Great churches, cathedrals and mosques

Great churches, cathedrals and mosques: church architecture, European churches
A comprehensive list of websites


American churches *

American churches. ‘Churches ad hoc: a Divine Comedy,’ a photo essay by Herman Krieger.

Polish cathedral style in North America.

‘Top Ten’ New York Church Designs
NY Architecture

Architecture *

Church architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Church Architecture Glossary
A glossary of terms relating to internal features and furnishings in church buildings.


Baroque churches *

Baroque architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Baroque buildings. Great Buildings Online

Baroque churches of Europe, a NGA exhibition.

Baroque churches of the Philippines. UNESCO

Santa Maria della Salute, Venice.

Santa Maria della Salute, Venice
Sacred Destinations

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Stock photos of Baroque churches. Fotosearch


Basilica, entry from Wikipedia.

Byzantine church and monastic architecture *

Byzantine sacred architecture.
Wikipedia list of entries and websites.


Cathedrals, basilicas *

Cathedral architecture in Western Europe. Wikipedia.

Cathedrals in Italy, an image gallery from Wikipedia

Photographs of cathedrals, from Flickr.

Amiens Cathedral

Bourges Cathedral

Cathedral of Laon

Cologne Cathedral. Wikipedia entry.

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral, Death and Resurrection
A series of pages from Know Britain exploring the symbolism of the cathedral.

Edinburgh Cathedral

Orvieto Cathedral

Siena Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Westminster Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres

Notre Dame de Paris

Cathedral of S. Maria Assunta, Orte, Italy

Cathedral of Pisa, Italy

Duomo Siena

Florence Cathedral

Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome

St.Peter’s Basilica, Wikipedia entry.

Sherborne Abbey, Devon

Strasbourg Cathedral

Churches and Monasteries
Photos and information on structures in the Mecklenburg, Vorpommern region of Germany.

Church architecture around the world, from The Ecclesiological Society. Links, furnishings, liturgy.


Directories of church terms *

Glossary of church terms.


English Gothic *

English Gothic architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Photographs of English Gothic Cathedrals


Gothic churches and cathedrals *

Photographs of 500 gothic and romanesque churches.

Mapping Gothic France
A project by Columbia University and Vassar College with a database of images, 360° panoramas, texts, charts and historical maps.

Photographs of Gothic Cathedrals

Gothic cathedrals. A virtual tour.

Gothic architecture. Wikipedia

10 Gothic Cathedrals of Medieval Europe (with Photos & Maps)

Gothic architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Amiens Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral

Notre Dame de Paris

Reims Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Westminster Abbey

Gothic revival

Gothic Revival architecture. Wikipedia

Gothic Architecture and Churches. Architectural Digest


Medieval Church Architecture. A guide. 

Modernist church architecture *

Roots of Modernist Church Architecture
An article by Adoremus Bulletin Duncan Stroik, professor of architecture at Notre Dame University.

Modernist Church Architecture
Catholic Liturgy

Flickr: Modern Churches of the UK.

Notre Dame du Haut, or Ronchamp, by Le Corbusier

Notre Dame du Haut

Mosques *

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel

Dome of the Rock, Wikipedia entry.

Mosque, Wikipedia entry.

Great Buildings Online

Islamic Architecture Tutorial
An on-line tutorial on the architecture of the Ottoman Empire, and other buildings with great significance in Islam, organized on a timeline.

The Mosque
Tore Kjeilen explains the significance of the mosque to Muslims, its history, development and use.

Mosque of Amr Ibn El-As
An illustrated history and description of the oldest mosque in Egypt, founded in 642 AD and rebuilt several times subsequently.

Mosques Around The World

Orthodox church architecture *

Flickr photo streams of Orthodox church architecture.


Romanian Monasteries
The Orthodox monasteries of Bucovina, noted for their exterior murals, and the timber churches of Maramures, with their wall paintings. Includes photographs, location maps and illustrations showing layout.

Romanesque churches *

Romanesque churches, architecture.

Romanesque churches, a gallery from Great Buildings Online.

Cathedrals in Europe