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Art museums in China, a directory of websites

Beijing *

Beijing art museums and art galleries, a website list.

The Beijing World Art Museum

Beijing Art Museum
Established in 1985 in Wanshou Temple, with the aim of preserving, studying and exhibiting the Chinese cultural heritage.

Today Art Museum. Explore the museum with The Google Art Project.

Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)

The China Millennium Monument
Symbolic and commemorative building complex to welcome the Year 2000, including museums, halls and spaces for exhibitions and events.

National Art Museum of China
The largest fine arts museum in China. Modern and folk art.

Palace Museum
Imperial palace (Gugong) of the Ming and Quing dynasties, built 1406-1421 on behalf of the 3rd Ming emperor, Yongle.

The Palace Museum- explore the collection with The Google Art Project.

Ullens Center for the Arts
Exhibitions, screenings, performances, seminars; art library and educational program.


Shanghai *

Museums in Shanghai

Liu Hai Su Art Museum
Works of Liu Hai Su, co-founder of China New Art Movement; his collection of ancient and modern art.

China Art Museum

MOCA Shanghai
Museum of Contemporary Art. Non-profit, independent institution, funded by the Samuel Kung Foundation. Chinese and international contemporary art.

Shanghai Museum
A large museum of ancient Chinese art (120,000 pieces).

Zendai MoMA
Zendai Museum of Modern Art

Galleries in Shanghai

Art Labor Gallery
Aat labor is a contemporary gallery, with an area of galleries, called the Central Galleries, located in the former French Concession neighbourhood.

Art Scene China
Deals with works by contemporary artists from throughout China, presented in the gallery and on the website.

Art Scene Warehouse
Gallery for contemporary art from China, in a 1800 square metre space located in the Suzhou Creek area of Shanghai.

Showcasing established and emerging contemporary artists, Art+Shanghai has its pulse on the sprawling Chinese contemporary art scene.

Aura Art
Contemporary art gallery representing a group of young artists: paintings, prints, photographs, videos and installations.

Creek Art Center
Cultural center with a contemporary art gallery.

Frontline Contemporary
With an exclusive focus on mainland Chinese artists producing the highest quality of contemporary & avant-garde art, front line contemporary connects the discerning collector in Shanghai and abroad with China’s top artists.

As one of the first galleries in Shanghai dedicated to exhibiting contemporary and fine art photography, m97’s goal is to exhibit the most interesting and innovative photography work in China, across all genres of the medium.

1918 Artspace
The basis and focus for art and culture-related events at 1918 ArtSPACE is the work of Chinese contemporary artists, while at the same time looking to embrace the international art world, by uniting the best work of Chinese and foreign artists to engage in a creative dialogue and exchange art and culture.

O PiziArte

Osage Gallery
Contemporary Asian art.


Saatchi Gallery list of dealers and galleries in China.

An early gallery for contemporary art in Shanghai. The website includes extensive information on Chinese art.

Shine Artspace

Yibo Gallery
Contemporary Chinese art, focused on middle-aged and young artists.

Photographs and paintings of old Shanghai by Sapajou.
Tales of Old China

Shanghai Art Fair

Shanghai Biennale

Shanghai Guide. Tourist guide to Shanghai events and places.

The Shanghai Museum

The Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Shanghai Post

Internationally acclaimed Chinese artists, as well as new and up and coming young artists from Shanghai and all over China.