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  1. Early cartoonists and caricaturists

History of cartoons, early cartoonists and caricaturists, cartoon museums and archives

Museum of Cartoon Art, San Francisco

The Cartoon Museum, London
The Cartoon Museum exhibits the very finest examples of British cartoons, caricature, and comic art from the 18th century to the present day.

Klare Lijn International Blogs
Actualités de la bande dessinée ligne claire.

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
An online gallery of cartoons.

San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Library

Early cartoonists and caricaturists *

Cruickshank, George. George Cruickshank
Caricatures by George Cruickshank.

George Cruickshank. 
Art auctions results from Artnet.com.

George Cruikshank, Wikipedia entry.

George Cruickshank book illustrations.

George Cruickshank, an online gallery.
Scenes from Frank Fairleigh.

Gillray. James. James Gillray

James Gillray. The Tate Gallery

L'Assemblée Nationale (1804), James Gillray
L’Assemblée Nationale (1804), James Gillray

Heath, William. William Heath at The National Portrait Gallery, London.

William Heath Robinson Images

William Heath Robinson Trust

Hogarth, William. William Hogarth. 
A site for Hogarth researchers, with articles, books, images and a bibliography, by Hogarth scholar Bernd Krysmanski. The site includes many other Hogarth internet resources, as well as excerpts from the Hogarth Bibliography by Bernd Krysmanski.

William Hogarth and 18th-Century Print Culture
Northweastern University Library

William Hogarth. Olga’s Gallery

Low, David. Sir David Alexander Cecil Low. 
David Low, active throughout the 30s and 40s, was one of Britain’s greatest political cartoonists.

David Low, Wikipedia entry.

David Low. British Cartoon Archive

McCay, Winsor. Winsor McCay
Wikipedia. McCay’s pioneering early animated films set a standard followed by Walt Disney and others in later decades. His two best-known creations are the newspaper comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland and the animated cartoon Gertie the Dinosaur, which he created in 1914.

Rowlandson, Thomas. Thomas Rowlandson

Töpffer, Rodolphe.
Considered by many as the true father of comics.

Les Amours de Monsieur Vieux-Bois
Manuscript form.