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Artists, photographers and sculptors of Croatia.

Croatian art, history and science.
An overview.

Croatian Cultural Heritage, a digital collection of Croatian cultural heritage.

The culture of Croatia, Wikipedia entry.

The Culture of Croatia, an EU guide.

Museums in Croatia

City Museum Sisak

Vinkovci Museum

Dubrovnik *

Dubrovnik Festival

Museum of Modern Art

Culture news from Croatia.

ZbrdaZdola Web Zine
Music and cultural magazine which writes about all events and persons connected with music, literature, art, literature, media.
Home page of the Republic of Croatia.

Art and culture of Croatia. 
The web portal.

Split *

Gallery of Fine Arts, Split
The Gallery of Fine Arts (Galerija umjetnina), is an art museum containing works from the 14th century up to the present day and providing an overview of the artistic developments in the local art scene.

Ivan Meštrović Gallery
Ivan Meštrović Gallery (Galerija Meštrović), is an art museum dedicated to the work of the 20th-century sculptor, Ivan Meštrović.

Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments

Zagreb *

The Art Pavilion

The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

The Croatian Museum of Naive Art

Museum of Arts and Crafts

Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts

Museums, Galleries and Art Collections. Zagreb Tourist Board