Prominent video artists

Prominent video artists/video installation and short film artists

See also: Installation artists


Barney, Matthew. Matthew Barney
The Cremaster Cycle
Matthew Barney, Wikipedia
Mathew Barney. Guggenheim Museum

Benning, Sadie. Sadie Benning


Cunningham, Chris. Chris Cunningham information page.

Demitsu, Makoi. Makoi Demitsu


Film/Video Arts, New York.
The largest non-profit media arts center in the New York region.


Graham Nicholls. Video installation and new media artist, London.

Guggenheim Take
The Guggenheim museum blog featuring posts on video art, the internet and everything in between.

Guggenheim Museum Creative Video YouTube channel.


Julien, Issaac
Isaac Julien was born in 1960 in London, where he currently lives and works. While studying painting and fine art film at St Martin’s School of Art from which he graduated in 1984, Isaac Julien co-founded ‘Sankofa Film and Video Collective’ in which he was active from 1983–1992. He was also a founding member of Normal Films in 1991.


Klein, Micha. Micha Klein


Le Grice, Malcolm. Malcolm Le Grice
Malcolm Le Grice
Works, articles, clips and stills. Luxonline
Malcolm Le Grice’s YouTube Channel


Masucci, Lello. Lello Masucci
Digital poetry was born from the relation between man and machine. Performances, videopoesia, installazioni, videopittura.

Mariko Mori at the Gallery Koyanagi

Nam June Paik official site.
Nam June Paik. Wikipedia entry.

Nicolls, Graham. Graham Nicholls 
Video installation and new media artist, London.

Oursler, Tony. Tony Oursler homepage.
Tony Oursler. Artnet
Tony Oursler. Video databank
Tony Oursler. Artcyclopedia

Rist, Pipilotti. Pipilotti Rist homepage.
Pipilotti Rist, an article.

Viola, Bill. Bill Viola, video artist.
YouTube Bill Viola interview. Venice Biennial 2007

Bill Viola. Wikipedia
Bill Viola. Arts Central
Ocean Without a Shore
The Night Journey
Special Installation Bill Viola

Bill Viola at St Paul’s Cathedral, London. The London Standard
Bill Viola exhibition, Grand Palais


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