New Zealand film organizations

New Zealand film organizations

New Zealand Federation of Film Societies
As a largely voluntary organisation the Film Society plays an important role in bringing a variety of international cinema to this country’s screens. With no two Societies offering exactly the same programme, local screenings are drawn from the Film Society’s own extensive collection, in conjunction with a selection of the exciting titles freshly imported this year.

National Film Archive
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision is New Zealand’s moving image and sound archive. They are an independent charitable trust. Their purpose is to collect, share and care for New Zealand’s audiovisual taonga.

New Zealand Film Commission
New Zealand government funding for films. List of New Zealand film directors, film archives, locations, administration, finance.

New Zealand Film Festival
New Zealand’s international film festival.

New Zealand Films on Tape and DVD
Locate information regarding New Zealand Feature Film titles (+ four featurettes) that can be found on VHS video (NTSC and PAL), as well as DVD discs. Alphabetical and chronological lists of New Zealand film titles avialbale on tape and DVD, with a section on New Zealand film soundtracks.

New Zealand Film and Video Technicians Guild
A forum for film and video technicians and allied crafts people.

New Zealand Writers Guild