Abstract painters, early abstract painting

Abstract painting, early abstract painters

See also: Modernism

Abstract art
Wikipedia entry on abstract art.

American Abstract Artists
American Abstract Artists is a democratic artist-run organization founded in 1936 in New York City to promote and foster understanding of abstract and non-objective art.

Early abstract painters: *

Delaunay, Robert

Robert Delaunay. Guggenheim Museum

Robert Delaunay. Tate Gallery

Hilma af Klimt

Hilma af Klint: Painting the Unseen. Serpentine Galleries

Hilma af Klint. An article in The Guardian.

Hilma af Klimt. Frieze Magazine

Hilma afKlint, Wikipedia entry.

Kandinsky, Wassily

Wassily Kandinsky at Artcyclopedia

Kandinsky’s compositions, with commentary.

A dedicated Kaninsky website.

Kandinsky. The Russian Museum, St Petersburg

Wassily Kaninsky. The Guggenheim Museum

Wassily Kandinsky. Amsterdam. Stedelijk Museum

Wassily Kaninsky. The Tate Gallery, London

Kandinsky paintings at Google Art Project.

Wassily Kandinsky, Wikipedia entry.

Malevich, Kazimir

All Paintings of Kazimir Malevich

Andrei Nakov’s works on Kazimir Malevich.

Guggenheim: Kazimir Malevich

Malevitch. MOMA

White on White

Google Art Project works by Kazimir Malevich.‎

Kazimir Malevich. Wikimedia

Kazimir Malevich.org. 128 works by Kazimir Malevich

Black Circle, between 1923 and 1929, Kazimir Malevich
Black Circle, between 1923 and 1929,
Kazimir Malevich

Matisse, Henri

Henri Matisse. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Henri Matisse. MOMA

Henri Matisse. Guggenheim Museum

Henri Matisse. The Cut-Outs

Mondrian, Piet

Piet Mondrian Trust

Mondrian. Artchive

Mondrian. MOMA

Mondrian. Google Art Project

Piet Mondrian. Wikipedia

Mondrian. The Tate Gallery

Piet Mondrian. Olga’s Gallery

Guggenheim NY Mondrian collection


Mark Rothko. The Pace Gallery

National Gallery web feature on Mark Rothko.

The Rothko Chapel

Artcyclopedia links to galleries and museums with artworks by Rothko.

Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley. Wikipedia

Bridget Riley. Op Art.uk

Notable contemporary abstract painters: *

Kristin Baker

Elizabeth Neel

Carrie Moyer

Karin Davie

Xylor Jane

John Tremblay

Odili Donald Odita

Katharina Grosse

Bernard Frize

Steven Parrino

Thomas Scheibitz

Christopher Wool


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