Environmental sculpture

Environmental sculpture, land art, a guide to websites

Wikipedia entry on environmental sculpture.

Sculpture in the Environment, an architecture and environmental design organisation.

The Cass Sculpture Foundation, U.K.

Turrell, James. The Roden Crater of James Turrell

A land art blog. A place for archiving, researching and transmitting land art.

Houghton Hall sculpture park (U.K.)

Richard Serra

Vito Acconci. Face of the Earth

Richard Long. Wikipedia entry

Richard Long. Tate Gallery

The Richard Long Newsletter, Exhibitions and news.

Robert Smithson

Alan Sonfist

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Monumental land art in the U.S.

Xenakis, Dimitri
Site-specific art-works, installations in natural and urban landscapes; photos and sculptures, by Dimitri Xenakis, France.