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Italian architecture, Renaissance and Baroque buildings


Buildings and structures in Italy, Wikipedia entries.

Buildings and structures, by city. Wikipedia


Castles in Italy, Wikipedia entries.

Cornaro villas, palaces and castles.

Florence (Firenze) *

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Florence. The official site of Florence (Firenze).

Florence art, museum and culture database.

Florence (Firenze). Great Buildings of Florence.

Italian Architecture. Extensive listings of sites by city or region (from Great Buildings Online).


Piazzas. Le piazze d’Italia

Pallazzi (palaces) in Italy.

Opera houses in Italy. Wikipedia

Rome (Roma) *

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Great Buildings of Rome

Roman architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Venice (Venezia) *

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Art and Architecture of Venice. The Cornaro family.

Great Buildings Online: Venice.
A gallery of Venetian buildings.

Istituto Universitario di Architecttura di Venezia.

Photos of Venice
Detailed pictures of Venetian churches (100, with direction finders), the three bridges over the Grand Canal, paintings, scuole grandi, the 4° bridge’s project by architect Calatrava, museums, exhibitions and Venetian curiosities.

Venice World. A city guide to Venice. An internet portal on Venice.

Villas by Palladio.

Wikipedia entry on Italian architecture.

Wikipedia entries on Italian architects.

Italian architects *

Alberti, Leon Battista

Botta, Mario

Brunelleschi, Filipo

Brunelleschi, Filipo. Great Buildings Online.
Buildings by Brunelleschi.

Bernini, Gian Lorenzo. Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Borromini, Francesco. Francesco Borromini

Bramante, Donato. Donato Bramante. Santa Maria della Pace

Donato Bramante

Donato Bramante. Great Buildings Online

Brunelleschi, Filippo. Filippo Brunelleschi. Great Buildings Online

Michelangelo, Buonarotti
The Michelangelo digital archive project.

Michelangelo. A dedicated Michelangelo web site.

Palladio, Andrea. Andrea Palladio. Great Buildings Online

Palladio, Andrea. Images of Italian villas.

Palladio, Andrea The Geometric (Golden) Mean.

Piano, Renzo. Renzo Piano. Pritzker prize winner.
Renzo Piano, the Pritzer prize winner.

Renzo Piano

Renzo piano buildings, from ArchINFORM.

Renzo Piano. Smithsonian article.

Scarpa, Carlo. Carlo Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa homeage.

Carlo Scarpa. Biography and picture archive.