New Zealand sculpture, NZ sculptors

New Zealand sculpture and sculptors
A guide to NZ sculpture websites, sculpture gardens

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New Zealand Sculpture on Shore, 
a biennial outdoor sculpture exhibition showing work by over 100 New Zealand artists. Fort Takapuna Historic Reserve, Devonport, Auckland.

Auckland Art Gallery – search the sculpture collection.


Askin, Trevor

Bronze sculptures by Trevor J Askin. 
Figurative, abstract sculptures. Birds, mammals and people.

Auckland outdoor public sculptures *

Auckland Domain Sculpture Walk


Baynes, Gary

Gary Baynes, 
based in Christchurch, creates an eclectic mix of engineered artwork in metal, inspired by the art and sculpture of Peru.

Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, Mahurangi, Auckland.

Bronze casting *

Bodyscape media release.
This recently published art manual demystifies the bronze casting process and makes it easily achievable by anyone. The book is targeted to everyone with an interest in metal casting: sculptors, ceramicists, glass artists, wood carvers, furniture and classical boat restorers, DIY enthusiasts, art students, craft people, model makers, jewellers and goldsmiths and any creative person wanting to expand their skills and knowledge.

Browne, Anna

Anna Browne
is a contemporary New Zealand artist working with recycled synthetic materials and hand craft techniques. Anna lives in Piha, Auckland.

Brunton, Paul

Paul Brunton
Through that joy of recognition Paul Brunton hopes to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of our world and especially its creatures, which we have the power to protect and nurture. His works are influenced particularly by New Zealand, but also by exposure to many different cultures in his travels.

Bunkley, Brit

Brit Bunkley, an artist statement.


Connells Bay Sculpture Park, Waiheke Island, Auckland.

Cornish, Brownwynne

Bronwynne Cornish. Avid Gallery

Bronwynne Cornish. Masterworks Gallery

Bronwynne Cornish. A profile in Art News Magazine


Dawson, Neil

Dawson, Neil. A Neil Dawson website.Neil Dawson. WWAR

Dibble, Paul

Paul Dibble. Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland.

Paul Dibble. The London MemorialPaul Dibble. Page Blackie Gallery

Paul Dibble. Gallery33, Wanaka.

Paul Dibble, an interview on TVNZ.

Driver, Don

Don Driver. Auckland City Art Gallery

Duhamel, Oliver

Olivier Duchamel
Sculptures and drawings by Olivier Duhamel.  Sculptures in bronze. Nudes and portraits. Waiheke Island, Auckland.

Duval-Smith, Nick

Nick Duval-Smith’s web gallery.
Sculptures on Oamaru stone, Mano hand-held sculptures in bronze and aluminium, drawings.


Edgar, John Edgar

Edgar, John Edgar. The John Edgar website.


Farrell, Michelle

Michelle Farrell
Contemporary figurative sculpture by Michelle Farrell, Auckland.Movement, minimalistic form, lightness and energy are features of her work. Humour, as well as harmonic connections with nature are often depicted. Bronze & mixed media.

Foster, Ben

Ben Foster
Fine art sculpture by New Zealand Artist Ben Foster. Since graduating in 2006 Foster has received numerous commissions, with public works in Auckland, Christchurch and Kaikoura.


Hall, Rhys

Rhys Hall
Original works in stone from the West Coast of New Zealand, by Rhys Hall.

Hall, Stephen

Hall, Stephen (aka Rhan). Garden and sacred sculptures.


Hawker, Sue

Sue Hawker, glass artist.
Sue Hawker produces distinctive glass sculpture using various techniques. She originally used Gaffer crystal glass for her cast glass sculptures before progressing to cut plate glass, and is currently working on combinations of the two. Sue lives at Kerikeri in the Bay Of Islands, Northland.


Jefferies, Lyndal

Lyndal Jefferies. Absolute Arts

Lyndal Jefferies. The Physics Room


Killoran, Ruth

Ruth Killoran. Stone art. Stone Grooves
StoneGrooves was formed by Ruth to create original sculptures from New Zealand stone. Ruth works from her home studio on the lower slopes of the Port Hills in Christchurch.

Kitts, Lauren

Lauren Kitts. Outdoor sculpture.

KiwiArtz, Aotearoa New Zealand. An online art gallery. 
Original works of art by Aotearoa New Zealand Artists: sculpture, jewelry, hand blown glass, ceramics, wood, fibre, and Maori and Pacific Island Art.

Kregar, Gregor

The Gregor Kregar homepage.


Lyon, Shona

Shona Lyron
Powerful and sometimes shocking bronze figures created by Shona Lyon. Her work is created using the principles of sacred geometry and the classical French sculpture techniques introduced to her by Martine Vaugel, an internationally acclaimed sculptor. 


Maluschnig, Ernie

Ernie Maluschnig
Sculptural works by Ernie Maluschnig at Metalworks Wanaka.


Matahapihi is a window onto the online collections of a number of New Zealand cultural organisations. Matapihi lets you search across the digital collections of different New Zealand organisations from one website. On launch, the service contained around 60,000 records. The collection includes sculpture and some 3-d virtual museum objects, as well as a small number of sound files, textual items and moving images.


Nash, Garry

Nash, Garry. Garry Nash. Glass sculpture by Garry Nash.

New Zealand Sculpture on the Shore, 
a biennial outdoor sculpture exhibition showing work by over 100 New Zealand artists.Fort Takapuna Historic Reserve, Devonport, Auckland.


O’Loughlin, Alan

O’Loughlin, Alan. Alan O’Loughlin
Allan is a talented sculptor and fitter welder who has adapted his trade and artistic flair to create sculptures of steel. Allan lives in Canterbury.

Onnz, Rob

Onnz, Rob. Rob Onnz
Sculptures in steel plate centred around New Zealand themes, by Rob Onnz, Whangaparoa, Auckland.


Otago Sculpture Trust
The Otago Sculpture Trust was established in 2002 by a group of practicing sculptors with a general aim of fostering and developing sculptural practice across Otago and beyond.

Page, Richard

Page, Richard. Richard Page
Richard Page works mostly with the a locally (Raglan NZ) sourced volcanic rock called Basalt, and with this material he creates geometric shapes which connect in some way or another to all things aquatic. Through his studies of seashells he came across ‘the golden section’ and this sacred geometry inspires his work.


Ransom, Megan

Ransom, Megan
Megan Ransom lives in Wellington, producing bronze sculptures. A small team work alongside her to help produce the sculptures that are being exhibited in some of the country’s top galleries.

Rusholme, Martin

Rusholme, Martin.  Martin Rusholme
Oamaru stone sculptures by Martin Rusholme. Panel, freestanding and candlestone sculptures centred around themes of nature, the spirit and New Zealand.


Sculpture parks in New Zealand *

Auckland Domain Sculpture Walk

Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, Mahurangi, Auckland

Connells Bay Sculpture Park, Waiheke Island, Auckland
A park of contemporary New Zealand sculptures including works by Chris Booth, Neil Dawson, Paul Dibble, Fatu Feu’u, Christine Hellyar, Virginia King, Phil Price, Richard Thompson and Jeff Thomson. Created by John and Jo Gow.

Gibbs Farm
Gibbs Farm sculpture park is home to a series of major site specific artworks commissioned from some of the world’s most significant artists. Kaipara Coast Hwy, Makarau 0984

Headland Sculpture on the Gulf, Auckland

Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens

Sculpture on the Gulf
The Waiheke Community Art Gallery is proud to present Sculpture on the Gulf. A biennial outdoor sculpture exhibition placed on a two kilometre long public walkway at Matiatia Harbour, the gateway to Waiheke Island.

Harbourview Sculpture Trail
Harbourview Sculpture Trail has been set up by Te Atatu Business Association to create an exciting outdoor art event where artists will display their sculptural. The sculpture trail is located at the southern end of Harbourview Peoples Park, on Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula with stunning views across the harbour to Auckland City, the Harbour Bridge and to Rangitoto Island beyond.

Sculptureum, Matakana, Auckland

Waitakaruru Arboretum and Sculpture Park
Carved into a Waikato hillside, this derelict quarry has been transformed into a 42-acre garden and arboretum. Planting, which started in 1991, has been designed to use and enhance the landscape of rocky outcrops, ponds, flowing water, and broad vistas toward distant hills. The garden provides a setting for exhibitions of sculpture based upon charity fundraising shows.

Schools *

Sculpture Classes, Botany Pottery Studio, Auckland.
Sculpture Classes. These classes are ideal for both novice and more advanced
artists. The class will explore the variety of hand-building techniques used in sculpture.

Smith, Lyndon

Lyndon Smith
Lyndon Smith’s bronze Mother and Children sculpture in the Hall of Memories in the National War Memorial and Carillon, Wellington.

Stringer, Terry

Terry Stringer. Zealandia Sculpture Garden, Auckland.

Terry Stringer. Te Papa

Terry Stringer. Milford Galleries

Terry Stringer. An article in Art New Zraland.

Szirmay, Marté

Marté Szirmay

Marté Szirmay
ArtFind images of works by Marte Szirmay.

Marte Szirmay
Artfind; an image gallery.


Turner, Johnny

Johnny Turner. Sculpture by Johnny Turner
The portfolio of the New Zealand-based stone sculptor’s abstract pieces in granite, basalt and marble.

Johnny Turner
Milford Galleries Queenstown


Umaria, Sam

Sam Umaria
Sculpture by Sam Umaria.


Waiheke Island outdoor sculpture exhibition.

Wellington *

Wellington Sculpture Trust
The Wellington Sculpture Trust commissions sculpture for public spaces to enhance the urban environment and to support the creative arts in New Zealand. It was established in 1982 to raise funds for Tanya Ashken’s Albatross and to commission additional works for Wellington.

Wellington Sculpture Tours
6 guided tours of outdoor sculptures in Wellington.

Wheeler, Jim

Jim Wheeler, an entry in the Big Idea database.

Wild Bronze
Dedicated to the fine art of bronze wildlife sculptures, Susan Brauchli, and Matthew Brauchli, based in the Bay of Plenty, are two of New Zealand’s up and coming bronze artists.

Woolley, Jo

Jo Woolley
Sculpture in Oamaru stone, schist, concrete and metal by Jo Woolley of Living Art.