Literature genres

Special literature genres and periods, an alphabetical index

Festivals and events

See: Literary festivals and events

Figures of speech, literary terms, literary style

See: Grammar, a guide to websites.

Folk Tales, Legends, Fables


Gay Literature *

Gay London Writers

Isle of Lesbos: Lesbian Poetry
An extensive selection of lesbian poetry.

Lambda Literary Foundation

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Literature
Wikipedia entry.

Russian Gay Literature

Gothic literature *

See: Horror Literature

Gothic Literature Page
Devoted to study of the Gothic fiction in England from 1764 to 1840, The Gothic Literature Page is intended to provide students and scholars of the Gothic novel access to the growing number of Gothic resources available on the web.

Literary Gothic.
Links to 19th Century and 20th century authors, titles, resources.


See: Grammar and Language

Graves of writers *

Graves of famous writers. Pictures from Find a Grave.
‘Where anybody who was anybody is buried.’


Holocaust Literature *

Literature of the holocaust. Yad Vashem
Holocaust Memorial Museum

Anne Frank online.
Exhibits, diary extracts, life and times.

Horror Literature

See: Horror Literature


Humour Pages. Humorous Literature


Libraries, literary etext libraries

See: Arts Libraries, Archives

American Libraries Association Great Books Online

The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University
The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center is the repository for individuals in the fields of literature, criticism, journalism, drama, music, film, civil rights, diplomacy and national affairs. Although contemporary public figures is the specialty of the Center, there are substantial holdings of earlier historical documents and over 140,000 rare books.

Libraries. The Internet Public Library
Literary criticism, literature resources.

Linguistics, a guide to websites.

Literary theory

See: Theory, semiotics, theoreticians

A directory of published author’s official homepages.

Live texts, classics e-texts.


See: Manuscripts, rare books; a guide to websites

Library of Congress Manuscript Reading Room. Online exhibits, resources.

Medieval literature *

Medieval literature websites.

Florilegium Archive
A general-interest page for those interested in the SCA and the European Middle Ages and Renaissance. A collection of various messages having a common theme collected from readings of various computer networks.

The Modern Word
A site devoted to exploring twentieth-century experimental literature. Pages on James Joyce.

Modern / Contemporary English and American literature

See: Modern and early twentieth-century literature

Mystics/mystic writings *

See also: Religious Literature

Julian of Norwich

Saints. Writings of the Christian saints.

Women and the Bible. Umilta
Women mystics, pilgrims, women saints. Helena, Birgitta of Sweden, Catherine of Siena, Mother Theresa. Margery Kempe, Chiara Gambacorta, Francesca Romana. A website with extensive links to sites dealing with women mystics and saints.