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Chateaux, Schlösser


Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England

Austrian castles *

Castles and Palaces in Austria
A compilation of websites featuring castles, palaces and fortresses in Austria.

Austrian Castles: Photos and History of the top Castles in Austria

Austrian Castles
Castle Photo Archive


British castles.


Castle Eltz, Germany

Castles, Homes and Cottages
Pinterest collections of photographs by travellers.

Castles and Manor Houses
Web resources on castles, châteaux and manor houses: history, architecture, types of castle, sieges, examples, children’s castles, photographs.

Castles and Palaces of the World
Castles, Palace and Fortresses, a comprehensive resource on castles, palaces and fortifications.

Castles on the Web
A photo archive of castles, categorized by country.

Castles of the World
A comprehensive directory of castles in Europe and around the world. Castles include Neuschwanstein, Versailles, Amboise, Chambord, Linderhof, Bouillon, Angers, Chenonceau, Chilllon, Mount St. Michael.

Chateaux de France. French Chateaux. Chateau site from France. A tour.

Dracula’s Castle

England *

Castles in England A-Z
Castles throughout England and Wales.

Castles in England
A list from Wikipedia.

Explore the castles of Britain. Find all the information you need to locate and visit the castles of Britain, with full descriptions and photographs.

European castles *

European castles, a list from Wikipedia.


Fontainebleau. Chateau de Fontainebleau, France

Château de Fontainebleau, Wikipedia entry.

Google Art Project virtual tour of Chateau Fontainebleu.

Musée et Domaine nationaux du Château de Fontainebleau

France *

Castles in France
A list from Wikipedia.

A directory with geographical and facility-related information for château accommodation.

Germany, Bavaria *

German castles.
An extensive, searchable directory of medieval  German castles. Includes castle histories.

Castles in Germany
A list from Wikipedia.

German Castles Photo Archive

Castle Eltz, Germany

Neuschwanstein official website.

Great Castles
A directory of great castles, including Balmoral Castle, English castles, German and Austrian castles.


India. Indian Palaces

Indian Palaces Photos Index


Neuschwanstein *

Neuschwanstein, Wikipedia entry.

Neuschwanstein official website.

Schönbrunn Palace, Austria


Welsh castles.

Wikipedia entry on castles.

Palaces and stately houses *


The Alhambra, Granada


Baroque palaces. NGA

Bavarian Palaces and Castles

Blenheim Palace


Castle Howard


Chateau Versailles, France


Diocletian at Split, Croatia

The Doge’s Palace, Venice

Doge’s Palace, Venice. Palazzo Ducale

Ducal Palace, Urbino (Great Buildings)

Palazzo Ducale di Urbino e Galleria Nazionale delle Marche


Forbidden City, Beijing (Summer Palace)

Forbidden City. China Vista


German Palaces and Castles

Rhine River Castles and Towers


Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace, Wikipedia entry.

The Hermitage, Russia

Hermitage Museum, Wikipedia entry.


Imperial Palace, Kyoto


Top 10 Royal Palaces In India.

List of palaces in India. Wikipedia


London Palaces. Historic royal palaces.


Paris. Palaces and private mansions in Paris. Paris Tourist Office

Polish palaces and castles, a photo archive.

Polish castles. A list of castles in Poland

Royal palaces of Britain
The Tower of London,Hampton Court, Kew Palace, Kensington Palace and others.


Schönbrunn Palace, Austria. Schloss Schönbrunn.

St Petersburg imperial palaces.

The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Venice. Doge’s Palace. Wikipedia entry.

Versailles *

Versailles. Chateau de Versailles, France.

Aerial image of Versailles from Google Earth.

Google Art Project virtual tour of Versailles and its works of art.

Château de Versailles. Site officiel

Photo gallery of Versailles interiors, statues, architecture, gardens.

Podcasts on Versailles.

Palace of Versailles, Wikipedia entry.

The Palace of Versailles, France

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European castles, palaces, chateaux