Art in Georgia

Art in Georgia and Caucasus; art museums, galleries, a guide to websites

The Georgia Art Portal
The Georgian contemporary art portal ‘’ is the first systematic digital database of Georgian modern and contemporary artists. The main objective of the project is the promotion of Georgian art and artists at the local, regional and international levels. Through this web portal, information about Georgian art will be available for students, artists, professionals and art lovers all over the world.

Georgian Artists, a database from Archidrome

Georgia artists for progress
Georgia Artists for Progress is a nonprofit organization with the mission to bridge the gap between Georgians and Politics through art.

Georgia’s 10 Contemporary Artists and Where to Find Them

Georgian art. Wikipedia

Geo Art Residency in Tblisi

Centre of Contemporary Art, Tblisi

Georgia, Wikipedia entry.

The National Museum of Georgia

1st Tbilisi Triennial

Tblisi State Academy of Arts
The Tbilisi State Academy of Arts is one of the oldest universities in Georgia and Caucasus.

Bala Ggallery

Niko Pirosmani Home Page