Contemporary Italian art

Italian contemporary art, a list of websites

Caffe’ Europa
A timetable of exhibitions, art events, theatre and music events in Italy.


The Florence Art Guide
Monuments, Florentine epochs, Florentine personages, images.

Galleria Carini
Gallery of contemporary art, Florence (Arte Contemporanea Firenze).

Galleria Faustini, Florence. 
Gallery of contemporary  and modern art.

Galleria Masini, Florence. 
Contemporary oil paintings. Established in 1870.

Florenze Biennale
The 3rd Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Firenze.

Italian contemporary art. 
Italian galleries, Italian museums index.

Network for Contemporary art in Italy. Artist galleries, reviews, critics, events, news.

Manzoni, Piero. Piero Manzoni,
well-known minimalist, conceptualist artist.

Caffe’ Europa
Art news, with timetables of exhibitions, art, theatre and music events in Italy.

La Repubblic of the Arts, Italia.
Essays, mostre, exhibitions, forum, news, archives.

Rojo Artspace
ROJO® presents the global network of artspaces; a worldwide alliance with a unique goal to create a friendly open flow of artists and art through its members looking to develop a stronger sense of community. ROJO® promotes collaboration between the network members and opens doors to other agents from the art scene.


Galleries and art museums of Rome. A guide.

Guida online all’arte contemporanea Italiana.