New Zealand gardens, garden art

New Zealand Gardens and Landscape Architecture

A directory of New Zealand garden and garden design websites


Alfresco Magazine
Pacific garden design, landscaping, gardening, outdoor living.

Auckland gardens *

Gardens to Visit in Auckland, a directory.

The Ayrlies Garden

Eden Gardens.
Discover this peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Auckland.

Gardens To Visit in New Zealand
On this site you will find formal gardens, tropical gardens, native gardens,
vegetable gardens, potager gardens and many other designs.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Auckland Garden DesignFest

Zealandia Sculpture Garden, Warkworth.

Great Auckland gardens. Localist

Heroic Gardens, an Auckland summer garden festival.

A New Zealand resource for gardeners. A-Z index, ideas, plants, events, garden finder, photographs, children’s page. 


Cascade Fountain Gardens, Tauranga.

Christchurch *

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Directories of gardens *

Gardens To Visit in New Zealand
On this site you will find formal gardens, tropical gardens, native gardens,
vegetable gardens, potager gardens and many other designs.

New Zealand Gardens Trust/Find a Garden
The New Zealand Gardens Trust ‘Find a Garden’  website, a
comprehensive source of New Zealand gardens open to the public.


Efil Doog Garden, Wellington.
An art garden for the garden hobbyist or professional plants person.

Ellerslie Flower Show, Christchurch.
New Zealand’s major gardening exhibition. 


Feng Shui. The Fen Shui Institute of New Zealand (FSINZ).

Floral Art Mall
Tips, information and lessons on floral art.

Floral Art Society of New Zealand



Garden and Artfest, Tauranga.

Garden Design
A garden design information site.

A gardening ezine, with gardening tips, events, sites, styles, clubs and societies, gardening supplies. 


Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival
A summer arts festival held in the magnificant settings within the Hamilton Gardens. Their programme includes: theatre, music, pantomime, Shakespeare, major concerts, emerging artists, visual art and more.

Heroic Gardens, an Auckland summer garden festival. 


Landscape design *

a web directory for the landscape industry. It also has resource pages for the public as well as a nationwide directory of everything to do with landscaping ? from designers, to architects, contractors, and suppliers.

Isthmus a New Zealand-based design practice with an international profile in executing award-winning landscape architecture, urban design and landscape planning. They are a design-focused, collaborative and innovative team with offices in Auckland, Tauranga and Wellington.

Magazines *

NZ House & Garden

NZ Gardener Magazine

Weekend Gardner


New Zealand Gardens Online
New Zealand gardens to visit, articles, photographs.

Ngatea Water Gardens, Ngatea (1 hour from Auckland). 
Picturesque gardens amongst the free-ranging birds, fountains, waterwheels, waterfalls and vast variety of plantlife. Pass through themed gardens, including a castle setting with King Arthur’s sword in a stone, and an old farmyard complete with a barn surrounded by vintage machinery.

Nursery and Garden Association, New Zealand. 


Photographs of New Zealand gardens. 
New Zealand Gardens Online 

Queenstown *

Garden Tours Queenstown New Zealand 
A personalised, fun and informative Queenstown sightseeing tour visiting a variety of country residential gardens in and around Queenstown NZ. Daily departures during spring and summer.


Rosarosam. New Zealand rose gardens.

Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture (RNZIH)
Image galleries of New Zealand plants. 


Tauranga Garden and Art Fest
Over 80 of the Bay of Plenty’s finest gardens providing the stunning backdrop for works of art.

Te Whau Garden, Waiheke Island, Auckland.
One hundred pieces of art and sculpture on display at the garden gallery forest walk, at the property of Lance and Kay Peterson.

Trotts Garden, Canterbury. 
Trott’s Garden was recently awarded the prestigious “Award of Garden Excellence” by the Canterbury Horticultural Society, for gardens considered to be outstanding for their horticultural value in plant material, cultivation, design, construction, and maintenance. Woodland, bog and formal gardens.


Botanic Gardens, Wellington City Council


Zealandia Sculpture Garden, Warkworth.