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Our Place
A worldwide photography project photographing all the 851 World Heritage sites.


Panoramic photography *

Ken Duncan Gallery Online, Australia Virtual Reality Photography – 
panoramic images displayed in a viewer which you can control with your mouse to look around from a single view point. QuickTime VR

Virtual Parks
The creation of Erik Goetze, who has shot over 3,000 wilderness panoramas. Each panorama captures a full 360 degrees of scenery and is built from 10-18 individual images. Locations range from parks in Canada, California, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico & Colorado to the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps.

Photoblogs *

Awards. Annual Photobloggies Awards

Best Photo Blogs, from

Directory of Photoblogs

Flickr photo blogs.


Tumblr photo blogs.

Photojournalism *

Magnum Photos

National Press Photographers Association (US)
A resource for news photographers.

Photojournalism websites.

Wikipedia list of photojournalists. Job listings and news.

Reportage magazine.
Image galleries by photojournalists covering conflicts and disasters.

Wikipedia entry on photojournalism.

World Press Photo
A non-profit organization encouraging high professional standards in photojournalism and promoting a free and unrestricted exchange of information.

Julie Denesha, photojournalist.

Photography web directories *

Photographers. A photographers index. Photographers homepages. 
A searchable directory. Stock photos, film crews, photographers forum.

Photographers’ Gallery, London
The first independent photography gallery in Britain. The gallery has developed a reputation as Britain’s primary venue for contemporary photography.

Photographers’ Gallery. By Marc Deneyer.

Photographers on the net. 
Searchable by country and name. Includes profiles, photographer’s webpages.

Photographic Libraries. 
Stock images, film and photo archives for the media, libraries, education centres, picture researchers. The photographic library and archival resource contains national and private photographic collections.

Photography Review

London’s libraries, museums and archives possess a treasure house of modern and historic photographs of London. The Photo London website exists to highlight and promote these collections. The site also provides background information on photography in London.

Foto Tapeta, Poland
An art photography magazine, with interviews with well-known photographers.

Pinhole photography *

Art Pinhole photography by Toshi Hayashi.

National Portrait Gallery Photography Collection, London.

Pinhole photographs and experimental photography by Chris Keeney

Pinhole Photography. Pinhole Visions. The Art of Pinhole Photography

Pinhole Org. The Pinhole Gallery

Pinhole Resource. Non-profit archive of pinhole photography.

Pixiport,  a “Portal To The Arts,” 
is an online venue for photographic artists to showcase their works and offer education on photography to the public.

Pixport  photo art zine and gallery.

Wikimedia Commons online pinhole photography images.

Portrait photography *

See also: Photographers

Portrait photography, Wikipedia entry.

Portrait Photography
Kodak provides advice on portrait photography.

Sherman, Cindy. Cindy Sherman web site.


Quotes by photographers.


The Royal Photographic Society, UK.
Photography galleries, links to online collections.

Russian photography *

Argentum Photo Agency, a Russian picture library. 
Photographs offering unique insights into Russian culture, with online exhibitions and galleries. Includes phtographs of Russian celebrities, landscapesand provinces.

The Empire That Was Russia: The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Collection
The photographs of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944) offer a vivid portrait of the Russian Empire on the eve of World War I.

Foto Search Stock Photography
allows users to search from more than 90 quality stock photography publishers at one site. They can also find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, motionstock video clips, vector maps, and background clip art imagery.

Moscow House of Photography

Russian History Photography

Photo Eye
An internet portal for Russian photographers.

Russian Photographers, a directory of web links.

Russia ProPhoto Photo Gallery
The project is devoted to professional photography in Russia. The works of several Russian photographers and unions are reproduced at the site.


Schools of photography *

Photography Schools. Find the best photography school.
Smart School Finder

Top Photography Schools in the USA

The best photography schools in the world
A forum from

Schools of photography – a worldwide directory. 
Film, photography and new media schools.


Search engine for photographers. 
PixOclock Photography Search Engine brings photographers and photo researchers together for business.

Stereo photography *

Wikimedia Commons images of stereo cards, listed by publisher.

Stereo Photography. The world in 3-D.

Stock photography, photographic libraries *

Over 800,000 vintage photographs and negatives.

Over 150,000 images on file and currently 10,000 available on the website. horticulture, agriculture, travel, australia, natural history and a great many more topics.

Comstock Images


Epictura stock photography image bank. 
Online searchable royalty free stock photography. Collections of CDRoms and high resolution photographs and illustrations.

Foto Search Stock Photography
allows users to search from more than 90 quality stock photography publishers at one site. They can also find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, motionstock video clips, vector maps, and background clip art imagery.

Getty Images

Go Graph Stock Photography
GoGraph is a provider of inexpensive royalty free stock photography, illustrations, and footage. These products can be licensed and immediately downloaded for use in your advertising, promotions, websites, etc.

Getty Images stock photography database.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC)
Searchable image database.


Life Magazine Photo Archives. Google
Photo essays, photo gallery. Photos of people, war, places.

Time Magazine photo archive

Toy cameras *

Plastic Camera Collection, Claudia Smith.

Smartdog TV. Diana, Lomo, Holga and 3D photograph galleries.

Travel photography

Our Place
A worldwide photography project photographing all the 851 World’s Heritage sites.


War photography *

War photographs.
World War II photographs from the Library of Congress, America.

Flickr: Imperial War Museum Collections’ Photostream

Photos of The Great War (World War One)

The Vietnam War: Photographs by Tim Page
Most of the photographs on this site are by British photographer Tim Page, who covered the war in the 1960s.

American Photography: Photography and War
A century of photography though an interactive photolab and feature topics.

World War 2 Pictures in Color.
A comprehensive collection of rare color photographs and images from World War II.

World War One Colour Photos. Colour Photos from World War I
This site contains hundreds of photos taken by the French in WW1.

War photography.
Wikipedia entries.

War photographers.
Wikipedia entries.

Website templates for photography displays/albums on the internet *

Website templates for Artists and Photographers

Free Website Templates
Website templates are pre-designed websites all you need to do is add your own personal content and you’re ready to jump start your own website.

Photography flash templates and flash website templates
Photography flash website templates.

Flash Templates

Photo Website Templates For Your New Online Photography Gallery
Pre-made flash and HTML photo gallery templates for creating a photography website.

Professional Photography Web Templates. Unique Photography Flash 

Wikipedia entry on photography.

Women photographers *

Professional Women Photographers Online

Women photographers. Notable female photographers. 
Wikipedia entries.

Women In Photography International

Women in
Galleries, links, library, archives.

Abbott, Berenice. Berenice Abbott
Wikipedia entry.

Miller, Lee. Lee Miller Archive

Lee Miller
Wikipedia entry.


World Heritage Sites
Our Place. A worldwide photography project photographing all the 851 World’s Heritage sites.

World Press Photo
An independent, non-profit organization best known for its annual organization of the largest and most prestigious press photography contest in the world.

Alfred Stieglitz The Steerage
Knackstedt & Näther Stereoskopie, by unknown photographer
Simply in a Box  pinhole photograph  Archivio Pietro Pensa