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Aestheticism, Wikipedia entry.

Encyclopedia Britannica entry on the Symbolist literary and artistic movement.

Finnish symbolist artists at The Finnish National Gallery.

Galleries and art museums exhibiting works by the Symbolists.

Introduction to Symbolism.

Metropolitan Museum of Art entry on Symbolism.


Themes and Motifs of Symbolism. Loggia.

Talisman Fine Art and Symbolism Studies
Based in London and Cornwall, Talisman Fine Art specializes mainly in works on paper 1850 – 1940, with a particular emphasis on the Symbolist Movement, Art Deco imagery, pastoral and visionary art. They also specialize in art historical talks and study events that focus on the Symbolist art movement.

Wikipedia entry on Symbolism.

Symbolist Artists *


Beardsley, Aubrey

Aubrey Beardsley. Victoria Web, an overview.
Aubrey Beardsley. Wikipedia entry.
Beardsley, Aubrey. Works by Aubrey Beardsley in art museums.
Aubrey Beardsley Art Image Collection.

Böcklin, Arnold

Arold Bocklin. Works by Bocklin displayed in art museums.
Arnold Bocklin, a dedicated image gallery.
Arnold Böcklin, Wikipedia entry.
Paintings by Arnold Böcklin. Wikimedia Commons
Arnold Bocklin. Project Gutenberg
Arnold Bocklin. Web Gallery of Art


Carrière, Eugène

Works by Eugene Carriere displayed in art museums.
Eugene Carriere. ArtMagick

de Chavannes, Pierre Puvis

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes. ArtMagick
Pierre Puvis de Chavannes. WebMuseum
Pierre Puvis de Chauvannes. National Gallery, London
Paintings by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes. Wikimedia Commons
Pierre Puvis de Chvannes. Works by Chavannes on display in art museums.

Ensor, James

Works by Ensor displayed in art museums.


Fantin-Latour, Henri

Henri Fantin-Latour, Wikipedia entry.


Klimt, Gustav

Gustav Klimt. Wikipedia entry.
Gustav Klimt. A permanent web museum of 100 paintings. Search by theme and technique.
Gustav Klimt. WebMuseum
Gustav Klimt Online. Art museums showing work by Gustav Klimt.
Gustav Klimt, A dedicated Klimit website.
Gustav Klimt. A gallery of works. Übersicht der vorhandenen Gemälde
Gustav Klimt. Large, high-resolution images of paintings by Klimt.

Klinger, Max

Max Klinger. Works by Max Klinger in art museums.
Max Klinger sculptures. Wikimedia Commons
Max Klinger. Art Institute of Chicago

Khnopff, Fernand

Fernand Khnopff. Works by Khnopff on display in art museums.
Fernand Khnopff. Wikipedia
Fernand Khnopff. Getty Museum

Fernand Khnopff. Hortensia. The Met

Moreau, Gustav

Gustav Moreau, a web gallery.
Gustav Moreau. WebMuseum
Gustav Moreau. Joconde Database of French Museum Collections. A vast image database of Munch paintings, Munch drawings and Munch engravings. 
Gustav Moreau Museum, Paris
Gustav Moreau. National Gallery, London
Gustave Moreau. Wikimedia Commons

Mucha, Alfons

Mucha, Alfons. Alfons Mucha. Biography and background.
Mucha Museum. Prague.
Alfonse Mucha. Art museums displaying works by Alphons Mucha.
Alphonse Mucha. Wikipedia entry.
Alphonse Mucha Foundation
Alphonse Mucha. Olga’s Gallery
Alphonse Mucha illustrated biography.

Munch, Edvard

Edvard Munch. The Paintings of Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch. Galleries and art museums showing works by Munch.
The Munch Museum, Oslo
Munch. The WebMusem
Edvard Munch. MOMA


Redon, Odilon (Bertrand-Jean Redon)

Odilon Redon. Works by Odilon Redon on display in art museums.
Odilon Redon. WebMuseum 
Odilon Redon. Musee d’Orsay, Paris
Odilon Redo. The National Gallery, London
Odilon Redon. Cleveland Museum of Art
Odilon Redon. Wikipedia entry. 
Odilon Redon. Wikimedia Commons
Odilon Redon Online Museum
Odilon Redon. MoMA
Odilon Redon. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

von Stuck, Franz

Works by Franz von Stuck on display in art museums
Paintings by Franzv on Stuck. Wikimedia Commons

The Buddha, 1904 (Musée d'Orsay) Odilon Redon
The Buddha, 1904 (Musée d’Orsay) Odilon Redon