Albanian art, museums, galleries, music; Kosovo

Albania, Kosovo: a list of arts and culture websites

Albuniza. Albanian music and art.

Dones, Elvira. Elvira Dones, Albanian writer.

Albanian Painters

Albania Is a Land of Artists, an article in The Huffington Post

Albania’s Contemporary Art Galleries You Should Visit. Culture Trip

Albanian Art, by Robert Elsie

Albania Art Institute

National Art Gallery of Albania
The National Arts Gallery of Albania (bevore: “National Gallery of Figurative Arts”) (Albanian: Galeria Kombetare e Arteve) has a fund of over 4,000 works of art by Albanian and foreign authors, spanning seven centuries of Albanian cultural heritage.

Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art

Mezuraj Museum
The Mezuraj Museum features a vast archaeological collection, but also a modern art gallery with sculptures, drawings, paintings and watercolors by some of Albania’s most accomplished artists.

Tirana International Film Festival

Kosovo Internet Portal
History, views, articles, Serbian viewpoints, Albanian viewpoints.

Promenade Gallery

The Skanderbeg Museum, Krujë

Tirana Art Lab

Albanian art, Wikipedia entry.