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Articles on tattooing, from

Tattoos. The Guardian

Tattoos. The New York Times

Latest tattoos articles. Chronicle

How Tattoos Went From Subculture to Pop Culture. HuffPost

How Tattoos Are Entering the World of Fine Art. The Atlantic


Tattoo Shops Melbourne
This website is a directory of the most talented tattoo parlours in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.


Aztec tattoos from


The Bead Ring. A Tattoo art webring.

Bad Tattoos. The worst tattoos in the world.

Blogs *

Tattoo Blog
A gateway to the world of Tattoos and skin art. A friendly online tattoo community which provides its members with the very best in tattoo related help.

Bob Baxter’s Blog
Mr. Roadtripperwrites on all things tattoo-related.

Five W’s Tattoos Blog

Off the Map Tattoo



A Forum for Tattooed People

Graphic Body Tattoo
A blog with information about body tattoos, tattoo ideas, tattoo removal for the tattoo newbie or body tattoo enthusiast.

Iinkedblog takes you beneath the skin of today’s tattoo culture.

Needles and Sins Tattoo Blog
A weblog focusing on tattoos, tattoo culture, music, art, books and more.


20 Tattoo blogs you must read.
New Look Houston

Tattoo Blogs-Tattoo Forums
The best tattoo blogs and body art forums on the internet. Interesting blogging about tattooing and the art and talent involved.

TH Tattoo, a Romanian blog.

Infinite Tattoos Blog

A Tattooed Blog by Noel Boyd. LiveInk
Connect, explore and share over 1 million tattoo designs, photographs, artworks, meanings, stories and more.

Needles and Sins Tattoo Blog Tattoos Day
Writing about Tattoo work in the New York City area.

TattoosOn: The Tattoo Social Networking Website
The Place for Tattoo Lovers, Tattoo Artists, Tattoo Galleries etc.

Body painting, body art *

Body painting web directory, by Sentai.

Body Paint magazine.

Body Painting Web Ring

World Body Painting Association


Celebrity tattoos

Celebrity tattoos. Every


Celtic Tattoo Art, a site by Pat Fish.


90+ Chinese tattoo symbols with images and meanings

Best 25+ Chinese tattoos ideas on Pinterest

Chinese Tattoo Symbols. 300 Most Popular Characters

Conventions *

Auckland International Tattoo Convention

Celebration of Body Art

Amsterdam Tattoo Convention

Conventions, a web list from U.S. and international websites.

The London International Tattoo Convention

The Moscow Body Art Festival

Sydney Bodyart and Tattoo Expo

Berlin Tattoo Convention


Celtic cross tattoos.

Cross tattoos. Tattoo Finder


Designs, designers, artists *

Designs and pictures. Tattoos by Design (U.K.) Deviant Art database of tattoo designs

Free Tattoo Designs. Star Tattoos, Tribal, Cross, Butterfly
Over 8000 free tattoo designs.

The Top 50 Most Popular Tattoo Designs

Tattoos and Art



Tattoo Ideas


Tattoos, body art
Every Tattoo Magazine

J. D. Crowe’s Tattoo Art
Tattoo Art has been producing high quality tattoo designs for professional tattoo artists for over twenty years.

Tattoo Design Gallery

Tattoo Art: The World’s Most Popular Designs
Flash, books and a section dedicated to vector art designs.

Tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, tattoo designs, cross tattoos, flower tattoos, lower back tattoos, butterfly tattoos…

Tattoo is a free professional and social networking community for Tattoos.

Tribal, Celtic, tattoo designs, cross, flower, lower back, butterfly, sun…

Tattoo Johnny
A large collection of free, downloadable tattoos.

Directories *

Connect, explore and share over 1 million tattoo designs, photographs, artworks, meanings, stories and more.
A major internet portal.

Free Tattoo Designs and Patterns. Tattoos and
Butterfly tattoos, Fairy, Lower Back, Girl Tattoos, Tribal, Star, Cross tattoos and more.

Artelino: The Magic of Art
Introduction and background on Japanese tattoo art with reference to tattoo images in Japanese prints.

Tattoos worn by historical figures and modern day celebrities.

Images, artwork, equipment information, artist and studio listing and links.

The Tattoo Convention Calendar
A ‘Top 50’ list of events, detailed information on various events with photographs, reviews, and jury details.

Vanishing Tattoo
Image galleries, meanings of popular designs and symbols, lists of celebrity tattoos, historical information and contests.

Dragon Tattoos, UK.



Flash. Every

Flash Tattoos
featuring flash tattoos by Edward Lee, Guy Aitchison & top flash artists worldwide.

Female tattoos

Female Tattoos
Tattoos that are feminine in design, and are usually favored by women or girls.


History * Tatto web portal.

History of Hawaiian and Polynesian tattooing.

History of tattooing.

Tattoo Archive
C.W. (Chuck) Eldridge’s site has good tattoo history information.
A weblog focusing on tattoos and tattoo culture.

The Vanishing Tattoo
An epic quest around the world in search of the last authentic tribal tattoos.

History of Tattoos



Japan *

Japanese Tattoo Art

Artelino: The Magic of Art
Introduction and background on Japanese tattoo art with reference to tattoo images in Japanese prints.

An apprentice of Horiyoshi III. Images, links, and writings.

Japan Tattoo Art
Images, artwork, equipment information, artist and studio listing and links.

Horitaka. The Horiyoshi Family

Journals and blogs *

BME: Body Modification Ezine

Body Paint Magazine
Convention and event listings, ordering information, resources and contact information.

Body Play Magazine

Every Tattoo Magazine

Ink Brothers
Articles, artist of the month, piercing galleries, tattoos, scarification and branding, as well as a message board and submission instructions.


International Tattoo Art Magazine

Machinegun Magazine
A forum for the exchange and discussion of ideas about tattooing and the equipment used.

Modified Mind

My Tattoo Ink

Skin and Ink
Includes a listing of studios and artist from around the world, reader’s photographs, past issues, historical information on the art form, image galleries and subscription information.

Tattoo Life

Bella Online. Tattoos for women.

Skin Deep and Skin Shots Tattoo Magazines

Body Modification Ezine. BMEZINE

Every Tattoo

International Tattoo Magazine

Tattoo Life, a major tattoo internet portal.

Tattoos Down Under (AUS)


Connect, explore and share over 1 million tattoo designs, photographs, artworks, meanings, stories and more.


Maori *

See: Maori and Polynesian tattoos

Museums *

The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

Maritime museums around the world – a directory.

Mariners’ Museum, Newport, Virginia

National Maritime Museum, London

Tattoos Pictures Museum, an image gallery.


National Geographic Magazine tattoo and body-piercing gallery.

New Zealand *

Tattoo Gallery, Tattoos. PowerHouse Tattoo Studio, New Zealand.

New Zealand Tattoo

New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival

Monique’s Euro Tattoo Studio New Zealand

Electric Ink Tattoo Studio & Wicked Art Body Piercing, Levin.

Powerhouse Tattoo Studio


Photo galleries

Tattoo Artists, a Tattoo Art Photo Gallery
A free online community for tattoo art.

Polynesia *

See: Maori and Polynesian tattoos


Rank my Tattoos
Show your picture and/or vote your opinion of pictures submitted by users of this website. Religious tattoos.

Religious Tattoos
A site devoted to Judeo-Christian body art.

Provides important information about tattoo design choices.

Hanzi Smatter
Blog dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture.


How Tattoos Work
A site that explores all aspects of tattooing, including safety and health issues.

T A major portal.

The Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, a major portal.

Tattoo galleries * Tattoo Gallery

Tattoodles. Tattoo art & designs, a gallery.

Tattoo Gallery

The Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery

Tattoo traditions of the Pacific. By Tricia Allen.

Temporary tattoos *

A specialist in temporary tattoos

Custom fake temporary Australian tattoos.

Temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos from Japan.

Tribalectic. Body modification, body jewellery.


The Virtual Tattoo Museum. Lyle & Tuttle


Wikipedia entry on Tattoos.