Photography blogs, photography journals and magazines

Photography blogs, journals, feeds and magazines
A comprehensive list of websites

Blog directories *

87 great photography blogs and feeds.
Epic Edits, A Resource and Community for Photography Enthusiasts

Best Photo Blogs, from

The Digital Photography Weblog

Photoblogs, U.K.

Saatchi Gallery Photography

Photography blogs *


Harvey Benge

The Photo Book Club

A Japanese Book

1000 Words Photography Magazine

The PhotoBook

The Photography Post

Resolve, the live books photo blog


Salon Verlag Editions, Cologne

’87 great photography blogs and feeds’

’85 Great Photography Blogs, Galleries and Sites’

’50-Great Photographers you Should Know’. is a resource designed to help people find all kinds of photoblogs.Their database currently holds listings for over 17,000 photoblogs.

Photography Collection

photography in print



News, reviews and articles.



Photos of Paris
Original photos of Paris by two photographers.Visions of Paris by Manoko & Violaine Renaudin.
The site of photographer Andreas Narfström.


365 Portraits



Joseph Szymanski

File Magazine

Photoblogs, U.K. A photoblogs resource.


Taryn Glenister’s Photom Media Blog

Visual Culture

What’s Next

White Press

Journals of photography *

Aperture photography magazine.

Apogee photo magazine.

B & W  A black and white photography magazine.


British Journal of Photography

Camera Arts

Camera Austria
Since 1980 Camera Austria International magazine has been fostering debate on the role of photography as situated between art and mass medium, between aesthetics and social practice, between discourse and the documentary, politics and imagery.

Dazed Digital

Digital Photo Pro

Digital Photography Magazine

Études photographiques
Études photographiques est une revue semestrielle publiée par la Société française de photographie.

The Eye of Photography (L’Oeil de la Photographie)
The daily magazine of photography.

File Magazine
A collection of unexpected photography.

Fine Art Photoblog

Foam Magazine and Museum, Amsterdam

The Photographers’ Gallery



Photography Now

PhotoMedia Magazine

Photo Review

Portfolio. Contemporary Photography in Britain

Professional Photographer

ReVue. A French black and white photography journal.

F-Stop Magazine
Fine art photographers in colour and black and white, with exhibitions and featured artists.

Photography Review

365 Portraits