM
Peter Zumthor. Wikipedia
ZTH> Tumbir image gallery.
Peter Zumthor. ArchDaily
Peter Zumthor. Dezeen magazine.
Peter Zumthor. The Pritzker Architecture Prize
Peter Zumthor: RIBA awards gold medal to architecture’s man of mystery.
Peter Zumthor. Daanda magazine.