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About Romania
Information about Romanian art, culture, museums, collections, art galleries, exhibitions, artists, libraries, Romanian literature, dance, theatre and opera.

Xenon Observer
Ziar online al Romanilor din Grecia

Archaeology *

Institutul de Memorie Culturală
Poarta către patrimoniul cultural românesc

Architecture *

Virtual Museum of Traditional Architecture in the Romanian Open Air, an on-line national database.

Saschiz Saxon village, Transylvania

Art galleries in Romania.

Art museums *

Arad Art Museum (Complexul Muzeal Arad)

Brasov Art Museum

Cotroceni Palace & Museum (Muzeul National Cotroceni)
Bucharest  History & Art Museum

National Art Museum

National Museum of Contemporary Art

Theodor Pallady Museum (Muzeul Theodor Pallady)

Cluj Napoca National Art Museum

Iasi Art Museum

Brukenthal Museum

Emil Sigerus Saxon Ethnographic Museum

ASTRA Open Air Museum 
Maramures Ethnographic Museum (Muzeul de Etnografie al Maramuresului) Bucovina Ethnographic Museum (Muzeul de Etnografie Hanul Domnesc)

Timisoara Art Museum

Artists *

Gallerya Ro
An index of Romanian artists, art exhibitions and art galleries.

Romanian works of art in art museums.

Arts and Crafts of  Romania
A site from The Romanian National Tourist Office.

A list of Romanian painters, from Wikipedia.

The Romania Art Gallery
An online image gallery including works by Romanian artists.

Wikipedia entries n Romanian artists.

Young Romanian Art
Young Romanian Art was Mircea Nicolae’s residency project at the Romanian
Cultural Institute in Venice.

Artists and writers in Romania.
Links to websites.

Famous Romanian artists *

Radu Aftenie,
a Romanian sculptor of monuments dedicated, in the past, to historical and cultural heroes of Romania and, in the present, in an abstract manner, to the higher values and aspirations of mankind. He has populated numerous sculpture parks in Romania with impressive stone, marble and bronze constructions.

Avigdor Arikha
The National Portrait Gallery
Avigdor Arika

Brancusi, Constantin. Works by Brancusi in art museums.
Constantin Brancusi. Tate Gallery, London

Victor Brauner
The Guggenheim, New York
Victor Brauner
Victor Brauner

Adrian Ghenie. Pace Gallery
Adrian Ghenie. Tim Van Laere Gallery
Adrian Ghenie. Venice Biennale. Darwin’s Room
Adrian Ghenie. Art News. Venice Biannale
Adrian Ghenie. Wikipedia entry.

Daniel Spoerri
Tate Gallery

Nicolae Grigorescu
One of the founders of Romanian painting. Wikipedia

Saul Steinberg
Saul Steinberg

Bucharest *

Bucharest official travel and tourist information.

Museums in Bucharest and Romania.

National Museum of Contemporary Art


Pavilion Unicredit

European Art Gallery

Elite Art Gallery

Galeria Orizont

Art Yourself Gallery


Contemporary Romanian art *

Contemporary Romanian artists. 
Romania Online

Contemporary Romanian artists.
A list from Wikipedia.

National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest

Gallery Without Walls
Contemporary Romanian art.

Crafts from Romania.
Global Artisan Showcase


Exploring Romania, a tour guide.

Festivals *

Icon Arts
The International Contemporary Arts Academy Festival in Sibiu/Romania and Rome/Italy.
Since 2002 The ICon Arts Academia summer classes organized in Sibiu (Romania) have gained a solid reputation for their exceptional teachers.


Folk art. The Romanian Folk Art Museum
A broad collection of Romanian folklore artifacts. Located in Philadelphia.


Gallery Without Walls
Contemporary Romanian art.


Institutul de Memorie Culturală
Poarta către patrimoniul cultural românesc

Institutul Cultural Roman/The Romanian Cultural Institute
Events, exhibitions, courses.

Museums, art museums *

Museums in Romania, a website directory from The WWW Virtual Library.

Museums, galleries, artists, crafts, music in Romania.

Brukenthal Museum

Romanian National Museum of History, Bucharest

The Art Museum of Ploiesti City

The National Art Museum of Romania

The National Museum of Art of Romania
The National Museum of Art of Romania hosts three art galleries: The European Art Gallery, the Romanian Medieval Art Gallery and the Romanian Modern Art Gallery.

National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest

Music in Romania
A Romanian music directory.


National Library of Romania

National Theatre of Bucharest/Biblioteca Nationala a Romaniei

The National Museum of Art of Romania


Romanian writers, artists and sculptors in exile.


Sibiu *

Brukenthal Museum

University of Bucharest

Wikipedia entries for Romania.

Transylvania *

The Mihai Eminescu Trust
The Saxon villages of Transylvania. These villages – farmers’ houses and barns built around fortified churches, substantially unchanged since the Middle Ages – lie in spectacularly beautiful surroundings.

Saschiz Saxon village, Transylvania