Lithography websites

Lithography: history of lithography, early lithographers

ARTEnovance. French Art Gallery
Prints, lithographs. photos, sculptures and paintings.

Lithography, Wikipedia entry.

ArtlEx webpages.

Cornell University Library Department of Preservation and Conservation and Picture Elements, Inc, and the Library of Congress. Illustrated Book Study Resolution Samples

Museum of Modern Art information on printing techniques and examples of prints.

Theo De Smedt’s website.

Daumier, a website.
Extensive information on Honoré Daumier and his life and work, including his entire output of lithographs.

The Daumier Register
A digital work catalog of 4000 lithographs and 1000 wood engravings.

Detailed examination of the processes involved in the creation of a typical scholarly illustration in the 19th century.

Nederlands Steendrukmuseum
Dutch Museum of Lithography

Delacroix’s Faust lithographs at the Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University.

Senefelder, Aloys. Inventor of lithography

LACMA (The Los Angeles County Museum of Art) prints and drawings collection

Lithograph by Honoré Daumier.  1838
Lithograph by Honoré Daumier. 1838

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