New Zealand film crews, personnel and casting, a list of websites

Provides a complete directory of production companies, facilities and people in the New Zealand Film and Television Industry. Make-up. production, sound, promotion, lighting, cinematography, etc.

The Casting Section
provides a complete directory of all the actors, models, extras and stuntpeople in the New Zealand film and television Industry. Actors’ agents, casting directors.

The freelance directory of top TV crews in New Zealand.

Love Your Grip 
One of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of grip and camera support equipment and crews. Bring their 26 years’ experience to your film set.

3rd Party Productions
Third Party Productions lurched into fulltime life as an independent television production company dedicated to making creative documentaries and arts programmes.

Filmcrew Services
A total booking service for New Zealand film and video industry locations, providing crew, catering and producers.

Screen Hub
Screen Hub lists all the jobs, news and events for people working in the film and television industries.

Filmic is a video production company based in Wellington. Video productions for business, band and club use. Services include commercials, music videos, training videos, post production and authoring and more.

Fisheye Film and Television
Film and television production and film crews.

Rocket Rentals
Supply rental broadcast quality video camera equipment and crew to New Zealand film, television, and video productions.