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Slovenia’s information gateway.

Art of Slovenia, Wikipedia entry.

An online arts magazine. Abstraktno mišljenje. Filozofsko zrno. Fotografija. Naivna metafizika. Sodobna umetnost.

Gallery Carnia

Maribor Art Gallery
With its collection of more than 5,000 art works by Slovenian authors from the end of the 19th century up to present, UGM is one of the main museums for modern and contemporary art in Slovenia. Painting, sculpture and prints are joined by photographs, video art, multimedia installations and interactive art projects.

Ljubljana *

A guide to events and attractions in Ljubljana
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Museum of Modern Art (MG+MSUM)
Moderna galerija houses the national collection of 20th century Slovene art (paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings as well as photography, video and electronic media collections) and a collection of works from the former Yugoslavia. The national collection presents the basic stages in the development of the Slovene tradition of modern and contemporary art from the beginning of the 20th century onwards. Moderna galerija does not regard its collections as rigidly separated fields; it rather links and combines them in dynamic ways.

Historical archives Ljubljana. Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana.

Mladina Online
An online culture magazine.

Mladinsko Theatre

Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana

Narodna Galerija (National Gallery of Slovenia)

National Gallery of Slovenia

National Museum of Slovenia

Aksioma Gallery 
The gallery is part of the Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art in Ljubljana.

Jakopič Gallery
An underground gallery of contemporary art in Ljubljana’s city center, and is managed by the City Museum of Ljubljana (MGML).

Alkatraz Gallery
An alternative gallery in the cultural Metelkova art quarter.

Galerija Škuc 

City Gallery Ljubljana Culture Portal

Artists *

A list of Slovenian artists, from Wikipedia.