Maori and Polynesian tattoos

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Maori and Polynesian tattoos, a guide to websites

Maori tattoos. NZ History

New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Online Resources on Moko

Tā moko Wikipedia entry.

Ta Moko. A list of articles on The Maori moko (tattoo) design.
The National library of New Zealand.

Mariners’ Museum, Newport, Virginia

Museums *

The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

Martime museums around the world – a directory.

Mariners’ Museum, Newport, Virginia

National Maritime Museum, London

Tattoos Pictures Museum, an image gallery.


National Geographic Magazine tattoo and body-piercing gallery.

New Zealand

Tattoo Gallery, Tattoos. PowerHouse Tattoo Studio, New Zealand.

New Zealand Tattoo

New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival

Monique’s Euro Tattoo Studio New Zealand

Electric Ink Tattoo Studio & Wicked Art Body Piercing, Levin.

Powerhouse Tattoo Studio

Polynesian tattoos *

Maori tattoos. NZ History

Polynesian Tattoos. Traditional Polynesian patterns.

Polynesian tattoos web directory.

Polynesian Symbols
The online dictionary of Polynesian tribal tattoo symbols.

Tribal tattoos, pictures galleries, designs, symbols and meanings.
The wordwide Polynesian tribal tattoo website.

Polynesian Tattoo Dictionary

Tahiti Tatou, Polynesian tattoo world-wide guide.

Tattoo traditions of the Pacific. By Tricia Allen.


Samoan tattoos. Polynesian Cultural Center

Tattoo Samoan website.


Tahiti Tatou, Polynesian tattoo world-wide guide.
Designs, meaning (dictionary of Polynesian symbols) and origins of tattooing in Polynesia. A Tattoo Gallery, list of specialized tattooists, forum. Polynesian temporary tattoos, tattoo books, and other tattoo related products. Online store with secure payment. A major tattoo internet portal.

The Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, a major tattoo internet portal.

Tattoo galleries *

Tattoo traditions of the Pacific. By Tricia Allen.


Wikipedia entry on Tattoos.



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