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MacDonald, George

George MacDonald
Wikipedia entry.
The George Macdonald Society
The Golden Key is a premier on-line resource for all things related to the Victorian Novelist, Poet and Christian Fantasy writer George MacDonald .
The George MacDonald Informational Web
George MacDonald
The Marion E. Wade Center Research Collection
George MacDonald online texts.
Project Gutenberg
The Princess and the Goblin

Machiavelli, Nicolo

Nicolo Machiavelli. The Prince
Nicolo MachiavelliA searchable Prince and History of Florence.
Machiavelli. Introduction and etexts. Philosophy Pages
Machiavell. Texts in Italian and English.
The Art of War
The Prince ebook 
Niccolò Machiavelli, Wikipedia entry.

Mahfouz, Naguib

Nagub Mahfouz Nobel Prize Archive

Mailer, Norman

Norman Mailer:  Advertisements For Himself, an essay.
Norman Mailer. Guardian article.
Norman Mailer. New York Times Archives. Reviews, articles.

Mallarmé, Stéphane

Stephane Mallarme. L’Apres-Midi d’un Faune
Mallarme Net. Stéphane Mallarmé. Un coup de dés, jamais…
Mallarme. Igitur (An PDF ebook version, in French)
Mallarme. Igitur  English translation by Mary Ann Claws.
Audio readings of poems by Mallarme.
Mallarme biography.
Mallarme Wikipedia entry.
Mallarme Wikipedia entry (Français)
Mallarmé. Project Gutenburg downloadable etexts.
Maison de Stéphane Mallarmé à Valvins et musée départemental Stéphane Mallarmé
Mallarme. Alliance magazine.
Selected Poems.
Selected poems by Mallarme, translated into English by A.S. Kline.
List of works, in French, by Stéphane Mallarmé.

Malory, Thomas

Sir Thomas Malory.  Le Morte D’Arthur
Thomas Malory, Wikipedia entry.
Thomas Malory. A site for the study of the life and works of Sir Thomas Malory.

Mandelshtam, Osip Emilevich

Osip Mandelshtam. Catalogue of Mandelshtam papers held at Princeton University.
Osip Mandelshtam. Tristia, translated into English by Bruce McClelland. Electronic Text Library, University of Virginia.
Osip Mandelshtam. Poems in Cyrillic.
Osip Mandelshtam. A collection of poems.

Mann, Thomas

Thomas Mann Archive
Thomas Mann. Nobel Prize Archives
Thomas Mann, Wikipedia entry.
Thomas Mann. Heinrich und Thomas Mann Centrum. Buddenbrookhaus
Thomas Mann Lecture Hall.
Online chat devoted to all contemplations, musings and queries concerning Thomas Mann.
Works by Thomas Mann at Project Gutenberg.
Video documentary on Thomas Mann (in German). YouTube
Der Tod in Venedig

Mansfield, Katherine

Katherine Mansfield, Wikipedia entry.
Garden Party and Other Stories. Ebooks from Project Gutenberg
Katherine Mansfield.
Short stories by Katherine Mansfield.
Katherine Mansfield diaries in blog format.
Katherine Mansfiled
The Garden Party and other short stories. The Digital Library
Katherine Mansfield. Images and e-texts of her works at NZETC.
Katherine Mansfield website.
The Katherine Mansfield Society
Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Trust, Wellington.
Katherine Mansfield at Fontainebleau
Isola Bella, Menton
Katherine Mansfield
An Inventory of Her Collection at the Harry Ransom Center
Katherine Mansfield’s villa at Menton, a video from YouTube.

Manzoni, Alessandro

Alessandro Manzoni, Wikipedia entry.

Marivaux, Pierre Carlet de

Marivaux e-texts.
Marivaux. La Revue Marivaux, une publication de la Société Marivaux .
Marivaux. Intro, biographie, oeuvres, liens.
Marivaux, Wikipedia entry.

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia (Gabo)

Garcia Marquez internet resources, articles. Nobel Prize Archive
Magical realism. An overview.
Gabriel García Márquez, Wikipedia entry.
Nobel Prize: Gabriel García Márquez

Marlowe, Christopher

Christopher Marlowe. The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe, etexts.
Christopher Marlowe. The Marlowe Society
Christopher Marlowe. Etext collection at
Christopher Marlowe, Wikipedia entry.
Christopher Marlowe. Luminarium. Etexts, articles, essays, biography.

Marvell, Andrew

Andrew Marvell. Poems. Academy of American Poets
Andrew Marvell. The works of Andrew Marvell, from Luminarium.

Maugham, W. Somerset

W. Somerset Maugham etexts, forum, articles.
W. S. Maugham: correspondence, contracts & manuscripts in Indiana University.
W. Somerset Maugham. Wikipedia entry.
Of Human Bondage 
Somerset Maugham etexts from Project Gutenberg.  

Maupassant, Guy de

Guy de Maupassant Homepage. Site consacré à Guy de Maupassant et à son œuvre.
Maupassant, Wikipedia entry.
Guy de Maupassant. Searchable short stories:  The Terror, Abandoned, The Adopted Son, After and many more.

Mayakovsky, V. V.

Vladimir Mayakovsky, an audio presentation, with photos.
State Museum of Mayakovsky
Vladimir Mayakovsky, Wikipedia entry.
Poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky. Poem Hunter

McCarthy, Mary

Mary McCarthy. Wikipedia entry.
Mary McCarthy. The New York Review of Books
Mary McCarthy. The New York Times

Melville, Herman

Herman Melville. The Life and Works of Herman Melville
Herman Melville. Academy of American Poets
Herman Melville. Arrowhead, home of Herman Melville.
Herman Melville. Wikipedia entry.
Moby Dick; Or, The Whale
Billy Budd
Billy Budd ebook.

Merrill, James

James Merrill online poems.
James Merrill’s life, language, correspondence, bibliography.
James Merrill. Audio reading.
James Merrill, Wikipedia entry.
James Merrill. Academy of American Poets

Mérimée, Prosper

Prosper Merimee. Project Gutenburg etexts. Carmen

Milosz, Czeslaw

Czselaw Milosz, Internet Poetry Archive
Czeslaw Milosz, Wikipedia entry.
Czeslaw Milosz, Nobel Prize Archive.

Miller, Arthur

Arthur Miller, Wikipedia entry.
The Arthur Miller Society
Miller, Henry Valentine. Henry Miller Library. Web pages, texts, resources.
Henry Miller, Wikipedia entry.

Milton, John

John Milton. The Milton Homepage, devoted to the life, literature and times of John Milton. Articles, reviews, poems.
John Milton. Luminarium Milton page. Quotes, essays, works.
John Milton, Wikipedia archive.
John Milton. The Milton-L Home Page is devoted to the life, literature and times of John Milton.
Poemata: Latin, Greek and Italian Poems by John Milton. The Gutenberg Project
Milton, John. Paradise Lost. University of Virginia etext.
John Milton. Paradise Regain’d (Paradise Regained)

Mishima, Yukio

Mishima Cyber-Museum.

Mistry, Rohinton

Rohinto Mistry. Guardian article.
Rohinton Mistry. The British Council.

Miyamoto, Musahi

Miyamoto, Musahi. A Book of Five Rings


Patrick Mondiano. An excerpt from Agni journal.
Patrick Mondiano. The Nobel Prize Archive
Patrick Mondiano. The New Republic article.
Patrick Modiano. The Guardian article of the Nobel Prize acceptance speech.
Patrick Mondiano. The New Yorker
Le réseau Modiano, un site pour lire entre les lignes de Patrick Modiano
Au temps, Dictionnaire Patrick Modiano, par Bernard Obadia
Patrick Mondiano. Wikipédia française.
Patrick Mondiano. Wikipedia entry.
Nobel Prize Literature Winner: Patrick Modiano”, The Telegraph, 9 October 2014.
French writer Patrick Modiano wins the 2014 Nobel prize in literature
The Mysteries of Patrick Modiano. The New Yorker
Nobel Lecture by Patrick Modiano.

Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Complete plays online, concordance, bio, web resources.
Moliere. Introduction, with texts of the plays.
Moliere. Analyses of the plays, the history of the plays.
Project Gutenberg Titles by Molière.
Molière Ebooks libres et gratuits.
Moliere, Wikipedia entry.

Montaigne, Michel-Eyquen de

Montaigne Studies, The University of Chicago. An interdisciplinary journal.
Montaigne. Essays of 1575, by Michel de Montaigne.Translated by Charles Cotton.
Montaigne. Michel de Montaigne.  Les Essais
Michel de Montaigne, Essays of Montaigne, in 10 vols. [1580], trans. Charles Cotton, revised by William Carew Hazlett.
Montaigne. Société Internationale des Amis de Montaigne
The Essays, in Ebook/HTML format.
Montaigne Studies Journal

Montale, Eugenio

Eugenio Montale. A poet’s notebook.
Eugenio Montale, Wikipedia entry.
Eugenio Montale e la sua poesia. Un sito dedicato ad Eugene Montale.
Eugenio Montale, Nobel Prize Archive.

Moore, George

George Moore, Wikipedia entry.
George Moore. Etexts from The Gutenburg Project. Celibates, Spring Days, The Untilled Field.

Moore, Marianne

Marianne Moore. Academy of American Poets
Marianne Moore

More, Sir Thomas

Sir Thomas More. A searchable Utopia.
Thomas More, Wikipedia entry.

Morris, Jan (James)

Jan Morris. The Jan Morris website.

Müller, Herta

Herta Muller. Nobel Prize Archive
Herta Müller. Complete Review
Herta Muller. Wikipedia

Murakami, Haruki

Murakami Haruki. The Complete Review
Haruki Murakami, an unofficial website.
Haruki Murakami. The official website.
Haruki Murakami. Random House
Haruki Murakami. Wikipedia entry.
Haruki Murakami, a complete list of works.
Haruki Murakami. Guardian Unlimited Books

Murasaki, Shikibu

Shikibu Murasaki. Tale of the Genji. A Brief Genji Character List and Glossary
Murasaki Shikibu. The Tale of the Genji  internet resources.
Murasaki Wikipedia entry.

Musil, Robert

Robert Musil.
A website containg a Robert Musil biography, essays, pictures, timeline and a bibliography.
Robert Musil. Musil Museum-Literatur-Museum, Klagenfurt
tRobert Musil. The Guardian articles.
A Robert Musil blog and forum.
Robert Musil, Wikipedia entry.

Mutis, Álvaro

Alvaro Mutis

Musset, Alfred de

Alfred de Musset. Poems (WebNet)
Alfred de Musset. Project Gutenburg etexts. Child of a Century