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American art auctions *

AngloAmerican Appraisals


Calendar of art auctions. Find Art Info



Aspire Auctions
Aspire Auctions Inc. is one of the largest auction houses between Chicago and New York predicated on sales results. Headquartered in Cleveland Ohio.

Doyle New York

Newel Art Galleries, Manhattan, New York

Sloans and Kenyon


Asian antiques art auction houses, Asian art auctions *

Art auctions and forum with emphasis on Japanese, Chinese and Western prints.

Asian antiques. Zacke Auctions & Gallery, Austria. 
AG is a gallery and an auction house for antique Asian art. Burma, Cambodia, Japan, Japan, India, Thailand.

Asian art galleries,
Asian art auctions and Asian antique dealers on the web.

Auction houses, art auctions web guides *

Art auctions and forum with emphasis on Japanese, Chinese and Western prints.

Artnet guide to art auction houses.

Guide to art auctioneers around the world.



Casa D’Aste Babuino
The oldest auction house in Rome, performing auction sales every month


Dorotheum, Vienna


Australian art auction houses *

Australian Art Sales Digest
List of current year art auctions.

Deutscher and Hackett
An Australian specialist fine art auction house with private galleries in Sydney and Melbourne. They conduct three major fine art auctions each year which include both Australian and International art of a high calibre.

Deutscher Menzies

Stanley & Co

Shapiro Auctioneers

Vickers & Hoad Auctioneers

Phillip Caldwell Auctioneers

Lawson Menzies, Sydney and Melbourne.
A leading Australian owned auction house, based in Sydney. Online catalogue, auction calendar, auction prices.

Fine art auctioneers and valuers. Menzies is committed to securing the highest quality art works and presenting them in outstanding catalogues.

Austrian art auction houses *

Im Kinsky Kunst

Kinsky Auktionenm

Dorotheum, Vienna

St. Veiter Schlšssl Auktionens

Suppan Fine Arts Auktion


Belgian art auction houses *

Belgium and Holland Antiques

Artnet guide to art auction houses, including Belgium.

Biddington’s Contemporary Art Gallery and Auctions
Information about art, from the history of art to the process of making art today. Learn more about contemporary art, art investing & collecting.


Biennale des Antiquaries, Paris
The Syndicat National des Antiquaires,  created in 1901, is a grouping of more than 400 professionals of the highest level, considered to be among the very best Antique Dealers in their respective fields.

Bonhams, London

British (UK) art auction houses *

See also: British and London auction houses and dealers

Art-Search, a UK art search engine. Galleries and services., United Kingdom

Calendar of art auctions. Find Art Info

Association of Art and Antique Dealers. Antique and art airs, shows, buying and selling advice, useful links.