Lithuanian art, artists, art museums and galleries

Lithuanian art, artists, art museums and galleries; a guide to websites

Art galleries *

Arka Gallery

Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

Art Museum of Lithuania

Artists *

Artists of Lithuania. Artcyclopedia

Macedonian painters. Wikipedia entries

Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

Contemporary Lithuanian artists. Art Database. A Lithuanian culture site and Lithuanian art database.

Lithuanian Artists Association

Lithuanian artists, a list of Wikipedia entries, listed under category.

Famous Lithuanian artists *

Brenner, Victor David

Victor David Brenner. Musee d-Orsay, Paris

Elpida, Hadzi-Vasileva

Hadzi-Vasileva, Elpida

Lipchitz, Jacques

Lipchitz, Jacques. Art museums displaying works by Lipchitz.

Jacques Lipchitz. Tate Gallery

Jacques Lipchitz. Marlborough Gallery, London

Jacques Lipschitz. MOMA

Jacques Lipchitz. Wikipedia entry.

Mekas, Jonas

Jonas Mekas, Wikipedia entry.

The Jonas Mekas website.

Soutine, Chaim

Chaim Soutine. Art museums.

Chaim Soutine. MOMA

Chaim Soutine. Art Institute of Chicago


Gallery Menų Dirbtuves
The gallery is located in the Old town of  Vilnius, Liejyklos 4. At the gallery you can see and buy paintings by the owner, Birutė Nomeda, who ahs his design studio there as well.

Ministry of Culture. Visual arts, theatre, film, music, libraries.

Museums and art galleries in Lithuania *

Museums in Lithuania, a calender of events and exhibitions.
Lietuvos dailės muziejaus aktualijos

M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum
Established in 1921, the M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art has turned into one of the oldest and largest art museums in Lithuania. The primary mission of the museum today is to encourage the understanding of cultural and artistic processes by collecting, protecting, studying the M. K. Čiurlionis collection, together with Lithuanian and worldwide art.

Lithuanian Art Museum
The Lithuanian Art Museum  in Vilnius houses Lithuania’s largest art collection.

Europos Parkas
Europas Parkas in a 50-hectare open-air modern and contemporary art museum 17 km from Vilnius.

Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre
The Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (Lithuanian: Jono Meko Vizualiųjų Menų Centras) is an avant-garde arts centre in Vilnius.

Museums of Lithuania, a searchable directory.

The Modern Art centre (Modernaus Meno Centra)
The Modern Art Center seeks to assemble a representative collection of Lithuanian modern and contemporary visual art created from 1960 onwards and to make this collection accessible to the broader public.

The Modern Art Centre Google Art Project online gallery.

Grūtas Parkas
Grūtas Park (unofficially known as Stalin’s World) is a sculpture garden of Soviet-era statues and an exposition of other Soviet ideological relics from the times of the Lithuanian SSR.

National Library of Lithuania

National Museum of Lithuania

Art Museum of Lithuania

The Nida Art Colony
The overall objective of the NAC project is to improve the quality of art and design education in Lithuania and to implement innovations in the field of art education by promoting international cooperation. By launching the Nida Artist-in-residence Programme NAC also aims to create favourable conditions for creative contemporary art practices.

Panevėžys *

Panevėžya cultural events and places guide.

Vilnius *

Art galleries in Vilnius, a directory from Art Baltica.

The Vilnius Tourist Information Centre

Art Museum of Lithuania

Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre
Jonas Mekas on the arts centre: “It should be a place for living, working artists, working in film, video, computer, mixed media fields from all over the world, to present their works. It should also be a center, a place to present retrospectives and surveys of works of artists, working in the above mentioned fields, from the past. It should carry the flag of the avant-gardes of all of the arts“

Museums in Vilnius, a directory.

Arka Gallery (Galerija ARKA)

Contemporary Art centre (CAC)
The Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) is the largest venue for contemporary art in the Baltic States, with an exhibition space of 2400 square meters. The CAC is committed to developing a broad range of international and Lithuanian exhibition projects as well as presenting a wide range of public programmes including lectures, seminars, performances, film and video screenings, and live new music events.

Museum of the Radvilas Palace

Panevėžys Art Gallery

Vilnius Academy of Art

Vilnius Graphic Art Centre

Vilnius Picture Gallery