Minimalism in art

Minimalism in art; Minimalist artists; Colour Field art; Post-Minimalism
A list of websites

An introduction to Minimalism from ArtLex.

Minimalism: Artists and their Works
Artcyclopedia, minimalist art in art museums.

Minimalist music, Wikipedia entry.

minimal ZONE
A place where you are an artist. Give colour to the random shapes and share your work of minimal art.

What Is Minimalism? The Minimalists

Minimalism (visual arts). Wikipedia

Minus Space. Reductive Art
A curatorial/critical project based in Brooklyn, New York, presenting the most innovative reductive, concept-based art by international artists working in all media.


Post-minimalist artists
Guggenheim Collection

Postminimalist artists.

Wikipedia entry on Postminimalism.

Wikipedia entries on Minimalism.

Famous Minimalist Artists *

Andre, Carl *

Carl Andre. Art museums.

Flavin,  Dan *

Dan Flavin. Exhibitions,
Dan Flavin. A retrospective exhibition at The Pinakothek.
Dan Flavin. Artcyclopedia.

Hesse, Eva *

Eva Hesse. Art museums displaying works by Agnes Martin.
Eva Hesse. Guggenheim Museum

Judd, Donald *

Donald Judd. Art museums displaying work by Donald Judd.
Donald Judd. Guggenheim Collection
Donald Judd. Tate Gallery
Donald Judd Wikipedia entry.

Kapoor, Anish *

Anish Kapoor
Tate Gallery

LeWitt, Sol *

Sol LeWitt. Art museums displaying works by Sol LeWitt.
Sol LeWitt. Wikipedia entry.

Marden, Brice *

Brice Marden. Guggenheim Museum
Brice Marden. Works by Brice Marden in art museums.

Martin, Agnes *

Agnes Martin. Art museums displaying works by Agnes Martin.

Newman, Barnett *

Barnett Newman. Art museums displaying works by Barnett Newman.
Barnett Newman. MoMA
Chronology – The Barnett Newman Foundation
Concord. Barnett Newman. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Barnett Newman. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Barnett Newman: Chronology. Tate Gallery, London

Reinhardt, Ad *

Ad Reinhart. Art museums displaying works by Ad Reinhardt.
Ad Reinhardt, Wikipedia entry.

Rothko, Mark *

Mark Rothko. Wikipedia
Mark Rothko. National Gallery of Art
Mark Rothko. Guggenheim Museum
Mark Rothko. The Tate
Mark Rothko. MoMA
Mark Rothko: Introduction. National Gallery of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ryman, Robert *

Robert Ryman. Works by Robert Ryman in art museums.
Robert Ryman. Guggenheim Museum

Stella, Frank *

Frank Stella. Art museums displaying works by Frank Stella.
Frank Stella. Wikipedia entry.
Frank Stella, ArtNet

Weiner, Lawrence *

Lawrence Weiner. Guggenheim Museum