Conceptual art, artists

Conceptual art, conceptual artists; a list of websites

See also:  Minimalism, Minimalist Artists 

Conceptual art,
Wikipedia entry.

Conceptual artists

Baldessari, John *

John Baldessari. Marian Goodman Gallery

John Baldessari. Deutsche Guggenheim

John Baldessari. Crown Point Press

John Baldessari Catalogue Raisonné. The official Web site of the John Baldessari Catalogue Raisonné.

John Baldessari on artnet.

John Baldessari. MOMAt

John Baldessari Online

Bochner, Mel *

Mel Bochner.
Wikipedia entry.

Mel Bochner

Buren, Daniel *

Daniel Buren
Art museums.

Daniel Buren homepage.

Duchamp, Marcel *

Marcel Duchamp
Wikipedia entry.

Marcel Duchamp World Community

Creed, Martin *

Martin Creed’s website.

Martin Creed – Wikipedia

Martin Creed. 46 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy

Martin Creed: What’s the point of it? – review

 Martin Creed. Biography. Hauser & Wirth

Hirst, Damien *

Damien Hirst, works on display in art museums.

Beagle 2 voyage to Mars

Damien Hirst. Tate Gallery, London

Damien Hirst. Guardian interview.

YouTube interviews with Damien Hirst.

Wikipedia entry on Damien Hirst.

Official Damien Hirst Website

Damien Hirst at The Gagosian Gallery.

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. Wikipedia entry.

Kabakov, Ilya *

Ilya Kabako
Wikipedia entry.

Kawara, On *

On Kawara
Wikipedia entry.

Kosuth, Joseph *

Joseph Kosuth
Wikipedia entry.

Joseph Kosuth
Tate Gallery

Joseph Kosuth Online

Quine, Arne *

Arne Quinze homepage.

Arne Quinze
Wikipedia entry.

Arne Quinze in Asia

Arne Quinze
The Parisian

LeWitt, Sol *

LeWitt, Sol. Sol LeWitt, 
Wikipedia entry.

Manzoni,Piero *

Piero Manzoni, Wikipedia

Piero Manzoni Archive

Piero Manzoni 1933-1963 | Tate

Piero Manzoni. MoMA

Piero Manzoni. Guggenheim

Piero Manzoni. 25 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy

Manzoni’s work doesn’t do what it says on the tin. The Guardian

van Elk, Ger *

Ger van Elk

Weiner, Lawrence *

Lawrence Weiner
Wikipedia entry.

Lawrence Weiner

Lawrence Weiner
Leo Castelli Gallery


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