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Amateras Art Studio, Sofia
The Art Studio AMATERAS in Sofia, Bulgaria, has the pleasure to launch a series of international paper art events, first in Bulgaria and afterwards for exhibition in other countries.

Bulgarian Fine Arts Gallery
Bulgarian fine arts is an online gallery where you can browse, enjoy and buy art pieces. The gallery contains 2050 artworks by 395 Bulgarian artists and is aimed at promoting modern Bulgarian art.

Exhibitions and events in the visual arts, theatre, music and dance, with audio, video, a virtual gallery, and a bulletin board.

New Media Art Center, based in Sofia, Bulgaria
InterSpace was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization, an artist-run space of profesional artists, curators, web designers and technical experts. Interspace works for the establishment of a social attitude to new media art forms, through the development of alternative means and possibilities of artistic expression in new media technologies.

Triumviratus Art Group
Theatre, video, texts and fine art.

Workshops Bulgaria. A Portable Gallery

Sofia *

National Gallery of Bulgaria
The National Museum of Bulgarian Art is the largest and most respectable institution of its kind in Bulgaria. Over the years, it has established its position as a center for national cultural heritage and values.

Top ten galleries in Sofia, a guide from Culture Trip.

Sofia Art Gallery

National Academy of Art
The National Academy of Art is a symbol of the birth and promotion of art education in Bulgaria. The Academy was founded in 1896 as a State School of Drawing by individuals whose work has been part of the country’s European pride.

Bulgarian artists *

Bulgarian artists, a list from Wikipedia.

Pascin, Jules

Pascin, Jules. Jules Pascin. Wikipedia entry.
Jules Pascin Online
Jules Pascin, Artnet
Jules Pascin. Musée Maillol, Paris.

Roussev, Svetlan

Roussev, Svetlan. Svetlan Roussev