Art in Iraq

Art in Iraq; artists, museums, architecture, archaeology and culture of Iraq, Mesopotamian art
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Ancient Iraq/Mesopotamia *

British Museum Mesopotamia website.

Art, archaeology, Mesopotamian mythology and religion, Mesopotamian history, Mesopotamian Mathematics.

Mesopotamia Internet Resources
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, Mesopotamia collection.

Mesopotamian Sculpture. Visual Arts Cork

Wikipedia entry on Mesopotamia.

Introduction to Mesopotamia for school children.

Jazira Project

University of Chicago, Oriental Institute Museum

Mesopotamia, 8000–2000 BC. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Nimrud, Wikipedia entry.

Lost Treasures from Iraq. An illustrated site by University of Chicago.

BBC Middle East news.

Excavation at Northwest Palace of Ashur-nasir-pal II, Nimrud.

Tour guides *

Artists *

Iraqi Art Gallery
From Artists of Baghdad. Painting Exibition from Collective of Iraqi Artists.

Iraqi Art Gallery. 
From Artists of Baghdad, Iraq Iraqi Art, Iraqi Music.
A comprehensive Iraqi art site, where you can find Iraqi artists, songs, music and poetry.

Painters of Iraq. A web directory from

Sculptors of Iraq
A web directory from

Baghdad *

Baghdad Museum Project

The Iraq Museum

National Museum of Iraq
Wikipedia entry.

The Iraq Museum Database: Lost Treasures From Iraq
The University of Chicago, Oriental Institute

The Virtual Museum of Iraq


Iraq Art Page
30 artist home pages, 100 old Iraqi song lyrics, folklore, poetry, calligraphy, music.

The Iraq Foundation
A non-profit, non-governmental organization working for democracy and human rights in Iraq.

Iraq Daily

Iraq Foundation Website, working for human rights in Iraq.

The Iraq Museum Database: Lost Treasures From Iraq
The University of Chicago, Oriental Institute

Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra

Iraq net Information Network


The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.
Museums and projects.


Painters of Iraq. A web directory from

Persian ancient history; ancient texts, personages.

Post-War Iraqi news cartoons.


Sculptors of Iraq, a web directory from

Yakut: Baghdad under the Abbasids, c. 1000 CE.

Zig front right side
Ziggurat of Ur