Iranian arts and culture

Iranian arts: the artists, architecture, museums, archaeology and culture of The Islamic Republic of Iran; contemporary art


Ancient art in Iran, a gallery of images at Wikimedia Commons.

Architecture and archaeology *

Architecture in Iran. 
A index of Iranian architects and Iranian buildings.

Architecture in Iran,
a Multimedia Encyclopedia.

United Iranian Architects of Europe

Memaran, a Persian language online architecture magazine.

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Wikipedia entry on Iranian architecture.

Artist websites and galleries *

Artists from Iran on the internet. 
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

BBC Persian Arts

Iranian artists. Elahe Gallery

Nasr Gallery
Specializing in the works of Arezou Nasr, Shayesteh Rezvani and Mojahed Nasr.

Individual artists *

Armin, Shahla. Shahla Amin.
Paintings by the artist (from Tehran).

Master Abolhassan Khan Sadighi
The life and work of Master Abolhassan Khan Sadighi, sculptor and painter, living from 1894-1995.

Contemporary art *

Iran Pavilion Venice Biennale 2011

Iranian New Art: New Movements in Iranian Contemporary Art

Iranian Contemporary Art Facebook

Iranian artists. Elahe Gallery

10 Contemporary and Modern Iranian Artists You Should Know. The Culture Trip

Iranian modern and contemporary art.

Modern and Contemporary Art in Iran, a Thematic Essay
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Iranian contemporary art at the Chelsea Art Museum

Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization (Wikipedia entry)
An educational and research institution overseeing numerous associated museum complexes throughout Iran. It is administered and funded by the Government of Iran.

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. TMOCA
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art also known as TMoCA, is among the largest art museums in Iran. It has collections of more than 3000 items that include 19th and 20th century’s world-class European and American paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures.


Film in Iran. News, reviews and websites.


History of Persian literature, an article in English.


Iranian artists. Elahe Gallery

Iranian artists on the internet. Museum of Contemporary Iranian Artists

Iranian Heritage Foundation, Britain

The Iranian Online Magazine

Isfahan *

Isfahan Official website

Isfahan Architecture

The Shah Mosque


Museums *

National Museum of Iran

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. TMOCA

Reza Abbasi Museum

Museum of Persepolis, a gallery of artifacts on display. Wikimedia Commons


Nasr Gallery
Specializing in the works of Arezou Nasr, Shayesteh Rezvani and Mojahed Nasr.


Pars Times
An Iranian web portal, with news, sections on Iranian history and  general information on Iran.

Persepolis *

Persepolis. Ancient Persepolis and Ancient Iran

Persepolis. The history of Persepolis.

Persepolis. World Heritage Site

Persia; Ancient Persia *

Persia. Internet Ancient history Sourcebook
The Persian State: Acheamenids (560-330 BCE) , The Persian State: Parthia and Arcsacids (247 BCE-226 CE), The Persian State: Sassanids (224-636 CE), Persian Religions, Art and Architecture.

The Persian Rug Gallery

Iran’s Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN)

Iran Cultural Heritage Organization Documentation Centre

Ancient History Sourcebook: Persia

Persepolis Official website

Persian art, Wikipedia entry.

Oriental Institute Photographic Archives
Nearly 1,000 archaeological photographs of Persepolis and Ancient Persia

Persia. Topography, royal persons.

Farvardyn – An illustrated reference portal about Ancient Persia 

Photography *

Iranian Photography Archive

Reliefs *

Reliefs in Iran, a gallery of images at Wikimedia commons.

Reliefs in Persepolis, a gallery of images at Wikimedia Commons.

Tehran *

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

National Museum of Iran

Carpet Museum of Tehran

Detail of a relief of the eastern stairs of the Apadana at Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid), Iran

An Iranian arts portal.


Shanameh *

Shanameh images.


From Tehran, a bilingual art quarterly.

Tehran *

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 

Arab Museum of Graphic Design

Azar Gallery

Assar Art Gallery

Seyhoun Art Gallery

Shirin Gallery

Theatre *

Iranian Theatre

Venice Biennale Iran Pavilion

Women artists of Iran. BBC.

Zarathrustra, The Persian Prophet

Avesta Zoroastrian Archives

Detail of the left part of the boar hunting scene rock relief at Taq-e Bustan said “Taq-e Bustan V”, carved by Sasanian king Khosrow II showing domestic elephants. Province of Kermanshah, Iran.