Art movements, styles and periods

Art movements, a guide to websites


Dada *

Dada websites

Digital Art *

See Digital Artists

Dutch Painting *

Dutch Painting, 16th -17th Century.

Dutch Art, a list of websites 

Eighteenth Century Art *

See also: Rococo Art

Eighteenth Century Art Resources.

Eighteenth Century architecture.

Eighteenth century artists. 
From Chris Witcombe.

Enlightenment (18th Century) Art Resources
(from Rutgers University).

Neoclassicism *

See: Neoclassicism

Neoclassical Art. Art museums works of neoclassical art..

Neoclassical artists, a web list from Worldwide Art Resources.

Neoclassicism. Wikipedia entry.

18th Century artists *

Antonio Canova. Artcyclopedia

Jacques-Louis David

Pierre-Paul Proudhon

François Boucher

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Maurice Quentin de La Tour

Jean-Honoré Fragonard


Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

William Hogarth

Sir Henry Raeburn

Allan Ramsay

George Stubbs

Angelica Kauffman

Egyptian art *

Egyptology resources. News, institutions, journals.

Egyptian art, a guide to websites.

Environmental art *

Environmental art, Wikipedia entry.

Etruscan Art *

Etruscan art. Pottery, bronzes, sculpture and architecture.

The Etruscan art collection at the Gregorian Etruscan Museum, Rome.

Expressionism *

See also: German Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism
An image gallery (from the Image Artchive).

Artists. Expressionist artists with works in art museums.

Films. German Expressionism,
Wikipedia entry.

Neue Galerie, New York
Museum of German and Austrian expressionists.

Fantasy art *
An online art gallery and community of talented artists and illustrators, specializing in science fiction and fantasy art. Founded by artists for artists, their sole purpose is to help fellow artists to become more successful through high-quality exposure and community interaction.

Fantasy art, Wikipedia entry.

The Fantasy Fine Art Gallery

Fauvism *

See also: Fauvism websites

Fauvist artists.
Works by Fauvist artists in art museums.

An introduction and images from The Web Museum.

The Fauvism Page

Figurative art *

Contemporary New York Figurative Art

A gallery in San Francisco specializing in contemporary romantic realism, sculptures and paintings.

New Leipzig School of painting.
A group of artists who wanted to study art according to traditional principles – drawing from nude models, mastering the rules of perspective and analyzing formal composition. Members of this school all attended the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst where they learned to paint in the figurative tradition.

Wikipedia entry on Figurative art.

Fluxus *

Fluxus Portal for the Internet. Fluxus resources. 
Joseph Beuys, John Cage, Allan Koprow,Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Al Hensen, Geoffrey Hendricks, Larry Miller, Ven Vautier. A Fluxus Reader

The Fluxus Internet Portal

Fluxus Wikipedia entry.

Folk art *

The Folk Art Society of America
American folk art and links to some international folk art.

Outsider art, folk art.

Tribal Arts


Futurism *

Futurism websites

Futurism. Futurist Manifestos
Futurist texts, Futurist internet resources.


German expressionism *

Brücke-Museum, Berlin

Gothic art *

See also: Medieval Art

Gothic Artists. Museums, cathedrals and churches. Artcyclopedia

Graffiti art, wall art, street art *

See also: Wall art and graffiti art

Banksy, the Banksy website.

Graffiti Art. From Art Crimes.


Impressionism *

See: Impressionism

The First French Impressionists Exhibition, Paris, 1874. A recreation.

Impressionism. Images from the WebMuseum.

Installation art *

See: Installation art


Kinetic art *

The Kinetic Art Organization

Benton, Fletcher

Benton, Fletcher

Calder, Alexander

The Calder Foundation

Alexander Calder
Guggenheim Collection

Alexander Calder
Museums and galleries.

Tinguely, Jean

Jean Tinguely Museum, Basel


Mannerism *

See: Mannerism

Mannerist artists,
a web directory from Artcyclopedia.

Medieval Art *

See also: Medieval Art

Gothic painting.

The International Center of Medieval Art

Images of Medieval Art and Architecture (Alison Stones), 

Islamic medieval art and architecture.

Japanese medieval art and architecture.


Medieval Art History Resources

Arte Románico y Rutas Medievales en España (Arteguias)

Minimalism *

See also: Minimalism

Minimalist artists.
Works by Minimalist artists.

Mural art, Muralism *
French and European murals: 10 000 pictures

The National Society of Mural Painters (USA)

International Index of Modern Muralism

Ancient Prehispanic Murals

Mural art, mural artists. Wikipedia


Neoclassicism *

See: Neoclassicism websites

Nineteenth century *

Nineteenth century art resources on the internet.
A webpage maintained by Dr. Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe, Professor, Department of Art History, Sweet Briar College.


Optical Art; Op art, the art of illusion, optical illusions *

Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages
Akiyoshi Kitaoka, Department of Psychology, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

Cool Optical

The Optical Art Movement, Op artists.

Outsider Art, Folk Art *

See: Folk Art and Outsider Art

American Folk Art Museum

Anthony Petullo Collection of Self-Taught and Outsider Art

Art Brut

British folk art collection at Compton Verney
(Andras Kalman Collection) 


Performance Art *

See also: Installation Art

Performance Art Website Links
A ready reference site of artists, performance art in Europe. Adbusters, adbusting, street performance, the  Pedestrian Project.

Guerrilla Girls
Political performance art from New York.

Wikipedia entries on performance artists.

Performance Artists *

Abramovic, Marina

Marina Abramovic
Wikipedia entry.

Anderson, Laurie

Laurie Anderson
Wikipedia entry.

Laurie Anderson website.

Gilbert and George
Some things about art and cities.

Gilbert and George
BBC News article.

Nitsch, Hermann

Hermann Nitsch Homepage

Wilson, Robert

Robert Wilson

Photorealism *

Photorealism Wikipedia entry.

Photorealist Artists *

Chuck Close
Wikipedia entry.

Chuck Close
The Museum of Modern Art

Chuck Close
The Walker Art Center

Pointillism *

See also: Pointillism webpages

Pointillist artists.
Pointillist works held in art museums.

Pointillism Wikipedia entry.

Political art, propaganda art *

Soviet Poster A Day
Exploring the graphic artwork of the U.S.S.R.

Loesje International
International poster organization .

Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

First Call: American Posters of World War One
Illustrated exhibit catalog.

Art of the First World War
Paintings from international collections commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG)
Collects, preserves, documents, and exhibits posters relating to historical and contemporary movements for peace and social justice.

German Propaganda Archive
Collection of English translations of German propaganda materials from the Third Reich and East German eras.

British Posters of World War I
Illustrated catalog of an exhibition of 25 British posters from the Roger N. Mohovich collection at Georgetown University Library.

Pop Art *

See The Pop Art Page

Postmodernism *

See also: Contemporary Art

Wikipedia entry.

Postmodern artists *

Keith Haring
The Keith Haring website. 

Prehistoric Art *

See: Ancient Art

Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave, France

Pre-Raphaelites *

See : Pre-Raphaelites and Victorian Art 


Realism *

‘Academic’ art and artists.

Artcylopedia entries on realism and realist artists.

Art Renewal Centre
Online images of paintings by notable realist/representational painters.


WebMuseum page on realism in art.

Wikipedia entries on realism in art.

American Realist artists *

Homer, Winslow

Winslow Homer, American realist painter.

Hopper, Edward

Edward Hopper
American realist landscape artist.

Wyth, Andrew

Andrew Wyth
American realist landscape painter.

Reformation art *

Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Renaissance art *

See also: Rennaissance Art

Basilica of St Francis in Assisi

The Basilica of St Francis and the Sacro Convento. Assisi OnLine

Florence: The Center of Early Italian Renaissance Art

Italian Renaissance painting. Wikipedia

Renaissance art. Wikipedia

Restoration period *

Restoration style / English Baroque
A directory archive.

Rococo art *

See: Rococo Art

Rococo art in art museums.

Romantic art *

See: Romantic Art

American romanticism. An essay.

Romanticism on the Net
A Peer-reviewed, electronic journal devoted to Romantic Studies. Oxford University. Reviews, articles.

Russian art *

See: Russian Art


Situationalists *

Situationalists. From
Internationale Situationniste. Situationist Texts in French and English, archives, images, journal.

Situationist international online

Letters 1957-1994 Guy Debord archive

A biography with texts, including Society of the Spectacle

Guy Debord and the Situationists

Audio recordings and films at Ubu.web.

Afterall journal article on the Guy Debord archives.

Guy Debord, Wikipedia entry.

Surrealism *

See: Surrealist Artists and Writers

Dali, Salvador. Gala – Salvador Dalí Foundation
Official site of the Gala-Dali estate. Fundació Gala- Salvador Dalí. Three museums: Port Alguer, Púbol, Portlligat.

Salvador Dalí Museum, Florida, US.

WebMuseum. Surrealist background.

Wikipedia entry on Surrealism.

Symbolism *

See: Symbolism in Art

Twentieth-Century Art *

See: Modernism 

20th Century Art Resources,
an art history web resource directory by Chris Whitcombe.

Victorian Art *

See also: Victorian Art

National Portrait Gallery, London.

Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

Tate Galley, London. Search for ‘Victorian.’

Vorticism *

Guggenheim Gallery, Venice, Vorticism collection.

BLAST (Vol 1, PDF)

BLAST (Vol 2, PDF)

MoMA Vorticism Collection

Vorticism, Wikipedia entry.

Vorticist Artists *

Wyndham Lewis. Tate Gallery

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Jacob Epstein

Cuthbert Hamilton

William Roberts

Helen Saunders

Edward Wadsworth


Wall art and graffiti art


Zero art movement, Germany.
A group of young Dusseldorf artists who proclaimed a starting point of zero, metaphorically distancing themselves from the sins of the fathers and celebrating the dawn of a new age.