Typography websites, fonts and blogs, a list

Typography websites and blogs; graphics, history of typography, fonts, design, generators

Baseline Magazine

Blogs on typography *

We Love Typography

Incredible Types

I Love Typography

Type Everything


Beautiful Type

Ministry of Type

The Type Directors Club



Typography Daily



The Cavendish Gallery of Print and Typography
A gallery of images and text relating to typography and print through the ages.

Fonts, font websites, downloads *

Fonts.com. Download Mac and Windows fonts



Font Squirrel


Garamond, Wikipedia entry.

Garamond. Typophile

History of typography *

History of Western typography
Wikipedia entry.

History of typography
Encyclopedia Britannica


PLUME, a brush font that’s 100% hand written with a thick and oily brush.

a font identifier that enables you to identify a font from a sample by answering a series of simple questions.

Letter Arts Review

Linotype Library
A site from the German-based Linotype Library.

Microsoft typography.

Planet Typography
A portal entirely dedicated to the art and the science of typography.

TrueType Typography
Scalable font technology built into Windows and Macintosh.

A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces. Typedia is a resource for categorizing, and connecting typefaces.

A website provides a regular digest and commentary on the typography and design industry, written by designers from around the world.

The University of Reading
The Department of Typography and Graphic Communication

Wikimedia Commons gallery of typography images, listed under era and type.

Wild Type

Aldus Manutius
Virgil 1501, printed by Aldus Manutius (1449/50–1515)