Prehistoric art, cave paintings, rock art

Cave paintings, prehistoric art, rock art; a list of websites

American Rock Art Research Association

Australian rock art. The Google Art Project

The Bradshaw Foundation
A non-profit making organization dedicated to the study, recording and protection of rock art. Aims, directors, types and examples of rock art from across the world.

Centro Studi e Museo d’Arte Preistorica
Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art, Pinerolo, Italia.

A database of European prehistoric art.

Malaysian Caves

Cave paintings in Castell de Castells Spain

Fumane Cave Paintings, Verona, Italy.

Kapova Cave Paintings, Ural Mountains.

Tour of Afghan cave paintings

A Journey to the Oldest Cave Paintings in the World. The Smithsonian

The Hohokam

Bhimbetka Petroglyphs and Daraki-Chattan Cave Art

Stone Age Cave Painting. A dedicated website.

Lascaux caves

Lascaux tour guide.

Lascaux Cave Paintings and Location

Lascaux. Thematic Essay, Heilbrunn Timeline
Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Cave Art Paintings of the Lascaux Cave.  Bradshaw Foundation

Wikipedia entry on the Lascaux caves.

The Paleoamericans:
Issues and Evidence Relating to the Peopling of the New World.

Rock Art Net
A project to provide information about online Rock Art resources. By Footsteps of Man (Orme dell’Uomo).

Rock Art Foundation
The Rock Art Foundation  exists to promote the conservation and study of the Native American rock art in the Lower Pecos region of Southwest Texas.

Wikipedia entry on cave painting

Cave of Altamira, near Santander, Spain
Cave of Altamira, near Santander, Spain