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Japanese art websites, magazines, museums, print artists, Ukiyo-e; a guide to websites



Magazines *

A japanese-English contemporary art portal and magazine. ART iT launched in 2003 as a bilingual Japanese-English quarterly print publication, the first of its kind in Japan. From its inception, the magazine’s mission was to link contemporary art events happening in Japan to those taking place elsewhere in the region and around the world.

Tokyo Art Beat
From artists to audiences, galleries to art museums, TAB helps everyone to rediscover the art and design in and around the city.

The Japan Times art pages.

Manga artists. Wikipedia entries.

Museums in Japan *

See also: Japanese Art Museums and Galleries by Region

Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art
Works by artists from Asia, the Americas and Europe who represent the diversity of post-1950 developments in art.

Mori Art Museum
Visual and media arts, design, architecture, and interdisciplinary forms.

Museum of Contemporary Art
Permanent collection and temporary exhibitions of contemporary art from Japan and abroad.

The National Art Center, Tokyo

National Museum of Modern Art
A museum of art from Japan and abroad, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present.

National Museum of Western Art

National Museum of Art, Osaka

National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

Osaka *

Contemporary Art Space Osaka
CASO (or Kaigandori Gallery) is one of the largest rental space for contemporary art in Japan.

National Museum of Art

Osaka e-Art Gallery


Performing arts *

Performing arts. Traditional Performing Arts in Japan

Performing Arts in Japan. Classical Theatre, Modern Drama

The Performing Arts Network of Japan

Photography *

Photographers. Photography in Japan, Japanese photographers.

Photographers. Japanese photographers. 
Wikipedia entries.

Photography in Japan, a guide.

Pop culture *

Animators. Japanese animators. 
Wikipedia entries.

Printmakers *

Japanese printmakers. 
Wikipedia entries.


Tao Drummers. The Kyushu-based Taiko group performing internationally.

Tattoos *

Japanese Tattoo Art

Tokyo art museums *

Tokyo art museums, galleries, artists and arts organizations.


Ukiyo-e (Japanese ‘pictures of the floating world’) *

A Guide to Ukiyo-e Sites on the Internet

German Gallery for ukiyo-e books and prints.

Ukiyo-e in The History of Art

The Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) Project

History of Ukiyoe

The Kuniyoshi Project
A gallery with information on woodcuts. Dedicated to ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Overviews of the Printmaking Process
A detailed description of the stages of printmaking with illustrations.


Video *

Japan Video Topics
A comprehensive view of Japanese culture, society, nature,science and technology.


Webring. Japan Webring

Wood-block prints and artists.


Zen *

Zen Documents and Writings