Sculptors of the past and present

Famous sculptors of the past and the present
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See also: Image galleries of sculptures, at Wikimedia Commons.


Acconci, Vito

Art museums displaying works by Vito Acconci.
Vito Acconci. Guggenheim Collection
Acconci Studio
Vito Acconci, Wikipedia entry.
Vito Acconci sound writing.

Adams, Mac

The Mac Adams website.

Archipenko, Alexander

Alexander Archipenko. Works by Alexander Archipenko in art museums.
Alexander Archipenko. MOMA
Alexander Archipenko. Wikipedia entry.
The Archipenko Foundation
Alexander Archipenko. Artnet


Barye, Antoine-Louis

Antoine-Louis Barye. Sculptures in art museums.

Bellmer, Hans

Hans Bellmer. Art museums holding the works of Hans Bellmer.
Hans Bellmer dolls, an online gallery.
Hans Bellmer. Artchive Gallery

Bernini, Gian Lorenzo

Gian Lorenzo Bernini. THAIS
Gian Lorenzo Bernini sculpture on display in art museums.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Wikipedia entry.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Metropolitan Museum of Art. An essay.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Web Gallery of Art
Bernini. The Getty Museum

Boccioni, Umberto

Umberto Boccioni.
Umberto Boccioni. Heilbrunn Timeline of Art
Umberto Boccioni. Wikipedia
Umberto Boccioni. The Tate
Umberto Boccioni. MoMA

Booker, David

David Booker, Australian contemporary sculptor.

Borromini, Francesco

Francesco Borromini.

Brancusi, Constantin

Constantin Brancusi. Works by Brancusi on display in art museums.
Constantin Brancusi. Guggenheim Collection
Constantin Brancusi. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Bullock, Benbow

Benbow Bullock, a sculptor in metal from the San Francisco Bay Area.


Calder, Alexander

Alexander Calder exhibitions. Kinetic sculpture.
The Calder Foundation
Alexander Calder. Wikipedia
Alexander Calder. Guggenheim Museum
Alexander Calder. Tate Gallery, London
Alexander Calder. Smithsonian American Art Museum
Alexander Calder Online
Alexander Calder. National Gallery of Art
Alexander Calder. A gallery of images at Wikimedia Commons.

Callesen, Peter

Callesen, Peter. Peter Callesen
Paper sculptures by Danish artist Peter Callesen.

Canova, Antoni

Canova, Antoni. Museums displaying works by Canova.
Antonio Canova. Hermitage Museum
Museo Canova, Italy
Antonio Canova. Wikipedia
Antonio Canova image gallery, with images listed by name. Wikipedia Commons
Psyche Revived by the Kiss of Love (Louvre)
The Three Graces (Louvre)

Caro, Anthony

Caro, Anthony. Sir Anthony Caro Website
Anthony Caro. Works by Anthony Caro in art museums.
Anthony Caro. The Tate Gallery
Anthony Caro. Gagosian Gallery
Anthony Caro.

Carpeaux, Jean-Baptise

Carpeaux, Jean-Baptise. Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. Museums displaying works by Carpeaux.
Jean-Baptise Carpeaux. Getty Museum
Jean-Baptise Carpeaux. An image gallery.
Jean-Baptise Carpeaux. Le Louvre

Chihuly, Dale

Dale Chihuly’s website.

Chillida, Eduardo

Eduardo Chillida. Wikipedia entry.
Eduardo Chillida. The Bilbao Museum
Eduardo Chillida. Artcyclopedia
Museo Chillida Leku

Chisto and Jeane-Claude

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Website
Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Works by Christo Online

Cragg, Tony

Cragg, Tony. Tony Cragg. Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw.


Day, Paul

Day, Paul. Paul Degas. Sculptures by British sculptor Paul Day.

Degas, Edgar

Edgar Degas. Sculptures. Boston College
Edgar Degas. The Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer
Edgar Degas. Web Museum

Despiau, Charles

Despiau, Charles. Charles Despiau, French 20th-century sculptor.

D’Haese, Reinghoud

D’Haese, Reinghoud. Reinhoud D’Haese. ArtNet

Dimopoulos, Konstantin

Dimopoulos, Konstantin. The Konstantin Dimopoulos website.

Donatello (Donato di Nicolo Bardi)

Donatello. THAIS.  David and Goliath
Donatello, Wikipedia entry.
Donatello. Art museums showing works by Donatello.
Donatello. Web Gallery of Art


Eliasson, Olafur

Eliasson, Olafur. Olafur Eliasson homepage.
Olafur Eliasson.
Olafur Eliasson, Wikipedia entry.

Epstein, Sir Jacob

Jacob Epstein, Wikipedia entry.
Jacob Epstein Online
Sir Jacob Epstein. The Tate Gallery


Flaxman, John

Flaxman, John. John Flaxman. Art museums displaying works by John Flaxman.
John Flaxman. National Portrait Gallery, London.
John Flaxman. The Tate Gallery, London.
John Flaxman. The Royal Academy, London.
John Flaxman, drawings at The Courtauld Insitute, London.


Gabo, Naum

Gabo, Naum. Naum Gabo. The Tate Gallery, London.
Naum Gabo constructions.

Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri

Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri. Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, French cubist sculptor.
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska. Tate Gallery

Giacometti, Alberto

Giacometti, Alberto. Alberto Giacometti. Art museums displaying works by Giacometti.
Alberto Giacometti. Guggenheim Collection
Alberto Giacometti. Guggenheim Museum
Alberto Giacometti. Gagosian Gallery
Fondation Giacometti; a Giacometti database.
Alberto Giacometti, Wikipedia entry.
Alberto Giacometti. Tate Gallery
Alberto Giacometti. MOMA
Alberto Giacometti. Tate Gallery

Gill, Eric

Eric Gill, Wikipedia entry.
The Eric Gill Society
Eric Gill in the Crafts Study Centre
Eric Gill in the Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection

Goldsworthy, Andy

Andy Goldsworthy. Wikipedia entry.
Andy Goldsworthy. Artnet
The on-line Preview of the Andy Goldsworthy Digital Catalogue DVD

Gonzalez, Julio

Julio Gonzalez Online
Julio González. MOMA
Julio González. The Tate Gallery

Gormley, Anthony

The Angel of the North, Gateshead.
Antony Gormley’s website.
Anthony Gormley. JCA interview.
Anthony Gormley. Online debate on architecture and design. Guardian Unlimited
Antony Gormley, Wikipedia entry. A biography and list of artworks.

Greco, Emilio

Emilio Greco
Emilio Greco. Wikipedia entry.
Emilio Greco. Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Emilio Greco. Art museums online.

Gudgeon, Simon

Simon Gudgeon website.


Henry, Sean

Sean Henry. UK sculptor who creates representational human figures in painted bronze for urban environments.

Houdon, Jean-Antoine

Jean-Antione Houdon. Art museums displaying Houdon sculptures.
Jean-Antoine Houdon. Getty Museum
Jean-Antione Houdon. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Jean-Antoine Houdon. Hermitage Museum (Voltaire)
Jean-Antoine Houdon. Wikipedia

Horn, Rebecca

The Rebecca Horn website.


Judd, Donald

Donald Judd. Art museums displaying work by Donald Judd.
Donald Judd. Guggenheim Collection
Donald Judd. Tate Gallery


Kapoor, Anish

Anish Kapoor. Contemporary British sculptor. Winner of the Turner Prize.
Anish Kapoor. Tate Modern
Anish Kapoor Online
Anish Kapoor. Lisson Gallery
Anish Kapoor. Royal Academy of Arts
Anish Kapoor. Wikipedia entry.

Kelsey, Steret-Gittings

Steret-Gittings Kelsey. Bronze dance and ballet sculptures by Steret-Gittings Kelsey.

Kenan, Avi

Avi Kenan, Israeli-born, living in Belgium, is a sculptor of bronze statues with a spiritual dimension, expressing his concerns for world peace and tolerance.


LeWitt, Sol

Sol LeWitt Wikipedia entry.
Sol LeWitt. Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Sol LeWitt. Pace Gallery
Sol LeWitt. Lisson Gallery
Sol LeWitt. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sol LeWitt Public Art Fund
Sol LeWitt. Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Lipchitz, Jacques

Lipchitz, Jacques. Art museums, sculpture gardens.
Jacques Lipchitz. Tate Gallery

Long, Richard

The Richard Long website.
Richard Long. Tate Gallery
Richard Long, Wikipedia entry.


Maillol, Aristide

Aristide Maillol. Maillol Museum, Paris.
Aristide Maillol. Wikipedia entry.
Aristide Maillol. Hermitage Museum
Aristide Maillol. Art museums.

Marini, Marino

Marini, Marino. Works by Marini on display in art museums. Artcyclopedia
Marino Marini online sculpture gallery.
Marino Marini. The Tate Gallery
Museo Marino Marini, Florence.
Marino Marini. Wikipedia entry.
Marino Marini. THAIS image archive.

Michelangelo Buonarotti

Michelangelo Bunarotti. Information resources and webpage links.
Michelangelo. Wikipedia entry.
Michelangelo. Web Gallery of Art
Michelangelo. Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel.
Michelangelo Online
Michelangelo. WebMuseum

Moore, Sir Henry Spencer

Henry Moore Foundation Homepage, Britain. Henry Moore exhibitions.
Henry Moore online image gallery. Artchive
Henry Moore. Works by Henry Moore on display in art museums.
Henry Moore. Wikipeda entry.
Henry Moore. Tate Gallery Collection
Henry Moore. The Courtauld Institute
Henry Moore. The Art Institute of Chicago

Maron, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Maron is an artist with a long history of exhibits in New York City and elsewhere. He is the recipient of three grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as a Fulbright-Hayes Grant to Japan.


Nadelman, Elie

Elie Nadelman. Antiques and Fine Art
Elie Nadelman.
Elie Nadelman. ROGallery, New York.
Elie Nadelman. Wikipedia entry.

Nevelson, Louise

Louise Nevelson. Art museums displaying works by Louise Nevelson. Artcyclopedia
Louise Nevelson (Atmosphere and Environment XI)
(Dawn Shadows)
(Dawn Tree)
(Night Sail)
(Seventh Decade Forest)
Louise Nevelson. Guggenheim Collection 

Noguchi, Isamu

Noguchi, Isamu. Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum.
Isamu Noguchi. National Museum of Art, Washington D.C.
Isamu Noguchi. Art museums holding works by Noguchi.
Isamu Noguchi. The Design Museum, London.
Isamu Noguchi. Guggenheim Collection
Isamu Noguchi. Wikipedia entry.


Oreanz, Angel

Angel Orensanz Foundation. New York


Pajou, Augustin

Augustin Pajou. Artcyclopedia
Augustin Pajou. Le Loure
Augustin Pajou. Web Gallery of Art

Paladino, Mimmo

Mimmo Paladino, Italian sculptor.

Paolozzi, Eduardo

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Wikipedia entry.
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi artworks at Art History Net.


Phidias, Wikipedia entry.
Phidias and the Golden Ratio,
Phidias. The British Museum. The Elgin Marbles
Phidias. Detroit Institute of the Arts

Pisano, Nicola

Nicola Pisano. Wikipedia entry.
Nicola Pisano. An image gallery.
Nicola Pisano. An image gallery from The Web Gallery of Art.

Pollaiuolo, Antonio

Antonio Pollajolo (Antonio di Jacopo Benci). Sculptures. From THAIS.

Pradier, Jean-Jacques

Jean-Jacques Pradier, Wikipedia entry.
Jean-Jacques Pradier. An index of works by Pradier.
Jean Jacques Pradier. Artnet


Praxiteles, Wikipedia entry.
Praxiteles Online
Hermes of Praxiteles

Puyear, Martin

Martin Puryear. Art museums, public spaces.
Martin Puryear. Art:21 documentary.
Martin Puryear. Art Institute of Chicago
Martin Puryear. National Gallery of Art, U.S.
Martin Puryear. MOMA


Quinn, Marc

Marc Quinn’s website.
Marc Quinn, Wikipedia entry.
Marc Quinn Online
Marc Quinn. The Gagosian Gallery


Richards, Mark

Mark Richards
Mark Richards is regarded as one of the UK’s finest exponents of portrait sculpture.

Rickey, George

George Rickey

Riemenschnieder, Tilman

Tilman Riemenschneider. Artcyclopedia
National Gallery of Art
The Web Gallery of Art
Alabaster Annunciation at the Rijksmuseum.
Tilman Riemenschneider. Wikipedia

Rodin, Auguste

Auguste Rodin internet resources.
Rodin, Auguste (WebMuseum image gallery).
Rodin Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Rodin. Musée Rodin, Paris
Rodin. Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University.
Rodin. The Sculpture of Auguste Rodin
Rodin. Musée d’Orsay, Paris (enter search terms). 
Rodin, Wikipedia entry.
Rodin. An image gallery at Wikimedia Commons.
Rodin. The Kiss
Rodin. The Kiss
Rodin. Rodin Web, a complete overview of Rodin collections.
Rodin. Artchive Gallery
Rodin, Auguste (Rodin index and Rodin images).

Rodin Suzon p1070078.jpg
Auguste Rodin: Tête de Suzon, 1875 bronze Compagnie des Bronzes, Brussels

Rome. Sculptures of Rome. Thais


Sanmartino, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Sanmartino. Web Gallery of Art
Veiled Christ. Wikipedia
Official website of the Museum of the Cappella Sansevero

Sansovino, Jacopo

Jacopo Sansovino

Segal, George

George Segal

Smith, David

David Smith Guggenheim Collection
David Smith Online
David Smith, Wikipedia entry.




Theimer, Ivan

Ivan Theimer. Artnet
Ivan Theimer

Thorwaldsen, Bertel

Bertel Thorwaldsen
Bertel Thorvaldsen. Wikipedia
Bertel Thorvaldsen Online
Thorvaldsens Museum

Troubetzkoy, Paul

Paul Troubetzkoy

Turrell, James

James Turrell. The Roden Crater of James Turrell
James Turrell. 
Videos for James Turrel
James Turrell Online
James Turrell Documentary film, PBS.
James Turrell. BBC 
James Turrell. Facebook


Unterberger, Herbert

Herbert Unterberger website.


Vaadia, Booa

Booa Vaadia bronze and stone outdoor sculptures. The sculptor’s homepage.

Venet, Bernar

Bernar Venet’s website.
Bernar Venet. Wikipédia
Bernar Venet Artworks for Sale. Artnet


Whiteread, Rachel

Rachel Whitehead. Lynn Barber interview.
Holocaust Memorial. Article from Guardian Unlimited.
Rachel Whiteread. Wikipedia entry.
Rachel Whiteread
Rachel Whiteread. Tate Collection
Rachel Whiteread Online

Wilson, Richard

Richard Wilson’s website.
Richard Wilson. Saatchi Gallery
Slipstream, the sculpture at Heathrow Airport.

Contemporary sculptor directories

Contemporary sculptors, a list from Wikipedia.