Photography: photographic montage, London photography

Photomontage, London photography, museums of photography – a list of websites


The Lebrecht Music Collection
The world’s largest specialist archive & picture library of classical music. Photographs, lithographs & paintings from Bach to Bernstein.

Libraries. Photographic Libraries
Stock images, film and photo archives for the media, libraries, education centres, picture researchers. The photographic library and archival resource contains national and private photographic collections.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC). Searchable image database.

London photography *

London Photographic Awards

London Photography. Photographs of London and celebrities (mainly authors and playwrights) by London photographer Stephen Hyde.

London’s first international photography fair with exhibitors from several countries. Coinciding with photography auctions taking place in the capital, Photo-London also expands as a platform for photo-related events throughout May, including on and off-site talks from the V&A to East London. Photo-london is held in the Royal Academy of Arts’ Burlington Gardens.

London’s libraries, museums and archives possess a treasure house of modern and historic photographs of London. The Photo London website exists to highlight and promote these collections. The site also provides background information on photography in London.

The World in One City
Series of Polaroid portraits of Londoners from every nations taking part in the Olympics. All the portraits where taken on instant film, in London, in 2004-5. Philippe Sibelly


Magnum photography, the official website.

Magnum photographers index.

La Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, Paris (MEP).
A major centre for contemporary photographic art.

Marco Antonio Benz, Switzerland. Timeless photography.

Masters of Photography
Link page, images, photography resources, information on famous photographers.

Montage, photomontage *

Dada photomontage and the semiotics of web sitemaps.

Dada photomontage.National Gallery of Art

Dada photomontage and assemblage. MOMA

History of Photomontage, Cut and Paste

nu-real: a timeline of fantastic photomontage and its possible influences, 1857 – 2007.

Photomontage Artists on the Internet

Wikipedia entry on photomontage.

Photo montage artists *

Grosz, Georg. Georg Grosz

Geog Grosz biography, in German.

Grosz. Art museums. Artcyclopedia

Höch, Hannah. The photomontages of Hannah Hoch.

Hannah Hoch. Artchive

Hannah Hoch. Art museums.

Moscow House of Photography
A searchable database of photography history, fashion photography, exhibitions and festivals.

Museums, galleries of photography


National museums of photography *

National Gallery of Art. Washington D.C. Photographic Archives.

National Media Museum, London.

National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Britain.

National Portrait Gallery Photography Collection, London.


Network Photographers
One of the world’s leading independent agencies for creative photographers, specialising in international photojournalism.

Netherlands Photo Museum. Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam.

New York photographers and photography galleries, a directory from Photography in New York International.
Photography in New York International is a bi-monthly gallery guide to fine art photography with listings of New York City, national and international exhibitions, private dealers, websites, auctions and events.

Night photography by Jan K Tyrel, Berlin, Germany.

Nude photography *

Fine Art Nude Photography Network
The best of fine art photography on the web.