Wales: Welsh art, art galleries and museums

Wales (Cymru): The Arts and Culture of Wales
Welsh Art Galleries, Art Museums and Artists

A List of Websites

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Abergavenny *

The Art Shop & Gallery, Abergavenny
Fine art materials for adults and children, art books.

Abergavenny Artists homepage
Abergavenny Art Group consists of like minded people who get together to
discuss their work and exchange advice and tips.

Abergavenny Artists Art Group

Art Galleries in Abergavenny.

Artists *

Artists, painters. 
A wide range of contemporary Welsh art made in Wales.

Artists in Wales
A site containing information about the arts in Wales since c. 1950.

Paintings and art by Welsh artists.

Welsh artists, Wikipedia entries.

Arts Council of Wales

Famous Welsh Artists *

John, Augustus

Augustus John collection at the Tate Gallery
Augustus John collection at the National Portrait Gallery London
Augustus John collection at the National Museum Wales
Wikipedia entry on Augustus John.

Williams. Kyffin

Kyffin Williams
Wikipedia entry.

Oriel Kyffin Williams Gallery

Wilson, Richard

Richard Wilson
National Museums and Galleries

Jones, David

David Jones. National Museums and Galleries

Jones, Thomas

Thomas Jones. National Gallery, Tate Gallery
Thomas Jones (1742–1803). Art UK
Thomas Jones. National Gallery, London
Thomas Jones
Art museums displaying works by Thomas Jones.

Morris, Sir Cedric

Sir Cedric Morris
National Museums and Galleries

Augustus John, Lawreence of Arabia, Tate Gallery
Augustus John, Lawrence of Arabia, Tate Gallery



Cardiff *

Cardiff tourist website

Chapter Cultural centre for visual and performing arts.

National Museum & Gallery, Cardiff

Martin Tinney Gallery and Oriel Tegfryn Gallery

Shows in Cardiff. Eventful

Wales Millenium Centre

New Theatre Cardiff

Sherman Cymru

Welsh National Opera

Martin Tinney Gallery

Museums *

National Museum of Wales

National Museum & Gallery, Cardiff.



Oriel Mostyn
Contemporary and modern art gallery, North Wales.

Rowles Fine Art
View a selection of paintings by contemporary artists and modern british artists, and an impressive selection of Victorian paintings.

Wales. The BBC web guide to Wales.



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