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Magazines, blogs, journals 

Mathematical and scientific art. Art Future
A portal guide devoted to futuristic art and design, art created with new technologies, halographic art, robotic art, web/internet art, scientific art, new forms of art collecting, and other related resources.

Marvel Comics Online

MOMA Online internet art project: InterNyet
MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York) curator Barbara London delves into the underground art world of Russia and Ukraine searching for innovative media artists.

Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM)
The FCMM is a multidisciplinary festival fusing mediums and genres as well as promoting cinéma d’auteur, independent videoand creativity in new media.


The “net-art.org” web site is an online-only exhibition of the early (and continuous) history of Internet art. This site provides links to original content to net-art projects and related websites made since the rise of Internet art in de ’90 into the mainstream art world.
This site also features links devoted to critical theory and the history of digital art as wel as links to software or computer generated art and sound art. Now and then also video art will be presented.

Net art, Wikipedia entry.


Organizations *

235Media, Cologne, Germany
New media artists and events.


Pope, Nina. Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

Somewhere. Lee Valley Park. By Nina Pope.



Redundant Technology (Lowtech Ltd)
A company which exists where technology, creativity and learning meet. Unlike many commercial entities its prime object isn’t to make money – rather, it is an attempt to find a new, more positive way to engage with the ever changing and potentially divisive world of information communication technology.

Online graphic artist community with 3D modeling,Poser Software 3D software 3D content, 3D digital models, 3D computer graphics.

New media resource site. New internet art sites, news, interviews with internet artists.


Sarai Media Lab, Delhi, India
A space for research, practice and conversation about the contemporary media and urban constellations.

Shockwave and Director resources at the WebStudio.

SIGGRAPH. ACM Annual Convention on Computer Graphics 

Skins, website skins and themes *

WordPress skins

New WordPress Theme

WordPress themes directory.


Deviant Art.com
An online community for art and skin lovers. A large collection of software skins  and desktop wallpapers. DeviantART is an expansive, worldwide community of artists of every age and nationality who create works spanning every medium, every subject and level of talent and skill.


Turbulance commissions and supports net art. Artists, commissions, with a net art competition.

235Media, Cologne, Germany.
New media artists and events.


U.S Department of Art and Technology
Where ART can contribute to the Perpetual Fight against AUTHORITARIANISM. The Executive Branch and the Congress have responsibilities for U.S. aesthetic matters and for the socio-cultural impact of technology as explored in the artistic investigations of the media arts. Within the Executive Branch, the US Department of Art and Technology is the lead U.S. cultural agency, and the Secretary is the President’s principal art and technology adviser.


Wallpaper for computer desktops

Free Wallpaper
3D, ray-traced graphic gallery, with all images freely available to the public.


Webby Awards
Prizes for the best websites. From the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Internet news, internet media issues, the internet versus other media.


Courses on XML from The O’Reilly Network.


Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Present The Struggle Continues.
A winner of the Webby Award 2000.