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Estonia arts, artists, art museums and art galleries
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Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia Estonian cultural events.

Estonian Institute
Promoting Estonian film, literature, art and other areas within Estonia. With online magazines: Estonian Literary magazine (ELM), Estonian Art (EA).

Estonian Academy of Arts

Estonian Art
An Estonian literary magazine.

Estonica, an Estonian encyclopaedia.

Introduction to Estonian history and culture.


Festivals *

Estonian Song Festival


Estonian Museum of Art

Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum. The Estonian Literary Museum  (ELM).

Estonian History Museum

Estonian National Museum
The Estonian National Museum (Eesti rahva muuseum) is a museum devoted to Estonian ethnography and folk art. It has a comprehensive display of traditional Estonian national costumes from all regions.

Estonian Open Air Museum

Eesti Ajaloomuuseum. Estonian/English – The History Museum

The Museum of Estonian Architecture

Estonian Information Page by The Estonian Institute. 
Information regarding Estonia, Estonian culture, arts, literature, history, society, nature and economy.

Museum of New Art, Pärnu

News from Estonia

Tallinn *

Tallinn Print Triennal

Art Galleries and Exhibitions
Tallinn This Week

Estonian Museum Of Applied Art And Design

Tallinn Art Hall Kunstihoone

Kumu Art Museum
The museum is the largest one in the Baltics and one of the largest art museums in Northern Europe. It is one of the five branches of the Art Museum of Estonia, housing its main offices.

Tallinn Applied Art Triennial
The goal of the Tallinn Applied Art Triennial is to offer a new, topical and unexpected focus, which will serve to help examine contemporary applied art and design practices on as broad a scale as possible.

Tallinn City Guide

Tallinn City Museum

Eesti Kunstimuuseum
The Eesti Art Museum has five branches: Kadriorg Art Museum, Niguliste Museum, Adamson-Eric Museum, Kristjan Raud House Museum and Kumu Art Museum.

Tourism in Estonia. Visit Estonia

Artists/Estonian artists *

Kunstiserver – Eesti Kunst estonian/english – Estonian art server. 
A free database for designers and artists for introducing their works.

Estonian artists, a list from Wikipedia.

Estonian painters, a list from Wikipedia.

Estonian Artists. The Art History Archive

Top 12 most outstanding Estonians in the world. Estonian World

Mati Karmin, sculptor.