Well-known British artists, a list of websites

Well-known British artists, British master painters and sculptors
Famous U.K. artists of the past and the present; a list of websites


Aitchison, Graigie

Craigie Aitchison. Wikipedia entry.
Craigie Aitchison obituary. The Guardian
Craigie Aitchison. Artnet
Craigie Aitchison. The Tate Gallery
Craigie Aitchison. Waddington Custot Galleries

Ayres, Gillian

Gillian Ayres. Alan Cristea Gallery
Gillian Ayres. The Tate Gallery
Gillian Ayres. BBC Your Pictures online gallery.
Gillian Ayres. Am article in The Telegraph.
Gillian Ayres. Wikipedia entry.

Azam, Nasser

Nasser Azam; contemporary sculptures, paintings and projects.


Bacon, Francis

Francis Bacon paintings on display in art museums. Artcyclopedia.
Francis Bacon Tate Gallery Collection
Francis Bacon. The Hugh Lane Gallery. The Francis Bacon Studio, Dublin.
Francis Bacon Image Gallery
Francis Bacon. MOMA
Francis Bacon TV Documentary, The South Bank Show. 1985
The Francis Bacon Estate
Francis Bacon, Wikipedia entry.


The Banksy homepage.
Banksy. Wikipedia entry.
Banksy stencil graffiti images.
Bansky discussion group and image gallery. Flickr
Banksy. The Banksy Forum
Banksy. BBC news.

Blake, Sir Peter

Sir Peter Blake. Wikipedia entry.
Peter Blake. The Tate Collection
Sir Peter Blake CCA Galleries
Peter Blake. Victoria and Albert Museum Catalogue, London, UK
Peter Blake. MOMA
Peter Blake. The British Council Collection

Blake, William

William Blake Archive
William Blake. Gallery of works by William Blake.
William Blake. Biographical background and image gallery.
William Blake. The Tate Collection

Bomberg, David

David Bomberg. BBC Your Paintings slideshow.
David Bomberg. Tate Gallery
David Bomberg. Wikipedia entry.

Bonington, Richard Parkes

Richard Parkes Bonington. Works by Richard Parkes Bonington in art museums. Artcyclopedia
Richard Parkes Bonington. Tate Gallery
Richard Parkes Bonington. BBC Your paintings slideshow.
Richard Parkes Bonington. Wikipedia
Richard Parkes Bonington. Biography and image gallery. Olga’s Gallery.

Boyce, Martin

Martin Boyce. The Tate Gallery
Martin Boyce. The Modern Institute
Martin Boyce. Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Bratby, John Randall

John Bratby. The Tate Gallery
BBC Your Paintings: John Randall Bratby
John Bratby. Wikipedia
John Bratby Online; Artcyclopedia

Burne-Jones, Edward

Edward Burne-Jones. Wikipedia entry.
Edward Burne-Jones, Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery’s online collection.
Edward Burne-Jones. Artcyclopedia.
Edward Burne-Jones. Courtauld Institute
Edward-Burne-Jones. Victoria and Albert Museum
Edward Burne-Jones. Web Museum
Edward Burne-Jones. CGFA
Edward Burne Jones (AMAZON BOOKS) 

Burra, Edward

Edward Burra. Art museums.
Edward Burra. The Tate Collection
Edward Burra. Wikipedia,
Edward Burra. Pallant House Gallery
Edward Burra: ‘Always join the minority’. The Telegraph
Edward Burra. The Observer
Edward Burra. The Guardian


Carnegie, Gillian

Gillian Carnegie. Art.net
Gillian Carnegie. Guardian article.

Caro, Sir Anthony

Anthony Caro website.
Sculptures by Anthony Caro at Chatworth.
Anthony Caro. MOMA
Anthony Caro. The Tate Gallery
Anthony Caro. Sculpture.org.uk
Anthony Caro, Wikipedia entry.

Caulfield, Patrick

Patrick Caulfield. Tate Gallery
Paul Caulfield. Art Gallery Guide
Patrick Caulfield. ArtNet

Chadwick, Helen

Helen Chadwick. BBC interview with Helen Chadwick.
Helen Chadwick. Artfacts
Helen Chadwick. Meat Abstract
Helen Chadwick. Wikipedia entry.
Helen Chadwick. Exposure magazine.

Clausen, Sir George

Sir George Clausen. The Tate Gallery
Sir George Clausen. Royal Academy of Arts
Sir George Clausen. Jorgensen Fine Art
Sir George Clausen. Art museums displaying works by Sir Goerge Clausen.

Constable, John

John Constable (Artchive images).
Constable, John. John Constable. Web Museum
John Constable. Olga’s Gallery
John Constable. The Tate Gallery
John Constable. WebMuseum
John Constable. The Museum Index: paintings by Constable in art museums.
John Constable. Courtauld Institute of Art,
John Constable. Wikipedia
John Constable Online
John Constable. The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, U.K.

Cook, Beryl

Beryl Cook homepage.

Cotman, John Sell

John Sell Cotman. The Tate Collection
John Sell Cotman Online
John Sell Cotman. Gallery of works, Castle Museum & Gallery, Norwich.
Greta Bridge and The Drop Gate, Duncombe Park
John Sell Cotman. Wikipedia entry.
John Sell Cotman. Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
John Sell Cotman. The Courtauld Institute
John Sell Cotman. The Fitzwilliam Museum
John Sell Cotman. The Victoria and Albert Museum

Cozens, Alexander

Alexander Cozens. The Courtauld Institute
Alexander Cozens. Wikipedia entry.
Alexander Cozens. The Tate Gallery

Cozens, John Robert

John Cozens. Tate Gallery
John Robert Cozens. The British Museum
John Robert Cozens. Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

Craxton, John

John Craxton. The Tate Collection
John Craxton. The London Evening Standard, obituary.

Creed, Martin

Martin Creed website.


David, Henry William Banks

Henry William Banks Davis. Tate Gallery

Dean, Tacita

Tacita Dean, Guardian articles on Tacita Dean.
Tacita Dean. Frith Street Gallery
Tacita Dean. The Tate Gallery
Tacita Dean. Wikipedia entry.
Tacita Dean. Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Venice.
Tacita Dean. Marian Goodman Gallery

Deller, Jeremy

Jeremy Deller. Guardian profile.
Jeremy Deller;s website.
Jeremy Deller at The British Pavilion, Venice

Doig, Peter

Peter Doig, an article in The Guardian
Peter Doig. Saatchi Gallery, London
Peter Doig. Victoria Miro Gallery
Peter Doig. Ocula online gallery.
Peter Doig. Wikipedia entry.

Dyke, James Hart

James Hart Dyke


Eastlake, Sir Charles Lock

Sir Charles Lock Eeastlake. National Portrait Gallery
Sir Charles Lock Eastlake. The Tate Gallery

Eardley, Joan

Joan Eardley
Joan Eardley Online
Eardley Editions.com
Eardley Editions has been set up by the family of Joan Eardley to promote one of Scotland’s most influential artists.
Joan Eardley. Tate Gallery

Emin, Tracey

Tracey Emin, Wikipedia entry.
Tracey Emin. Tate Gallery, London.
Tracey Emin. ArtSeenSoho
Tracey Emin. The Saatchi Gallery
Tracey Emin and the Web Confessional
Tracey Emin. Tate Gallery, London.
Tracey Emin. European Graduate School

Etty, Wlliam

William Etty. Wikipedia
William Etty Online
William Etty website.
William Etty. Royal Academy of Arts
William Etty. The Courtauld Institute


Fell, Sheila

Sheila Fell, Guardian article.
Sheila Fell. Castlegate House Gallery

Finer, Stephen

Stephen Finer

Flint, Sir William Russell

Sir William Russell Flint homepage.

Freud, Lucian

Lucian Freud. Webmuseum
Lucian Freud. The Tate Gallery
Lucian Freud. BBC profile.
Lucian Freud. Wikipedia entry.
Lucian Freud.info. Information and contact details relating to copyright and reproduction.
Lucian Freud. Works by Lucian Freud in art museums. Artcyclopedia
Abbot Hall Exhibition 1996
Ten Dreams Galleries
Essay by Kelly Grovier on Lucian Freud in The Observer 2006
Lucian Freud Paintings at MuseumSyndicate

Frost, Sir Terry

Sir Terry Frost. Guardian article.
Sir Terry Frost. The Royal Academy


Gainsborough, Thomas

Thomas Gainsborough. Artchive image gallery.
Gainsborough, Thomas. Works by Gainsborough in art museums. (Artcyclopedia)
Thomas Gainsborough. Wikipedia
Thomas Gainsborough. The complete works.
Thomas Gainsborough. National Gallery of Art
Thomas Gainsborough. Tate Gallery
Thomas Gainsborugh. National Portrait Gallery.
Thomas Gainsborough. WebMuseum
Thomas Gainsborough. Images, Gainsborough biography (CGFA).

Girtin, Thomas

Thomas Girtin. Art museums displaying the works of Thomas Girtin.
Thomas Girtin. Tate Gallery, London.
Thomas Girtin. Wikipedia entry.

Gertler, Mark

Mark Gertler. The Tate Gallery
Mark Gertler. Merry-Go-Round
Mark Gertler. BBC Your Paintings slideshow.

Grimshaw, John Atkinson

John Atkinson Grimshaw. Wikipedia entry.
John Atkinson Grimshaw. A dedicated website gallery.
John Atkinson Grimshaw. The Telegraph article.


Hamilton, Richard

Richard Hamilton. The Tate Collection
Richard Hamilton. Wikipedia entry.
Richard Hamulton. MOMA
Richard Hamilton. Art Institute of Chicago

Hambling, Maggi

Maggi Hambling’s website.
Maggi Hambling. Marlborough Fine Art Gallery
Maggi Hambling, IAP Fine Art
Maggi Hambling. Wikipedia entry.

Harrison, Richard

Richard Harrison’s website.
Richard Harrison. Albemarle Gallery
Richard Harrison. Past Auction Results for Richard Harrison,

Hepworth, Barbara

Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, Tate Gallery
Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden in St Ives, Cornwall
Barbara Hepworth
All aspects of the life and work of the sculptor Barbara Hepworth.
Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Barbara Hepworth at YSP
Dame Barbara Hepworth. Britannica.com
Barbara Hepworth. Wikipedia entry.

Heron, Patrick

Patrick Heron. ArtNet
Patrick Heron. Tate Gallery, London.
Patrick Heron. The National Portrait Gallery
Patrick Heron. The Courtauld Institute
Patrick Heron. National Galleries of Scotland
Patrick Heron. The British Council Collection
Patrick Heron. Art Cornwall.org
Patrick Heron. Wikipedia entry.

Hilliard, Nicholas

Nicholas Hilliard. Wikipedia entry.
Nicholas Hilliard. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
The Heneage or Armada Jewel. The Victoria & Albert Museum
Nicholas Hilliard. National Portrait Gallery


Turner Prize 2017: Lubaina Himid’s win makes history – BBC News
Turner Prize 2017: Lubaina Himid. Tate
Lubaina Himid. Wikipedia
Hollybush Gardens Gallery, London
​Lubaina Himid becomes oldest artist to win Turner prize
Lubaina Himid’s website

Hirst, Damien

Damien Hirst website
Damien Hirst. Tate Gallery, London.
Damien Hirst. Wikipedia entry.
Damien Hirst. Works by Damien Hirst in art museums. 
Beagle 2 voyage to Mars
Damien Hirst. Guardian interview.
Damien Hirst. Tate Collection, London.
Tate Retrospective reviews
Damien Hirst, Tate Modern,
The Independent
‘Never let money get in the way of an idea’
The Guardian
Damien Hirst at Tate Modern
Julian Spalding
Daily Mail
Damien Hirst
Brian Sewell’s review.

Hitchens, Ivon

Ivon Hitchens. Wikipedia
Ivon Hitchens. The Tate Collection Ivon Hitchens. Jonathan Clark Fine Art Ivon Hitchens on artnet.
Ivon Hitchens. The Courtauld Institute
Ivon Hitchens Online
Ivon Hitchens (AMAZON BOOKS) 

Hockney, David

David Hockney. WebMuseum
Hockney, David. Artchive Image Gallery
David Hockney. Museums and galleries displaying the work of David Hockney.
David Hockney watercolours at Annely Juda Gallery, London.
David Hockney. Online images at Artnet.
David Hockney.  A Bigger Splash and  Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy , Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures).
David Hockney. 4th International Laboratory for the History of Science. Address by David Hockney.
Salts Mill. The new David Hockney gallery in Bradford, UK.

Hodges, William

William Hodges, works on display in art museums.
William Hodges. Auckland City Art Gallery
William Hodges. Victoria and Albert Museum
William Hodges. Royal Academy of Arts

Hodgkin, Howard

Howard Hodgkin works viewable on the internet.
Howard Hodgkin. 14 works viewable at Artchive.
Howard Hodgkin. Tate Gallery
Howard Hodgkin authorised website.
Howard Hodgkin. The Guardian
Howard Hodgkin. New York Times Howard Hodgkin. Artnet
Howard Hodgkin. Wikipedia

Hoyland, John

John Hoyland, Wikipedia entry.
John Hoyland. The Tate Collection

Hughes, Patrick

Patrick Hughes, a dedicated website.
Patrick Hughes. Wikipedia entry.

Hunt, William Holman

William Holman Hunt. Wikipedia
Light of the World. Wikipedia
Holman Hunt. Birmingham Art Gallery
Homan Hunt. The Scapegoat. Liverpool Museums
William Holman Hunt. Tate Gallery
William Holman Hunt Online
William Holman Hunt. Olga’s Gallery


Irvin, Albert

Albert Irvin. The Royal Academy
Albert Irvin’s website.

Jackson, Vanessa

Vanessa Jackson’s website.

Joffe, Chantal

Chantal Joffe. Saatchi Gallery, London
Chantal Joffe. Victoria Miro Gallery
Chantal Joffe, Art U.K.
Chantal Joffe. Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
Chantal Joffe. Wikipedia
Chantal Joffe. The Guardian

John, Augustus Edwin

Augustus John. Works by Augustus John on display in art museums.
Augustus John. National Portrait Gallery
Augustus John. The Fitzwilliam Museum
Augustus John. The Art Institute of Chicago
Augustus John. The Ashmolean


Kapoor, Anish

Anish Kapoor, contemporary British sculptor. Winner of the Turner Prize.
Anish Kapoor. The Guardian
Anish Kapoor. Tate Modern
The Orbit Tower, London.
Anish Kapoor, a dedicated website.
Anish Kapoor. MOMA
Anish Kapoor. The British Council Collection
Anish Kapoor. Wikipedia entry.
Art museums displaying works by Anish Kapoor.

Kemp-Welch, Lucy

Lucy Kemp-Welch

Knight, Dame Laura

Dame Laura Knight. Artcyclopedia
Dame Laura Knight. The Royal Academy Collection
Dame Laura Knight. The Tate Gallery


Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer. Artcyclopedia
Sir Edwin Landseer. The Tate Gallery
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer. Wikipedia
Sir Edwin Landseer. Olga’s Gallery
Sir Edwin Landseer. The Courtauld Institute
Sir Edwin Landseer. The Royal Academy
Sir Edwin Landseer. The National Portrait Gallery
Sir Edwin Landseer. The Web Gallery of Art

Lanyon, Peter

Peter Lanyon. Wikipedia
Peter Lanyon. The Tate Gallery
Peter Lanyon. Artnet
Peter Lanyon. Art Cornwall
Peter Lanyon. Birmingham Museums and Art Galleries

Lawrence, Sir Thomas

Sir Thomas Lawrence. The National Portrait Gallery
Sir Thomas Lawrence Online
Sir Thomas Lawrence. The Tate Gallery
Sir Thomas Lareence. The Hermitage
Sir Thomas Lawrence. The Victoria and Albert Museum
Sir Thomas Lawrence. Wikipedia entry.
Sir Thomas Lawrence. The Web Gallery of Art

Leighton, Lord Frederic

Frederic Leighton, 1st Baron Leighton. Wikipedia entry.
Lord Frederic Leighton Online
Lord Frederic Leighton, a dedicated website.
Leighton House Museum
Leighton Gallery at MuseumSyndicate
Lord Frederic Leighton. The Tate Gallery
Lord Frederic Leighton. The National Gallery
Lord Frederic Leighton. Birmingham Museums and Gallery

Lewis, Percy Wyndham

Wyndham Lewis. Wikipedia
Wyndham Lewis. Tate Gallery
Wyndham Lewis. BBC Your paintings slideshow.
The Wyndham Lewis Society

Linnell, John

John Linnell. Museums displaying works by John Linnell. Artcyclopedia
John Linnell. Tate Gallery
The John Linnell archive at The Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge.
John Linnell. The National Portrait Gallery, London.
John Linnell. Wikimedia Commons online image gallery.
John Linnell. Wikipedia entry.

Lowry, L S (Laurence Stephen)

L S Lowry. A Lowry website, with pictures, biography, web links.
L. S. Lowry. Wikipedia
L.S. Lowry. The Tate
LS Lowry: there’s more to him than matchstick men. The Telegraph
10 things to know about L.S. Lowry. Christie’s

Lucas, Sarah

Sarah Lucas. Guardian profile.
Sarah Lucas. Tate Gallery
Sarah Lucas. Royal Academy Summer Show, 2001.


Martin, John

John Martin. Tate Gallery
John Martin. The Ashmolean Museum
John  Martin. Tyne and Wear Museums
John Martin. Art museums displaying works by John Martin.

Minton, John

John Minton. The Tate Collection
John Minton. Wikipedia entry.

Moore, Henry

The Henry Moore Foundation
Henry Moore. The Tate Gallery
Henry Moore. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Art museums displaying sculptures by Henry Moore.
Henry Moore. Wikipedia entry.

Morris, William

William Morris Society
William Morris. Works by William Morris in art museums.
William Morris. Wikipedia
William Morris. The Tate Gallery
The William Morris Gallery
William Morris. Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery


Nash, Paul

Paul Nash. Artworks on the internet.
Paul Nash. The Tate Gallery
Paul Nash. The British Council Collection
Paul Nash. The Royal Collection
Paul Nash. Manchester City Galleries

Nevinson, Christopher

Christopher Nevinson. BBC Your paintings slideshow.

Nicholson, Ben

Ben Nicholson. Art museums displaying works by Ben Nicholson.
Ben Nicholson. Guggenheim Collection
Ben Nicholson. Tate Gallery
Ben Nicholson. MOMA
Ben Nicholson. Wikipedia

Nicolson, Sir William

William Nicholson. The Tate Gallery
William Nicholson. BBC Your Paintings Gallery. 114 paintings by William Nicholson.
William Nicholson. Wikipedia entry.

Ofili, Chris

Chris Ofili
Olifie, Chris. Chris Olifie. News articles on Chris Olifie.
Ofili, Chris. Chris Ofili
Chris Ofili. Tate Britain
Chris Ofili. Wikipedia
Chris Ofili Online
Chris Ofili. Artnet


Palmer, Samuel

Samuel Palmer, Tate Gallery, London
Samuel Palmer. Art museums displaying works by Samuel Palmer.
Samuel Palmer. Wikipedia entry.
Samuel Palmer. The British Museum
Samuel Palmer. The National Gallery of Art
Samuel Palmer. The Fitzwilliam Museum
Samuel Palmer. The Victoria and Albert Museum

Paolozzi, Sir Eduardo

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. Tate Collection
Paolozzi. Works of art in The National Galleries of Scotland
Paolozzi. The Tottenham Court Road Underground Station mosaics.
Eduardo Paolozzi. Sculpture.org.uk

Perry, Grayson

Grayson Perry: The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman. The British Museum
Grayson Perry. The Saatchi Gallery
Grayson Perry. Victoria Miro Gallery
Grayson Perry. Ceramics Today
Grayson Perry. The Guardian
Grayson Perry, Wikipedia entry.
Grayson Perry. Artnet

Phillips, Tom

Tom Phillips, his official website.
Humument. A Humument is a treated book by Tom Phillips based on the Victorian novel ‘A Human Document’  by W.H. Mallock.
The Tom Phillips Blog, news and updates by the artist.
Tom Phillips. The Tate Gallery
Tom Phillips. The National Portrait Gallery
Tom Phillips. The Royal Academy
Tom Phillips, Wikipedia entry.
Tom Phillips. The Guardian

Prout, Samuel

Samuel Prout. Drawings by Samuel Prout.
Samuel Prout. Tate Gallery, London.
Samuel Prout. Courtauld Institute of Art, U.K.


Quinn, Marc

Marc Quinn website.
Marc Quinn, Wikipedia entry.
Marc Quinn Online
Marc Quinn. The Gagosian Gallery


Ramsay, Allan

Allan Ramsay. The Tate Gallery
Allan Ramsay. The National Portrait Gallery

Redpath, Anne

Anne Redpath. Artnet
Anne Redpath. The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.
Anne Redpath. Loise Kosman Gallery
Anne Redpath. Bourne Fine Art Gallery

Reynolds, Alan

Alan Reynolds. The Tate Gallery
Alan Reynolds Pictures. Pic Search
Alan Reynolds Online. Paintings by Alan Reynolds in art museums.
Alan Reynolds. Wikipedia entry.
Alan Reynolds. Annely Juda Fine Art
Alan Reynolds. Artnet

Reynolds, Sir Joshua

Joshua Reynolds. Art museums displaying works by Joshua Reynolds.
Sir Joshua Reynolds. The National Gallery, London.
Sir Joshua Reynolds. Olga’s Gallery
Joshua Reynolds. Wikipedia entry.
Joshua Reynolds. The Wallace Collection, London.
Joshua Reynolds. The Tate Collection
Joshua Reynolds. The Royal Academy of Arts
Joshua Reynolds. The Fitzwilliam Museum, Oxford.

Roberts, William

William Roberts Society (Voritcist movement).

Robinson, Frederick Cayley

Frederick Cayley Robinson. National Gallery, London

Roloz, Zsuzsi

Zsuzsi Roboz. Tate Gallery

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. The Complete Writings and Pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Works displayed in art museuums.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Wikipedia entry.
Dante Gabriele Rossetti The Tate Gallery
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Olga’s Gallery
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Birmingham Museums and Gallery


Sandle, Michael

Michael Sandle, British sculptor.

Sargent, Sir John Singer

Sir John Singer Sargent. Wikipedia
John Singer Sargent virtual gallery.
John Singer Sargent Online
John Singer Sargent. Metropolitan Museum of Art
John Singer Sargent. The Tate Gallery
John Singer Sargent. Wikipedia
John Singer Sargent. The complete works.

Saville, Jenny

Jenny Saville. An exhibition at Modern Art Oxford
Jenny Saville, A review by Brian Sewell.
Jenny Saville. The Guardian review.
Jenny Saville. The Gagosian Gallery
Jenny Saville. The Saatchi Gallery

Seago, Edward

Edward Seago. Artnet
Edward Seago. National Portrait Gallery
Edward Seago Online
Edward Seago. Wikipedia entry.
Edward Seago. Richard Green Gallery

Self, Colin

Colin Self. The Tate Collection

Severn, Joseph

Joseph Severn. Wikipedia entry.

Shawcrass, Conrad

Conrad Shawcross. Saatchi Gallery
Conrad Shawcross, Victoria Miro Gallery
Conrad Shawcross. The Telegraph

Shonibare, Yinka

Yinka Shonibare. James Cohan Gallery
Yinka Shonibare. Wikipedia

Shrigley, David

David Shrigley website.
Stephen Friedman Gallery. David Shrigley
David Shrigley. Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
David Shrigley. Artnet
David Shrigley – Wikipedia
David Shrigley (@davidshrigley) • Instagram photos and videos

Sickert, Walter Richard

Walter Sickert. Wikipedia entry.
Walter Sickert. BBC Your paintings slideshow.
Walter Sickert. The Tate Gallery

Smith, Sir Mathew

Sir Mathew Smith. Art museums displaying works by Sir Mathew Smith.
Sir Mathew Smith. Tate Gallery

Spencer, Sir Stanley

Stanley Spencer online exhibitions.
Stanley Spencer Museum, Cookham.
Stanley Spencer BBC Your Paintings slideshow.
The Stanley Spencer Gallery
Sandham Memorial Chapel
Stanley Spencer. Tate Gallery
Stanley Spencer. Wikipedia entry.


Tabner, Len

Len Tabner, contemporary seascape painter. Artnet

Taylor-Wood, Sam

Sam Taylor-Wood. Artnet
Sam Taylor-Wood. Tate Gallery

Turner, J. M. W.

J M W Turner collection at the Tate Gallery, London.
Turner, J. M.W. On-line gallery (Artchive).
Turner. Art museums displaying works by J M W Turner.
The Turner Society
J M W Turner. Cleveland Museum of Art
J M W Turner. The National Gallery, London.
J M W Turner. The Fitzwilliam Museum
J M W Turner. Victoria and Albert Museum
J M W Turner. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Joseph Mallord Turner. J M Turner’s naval art. Sailing pictures by Turner.


Uwins, Thomas

Thomas Uwins. National Portrait Gallery
Thomas Uwings. UK Government Art Collection
Thomas Uwins. Tate Gallery


Waterhouse, J. W.

J W Waterhouse. The Art of J W Waterhouse
J W Waterhouse. The Tate Collection
John William Waterhouse. Wikipedia entry.

Wallinger, Mark

Mark Wallinger. Hauser Wirth Gallery, London

Watts, George Frederic

George Frederic Watts. Art museums displaying works by J W Waterhouse.
George Frederic Watts. Tate Gallery, London
George Frederick Watts. Courtauld Institute, London
The Watts Gallery, Compton, Surrey.
George Frederick Watts. National Portrait Gallery, London

Whistler, Rex

Rex Whistler. The Tate Gallery
Rex Whistler, Paintings by Rex Whistler in U.K. collections. BBC
Rex Whistler. Wikipedia entry.

Wilson, Richard

Richard Wilson. Works by Richard Wilson on display in art museums.
Richard Wilson. Tate Gallery, London.

Wood, Christopher

 Christopher Wood. The Tate Collection
Christopher Wood. Art Inconnu
Christopher Wood. Wikipedia entry.

Wright, Richard

Richard Wright. Gagosian Gallery
Richard Wright. ArtNet
Richard Wright. Guardian article on Richard Wright.
Richard Wright. Wikipedia

Wright of Derby, Joseph

Joseph Wright of Derby. Art museums displaying works by Joseph Wright of Derby.
Joseph Wright of Derby. Tate Gallery, London.
Joseph Wright of Derby, The National Gallery, London.
Joseph Wright of Derby. Getty Museum
Joseph Wright of Derby. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Joseph Wright of Derby. Liverpool Museums
Joseph Wright of Derby. The Blacksmith’s Shop