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"Homage rock 1885" by Hô Ryôn (1809 - 1893) a/k/a So-ch'i and Ma-hil, - Harvard Museums -- Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -Art in Korea; South Korean art, art museums and galleries
A comprehensive directory of South Korean arts websites한국 예술

Dedicated to introducing Korean antique treasures and arts. The site provides an online gallery for visitors to appreciate exquisite works of art and offers art essays to provide resources and in-depth information about Korean arts and crafts. AntiqueAlive was recently selected as a Webby Worthy site by Webby Awards.

Architecture *

The history of Korean architecture. AsianInfo

Korean architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Art history *

Art of the Korean Renaissance, 1400–1600. Heilbrunn Timeline

Korean painting.
Prehistory to the late 19th Century.

Korean artists, news from Korean (New York).

An image gallery of Korean art and craftwork through the ages, from Wikimedia commons,

Artists *

Art’n’about in Korea
Information about art happenings in Korea. Exhibitions, festivals, experimental art and music etc. Links for foreign artists who are living in Korea.

Old master painters from Korea.

Korean Artists
List of major Korean artists and index to where their art can be viewed at art museums worldwide.

Painters from Korea. A list from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia entries on South Korean artists.

Famous Korean artists *

Byun Shi Ji

Byun Shi Ji. Artcyclopedia

Kim Hong-do

Kim Hong-do

Kim Hong-do. Wikipedia





Yun Duseo

Yun Duseo

Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik
Korean-born video and installation artist.

Nam June Paik. The Guggenheim

Nam June Paik | MoMA

Nam June Paik: Global Visionary. Smithsonian American Art Museum

Nam June Paik. 62 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy

Nam June Paik. Wikipedia


The Arts Council of South Korea
Arts Council Korea was established to promote creativity and enjoyment of the arts by supporting diverse arts and cultural activities in Korea.


Cinema *

Korean Film Council

Korean Movie and Database. Han Cinema

Contemporary art *

Visual Arts of South Korea
Directory of annotated links: overview, art history, museums, institutions, organizations, exhibitions, events, art and new media.

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Contemporary art with a focus on introducing a wide range of Korean culture and art styles.

Venice Biennale Korea 2017 pavilion.

Crafts *

Traditional Asian Arts and Crafts Korean Gallery
Traditional Asian arts and crafts from the Korean gallery of Antique Alive. Traditional music, art pieces, porcelain, mother of pearl, paper craft, home décor like table lamps.

South Korean folk art masters.
Master potters, wood sculptors, carpenters; artists of decorative knotting, bamboo blinds; craftsmen of jade sculpture, metal art work, bamboo baskets, paper folding fans, feng shui.


Hahn Cultural Foundation Hwajeong Museum
The Art of the Orient


Gyu Jang Kak, 
a depository of historical documents, at Seoul National University.


Institutions and organizations *

Ministry Of Culture and Tourism
Official website. Introductory texts, information, historical overviews

The Arts Council Korea
Established in 2005, the Arts Council Korea continues the activities and organization of the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation.

The Korea Foundation
The Foundation aims to contribute to better understanding of Korea in the international community by carrying out various exchange activities between the Republic of Korea and foreign countries.

Journals *

Koreana, a quarterly on Korean culture arts


KCAF Art Theater

Korean culture. The Korean Culture Service
Film, galleries,performance arts, library.
A major Korean internet portal.

Korea Infogate
A major English portal site in Korea with information about Korea for foreigners.

Korea Times

Korea Web
A portal for Korean academic studies, art news and publications.



Digital Library of Korea

National Library of Korea


Museums *

Artsonje Center
Multidisciplinary center for contemporary visual arts and film.

Ewha Womans University Museum
Collections of ancient Korean objects: ceramic, pottery, tools, tomb-excavated objects, Buddhist artworks, ceramics (Cheong-ja), wood crafts, calligraphy.

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
Traditional Korean art, modern and contemporary art by Korean and foreign artists.

National Museum of Contemporary Art
Collections and temporary exhibitions of national and international art from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present.

National Museum of Korea
Korean cultural heritage, ancient art from Asia.

Sung-Kok Art Museum


Seoul *

Arko Art Center
Arko Art Gallery (formerly Marronnier Art Gallery) and performance centre.

National Museum of Contemporary Art

National Museum of Korea

Seoul Arts Centre
A large art and cultural center: Opera house, music hall, exhibition hall (Hangaram Art Museum), calligraphy hall (Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum), culture and art information center (Hangaram Design Art Museum).

Seoul Museum of Art (SEMA)
The six main exhibit areas include the main exhibit hall, sculpture exhibit area and a special exhibit area displaying collections of Korea’s modern art. Highlights of the museum include the Cheon Kyung-Ja Hall located on the second floor. Here visitors can view 93 donated paintings such as portraits and still-lifes from 1940 to 1990 by the artist herself.

Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul (ArtSonje).

Sung-Kok Art Museum

Art galleries in Seoul

Arario Gallery
Contemporary art from Korea, Asia and renowned international artists.

Art Centre Nabi
New media in Korea and abroad: art projects, research, educational programs.

Insa Art Space
Exhibition space supporting emerging artists.

Kukje Gallery
Contemporary Korean and international art.

Loop Alternative Space
Independent, non-profit space supporting young artists.

South Korea. Visual arts.
Art History, museums, galleries, events, artists, critics, curators. From Universes in Universe.


Korean - Ten-panel Folding Screen with Scenes of Filial Piety - Walters 35199 - Detail D.jpg
Ten-panel Folding Screen with Scenes of Filial Piety  by Anonymous (Korea) Walters Art Museum