Paintings: figurative painting


Figurative painting, the human figure; a list of websites *

American Society of Classical Realism

Bearded Roman
A blog about art in the classical tradition.

Figurative art, Wikipedia entry.

Figure Drawings
Drawing the human figure, recent drawings, portraits and sketches and how to draw them.

Brooks, Romaine

Delvaux, Paul

Fondation Paul Delvaux Paul Delvaux Online

Nalain, Kately

Flower paintings *

Flower painters, 
a web directory from Artcyclopedia.

Flower paintings, floral art, a guide to websites.

French figurative paintings *

See also: French art, a guide to websites.

Painters from France. 
A web gallery of works by famous French painters. Wikimedia Commons

Fresco *

Fresco paintings, a guide to websites.

Graffiti art *

Graffiti art, a guide to websites.

Wikipedia entry on Graffiti.

The international graffiti archive documents and showcases photos of graffiti from around the world.


Image Artchive. 
A large online gallery of famous artists (by Mark Harden).


Landscape painting, painters, a guide to websites.

Lighthouse paintings *

McCrae, Derek. Derek McCrae. Lighthouse watercolours.

Louvre. Paintings in the Louvre.
The Department of Paintings reflects the encyclopedic scope of the Louvre, encompassing every European school from the 13th century to 1848.

Marine/maritime paintings, a guide to websites.

Military art *

See: Military art, a guide to websites.

Miniatures *

See: Miniature painting, a guide to websites.

Murals *

ArtLex entry on murals and mural painters.

Nicaraguan murals.

Diego Rivera. Web Museum

Diego Rivera web sites.

Wikipedia entry on Murals.


New Leipzig School of painting.
A group of artists who wanted to study art according to traditional principles – drawing from nude models, mastering the rules of perspective and analyzing formal composition. Members of this school all attended the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst where they learned to paint in the figurative tradition.


Oil painting, watercolour and acrylic painting techniques


Peintures sur le Web
Annuaire de sites de peintures et services pour les peintres. Classement des artistes par mouvements artistiques, thématiques et pays.

Portrait painting, a guide to websites.


The Saatchi Gallery
The Saatchi Gallery, London, is at the forefront of contemporary art with a large resource section and educational facilities on a variety of artists.


See also: Maritime art

Seascapes, seascape painters.
Master painters of seascapes, maritime themes (Artcyclopedia).

Boudin, Eugène


Still life painting, a guide to websites.

Sporting subjects *

D’ Buy fine art sporting paintings.

Street art, pavement art *

Saatchi Gallery street art, a collection of photos and videos.Stephane Jasper
Paris rock painting.
Symbols of human mythology painted on ancient street paves by a contemporary artist.

A collaborative weblog for photos of DIY posters, guerrilla stickers and home-made stencils.

Street art.
Street art, Wikipedia entry.

The Sidewalk Guy

Subjects, themes *

Subject / theme directory.
Master painters categorized by theme, from  Artcyclopedia. Artists of the American West fantasy artists, historical painters, landscape artists, maritime paintings, orientalist painters, painters of children, painters of nudes, portrait artists, religious artists, still life painters, Trompe L’Oeil painters, wildlife painters / animal paintings.

Techniques *

Techniques. The Painters Studio
Dedicated to the study and use of painting and drawing materials, and techniques.

Hints & Tips for Artists and Art Students
A broad range of information with hints & tips for visual art artists and students. Includes YouTube videos. Gold Coast Art Classes (Australia)

Wikipedia entry on painting techniques.

Watercolors, figurative watercolour painting *

See: Watercolours, a guide to websites.

American Watercolor Society

Watercolour news.

The Tate Gallery, London
has a large selection of watercolor paintings online.

Watercolor Online
Extensive references to watercolor competitions, workshops, organizations, homepages.

A large online gallery of masterpieces.