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Gaddis, William

William Gaddis. The Gaddis Annotations. A reader’s guide to the novels of William Gaddis.
William Gaddis. Reviews.
William Gaddis, Wikipedia entry.

Gaimon, Neil

The Neil Gaimon website.
Neil Gaiman. Wikipedia entry.
Neil Gaiman’s Journal
Neil Gaiman (neilhimself) on Twitter

Galileo, Galalei

Galileo Galalei. The Galileo Project

Garcia Lorca, Frederico

Frederico Garcia Lorca Web Page
Federico García Lorca. Wikipedia entry. 
The Lorca Foundation
Lorca’s complete works in Spanish. Poesia, poesias con audio.

García Márquez, Gabriel

Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez. internet resources, articles. Nobel Prize Archive
Magical realism. An overview.
Gabriel García Márquez, Wikipedia entry.
Nobel Prize: Gabriel García Márquez

Gasgcoyne, David

David Gasgcoyne. Poetry and bibliography.

Gass, William H.

William Gass. New York Times book reviews by William Gass.

Y Gasset, José Ortega

La Fundación José Ortega y Gasset
José Ortega y Gasset. Wikipedia entry. 

Gautier, Théophile

Theophile Gautier. Biography, textes/texts, correspondance/ correspondence, iconographie, songs.
Theophile Gautier. Wikipedia
Works by Théophile Gautier.

Genet, Jean

Jean Genet. Les Bonnes de Jean Genet
Jean Genet. The Guardian
Jean Genet, Wikipedia entry.
Works by or about Jean Genet

Gide, André

Andre Gide Nobel Prize Archive
Andre Gide. The Centre for Gidean Studies
Andre Gide, Wikipedia entry.
The Journals Of Andre Gide Vol II 1914-1927
Les Caves du Vatican

Gibbon, Edward

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Project Gutenberg

Gibran, Khalil

Khalil Gibran, Wikipedia entry.
Khalil Gibran, Online poems.

Gibson, William

William Gibson. Wikipedia entry.
William Gibson official website.
William Gibson blog archive.
William Gibson.  Aleph. A William Gibson fan site.

Ginsberg, Allen

Allen Ginsberg. American Poet. Biography, interviews, dedications, links, bibliography. 
Allen Ginsberg. The Clearing House for all things Ginsberg
Allen Ginsberg Trust Homepage

Giraudoux, Jean

Giraudoux, (Hippolyte) Jean

Godwin, William

William Godwin’s Dairy 1788-1836
William Godwin’s Diary website contains transcription and high resolution images of the diary of William Godwin written from 1788-1836. Godwin’s diary consists of 32 octavo notebooks. The first entry is for 6 April 1788 and the final entry is for 26 March 1836, shortly before he died.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. (Live texts, numerous links to Goethe web pages. Goethe quotes, Goethe’s colour theory, Goethe’s science works,  Faust,  TheSorrows of Young Werther).
Goethe National Museum, Düsseldorf. Goethe photos, Goethe biography, Goethe etexts.
Goethe. Bartleby etexts.
Goethe Wikpedia entry.
Goethe poem archive. The Poetry Archive
Goethe. Faust  etext from Project Gutenberg.
Goethe. Penn State’s Electronic Classics Series Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Page. Electronic texts in PDF. 
Goethe. Collected Poems of Goethe, translated by Edgar Alfred Bowring.
Goethe. Faust study guide.

Gogol, Nickolai (Nikolay (Vasilyevich)

Nikolai Gogol. Wikipedia entry for Nikolai Gogol.
Gogol and the theatre.
The Inspector General  monologue.
Works by Nikolai Gogol at Project Gutenberg.
Full collection of Nikolai Gogol works (in Russian).

Golding, William

William Golding. Nobel Prize Archive
The William Golding Home Page
Lord of the Flies Wikipedia entry.
“The Sound of the Shell” , Chapter 1 of the novel Lord of the Flies at eNotes.

Goldoni, Carlo

Carlo Goldoni, Wikipedia entry.
Carlo Goldoni. An introduction.
Carlo Goldoni  Britannica article.
The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Comedies of Carlo Goldoni.

Goldsmith, Oliver

The Vicar of Wakefield
She Stoops to Conquer
Oliver Goldsmith. Biography and Works
Oliver Goldsmith, Wikipedia entry.

Gottfried, von Strassburg

Gottfried von Strassburg. E-Text of  Tristan (in German).

Godimer, Nardine

Nadine Gordimer. Nobel Prize Archive

Grass, Gunter

Gunter Grass. Nobel Prize Archive
Gunter Grass, Wikipedia entry.

Graves, Robert

The Robert Graves Society (Oxford University)
Robert Graves, Wikipedia entry.
Poems by Robert Graves

Gray, Thomas

The Thomas Gray Archive
An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

Green, Henry

Henry Green, Wikipedia entry.

Greene, Graham

Graham Greene, Wikipedia entry.
Graham Greene Birthplace Trust
The Paris Review Interview
Works by or about Graham Greene
A bibliography of Graham Greene’s books and short stories. 
The Graham Greene Collection. Harry Ransom Center