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Cementi Art House and Foundation

Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance

Bali *

Agung Rai Museum of Art

Bali Paradise Online

Bali arts and crafts

The Bali Tourism Board
Events calendar, attractions, drama, music and theatre.


Don Blanco Museum

Museums in Bali

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
Culture and history

Culture of Indonesia
History, people, traditions, women and beliefs.

The Culture &; Religion of Indonesia

Discover Indonesia Online, a tourist portal

Gamelon. American Gamelon Institute

Indonesia and Bali tourist site.

Jakarta *

The Jakarta Biennale

Museums in Jakarta

Museum Macan (Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara)
Explore the Collection. Museum MACAN’s growing collection focuses on modern and contemporary art from Indonesia and around the world. As part of the Museum’s mission, they encourage curiosity, appreciation and research into their holdings.

National Museum of Indonesia

National Gallery of Indonesia

Galleries *

Cemara 6 Galeri

CP Artspace

Nadi Gallery

Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation


Museums *

List of museums and cultural institutions in Indonesia. Wikipedia.

Wikipedia entry on Indonesia.