Expressionism in art, German Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism

German Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism; a guide to websites

German expressionism *

Brücke-Museum, Berlin

German Expressionism, a view from an admirer.
Politics and art. Jawlensky, Kandinsky, Klee, Bauhaus, Die Blaue Rieter.

Films. German Expressionism
Wikipedia entry.

German Expressionism
Artlex Art Dictionary

Neue Galerie, New York.
Museum of German and Austrian expressionists.

German Expressionist artists *

Beckmann, Max

Max Beckmann. Artchive
Max Beckmann. MOMA
Max Beckmann. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Max Beckmann
Artworks in art museums.
Max Beckmann. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid
Max Beckmann. MFA
Max Beckmann. National Gallery of Art
MaxBeckmann. Wikipedia

Dix, Otto

Otto Dix
Otto Dix Online
Otto Dix. Los Angeles Museum of Art
Otto Dix. MOMA
Otto Dix. Art Institute of Chicago
Otto Dix online catalog
Otto Dix at Museum Syndicate
Otto Dix, a web site.
Otto Dix. State Museums of Berlin
Otto Dix. Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Grosz, George

George Grosz. Wikipedia
George Grosz. Tate Gallery
George Grosz. FAMSF
George Grosz. MOMA
George Grosz. Artcyclopedia

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Wikipedia entry.
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. MoMA
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Brücke-Museum, Berlin
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
National Gallery of Art
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Brücke-Museum, Berlin

Macke, August

August Macke. Artcyclopedia
August Macke. Kustmuseum Bonn
August Macke. Wikipedia

Marc, Franz

Franz Marc. Wikipedia
Franz Marc Guggemheim Gallery
Franz Marc Museum
Franz Marc. Kunstmueum Bonn
Franz Marc. WebMuseum
Franz Marcr Kunstmueum Bern

Nolde, Emile

Emile Nolde. Artsy
Emile Nolde. Galerie Ludorff, Düsseldorf, Germany
Emile Nolde. Museumsportal Schleswig-Holstein
Emile Nolde Foundation
Emil Nolde. Wikipedia

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Five women at the street Deutsch: Fünf Frauen auf der Straße; Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1913

Abstract expressionism, color field painting *

Abstract Expressionism, Abstract Expressionists. 
An image gallery (from the Image Artchive).

Artlex entry on abstract expressionism.

Colour field painting.
An online image gallery of colour field paintings on sale in art galleries around the world, from Artsy.

Guggenheim Collection of Abstract Expressionist works.

PBS entry on abstract expressionism.

Tate Gallery entry on Abstract Expressionism, with definition, articles.

WebMuseum entry on abstract expressionism.

Wikipedia entry on abstract expressionism.

Works by abstract expressionists in art museums.

Abstract expressionist artists/New York School painters *

Appel, Karel

Karel Appel
Karel Appel on the internet.
Karel Appel. Wikipedia
Karel Appel. Tate Gallery
Karel Appel. The Guggenheim
Karel Appel.

Bourgeois, Louise

Louise Bourgeois. MOMA
Louise Bourgeois. Artsy
Louise Bourgeois. Hauser & Wirth
Louise Bourgeois. Wikipedia

Frankenthaler, Helen

Helen Frankenthaler. Guggenheim Gallery
Helen Frankenthale Foundation
Helen Frankenthaler. Gagosian Gallery

Gotlieb, Adolph

Adolf Gotlieb. MOMA
Adolph Gottlieb. Guggemheim Museum
Gottlieb Foundation
Adolph Gottlieb. Wikipedia

Gorky, Arshile

Arshile Gorky.
Arshile Gorky Foundation
Arshile Gorky. MOMA
Arshile Gorky. Guggenheim Museum

Guston, Philip

Philip Guston
Philip Guston on the internet.
Philip Guston. MOMA
Philip Guston. The Tate Gallery
Philip Guston. The Guardian, an article.

de Kooning, Elaine Fried

Elaine Fried de Kooning
Elaine Fried de Kooning on the internet.

de Kooning, William

William de Kooning
Museum of Modern Art, New York
The William de Kooning Foundation
William de Kooning. MOMA

Willem de Kooning. Tate Gallery

William de Kooning. Guggenheim Museum
Willem de Kooning. Wikipedia

Willem de Kooning The Visit 1966–7
The Visit 1966-7 Willem de Kooning 1904-1997

Johns, Jasper

Jasper Johns
Jasper Johns on the internet.
Jasper Johns. Art Institute of Chicago
Jasper Johns. Guggenheim Gallery
Jaspar Johns. MOMA
Jasper Johns. Tate Gallery
Jasper Johns. Wikipedia

Kline, Franz

Franz Kline
Franz Kline on the internet.
Franz Kline. Wikipedia
Franz Kline. MOMA
Franz Kline. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Franz Kline
Painting Number 2

Motherwell, Robert

Robert Motherwell
Robert Motherwell on the internet.
Robert Motherwell. Wikipedia
Robert Motherwell. MOMA
Robert Motherwell – 659 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
Robert Motherwell. The Guggenheim
Robert Motherwell. The Tate Gallery

Newman, Barnett

Barnett Newman. MOMA
Barnett Newman. Tate Gallery
Barnett Newman. Wikipedia
The Barnett Newman Foundation

Noland, Kenneth

Kenneth Noland
Kenneth Noland on the internet.
Noland’s works at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Kenneth Noland. Wikipedia

Pollack, Jackson

Pollack, Jackson. Jackson Pollack
Jackson Pollack on the internet.
Jackson Pollack
Jackson Pollack. MOMA
Jackson Pollack. Guggenheim Museum
Jackson Pollack. Tate Gallery
Pollack-Krasner Foundation
Jackson Pollack. National Gallery of Art
Jackson Pollock. Wikipedia
Jackson Pollack. WebMuseum
Jackson Pollack. LACMA
Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner-Archive
Jackson Pollack. Artcyclopedia

Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)
Jackson Pollock. Museum of Modern Art

Reinhardt, Ad

Ad Reinhardt on the internet.
Ad Reinhardt. MOMA
Ad Reinhardt. The Guggenheim

Rothko, Mark

Mark Rothko
Mark Rothko
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Mark Rothko. Wikiart online gallery.
Mark Rothko. The Tate Gallery
The Rothko Chapel
Mark Rothko. National Gallery of Art
Mark Rothko. Wikipedia
Mark Rothko. National Gallery of Art

Tombly, Cy

Cy Tombly website.
Cy Tombly. Artsy
Cy Twombly – Wikipedia
Cy Twombly 1928-2011 | Tate
Cy Twombly at Gagosian
Cy Twombly – Guggenheim
Cy Twombley. Wikiart image gallery